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In an extraordinary statement, "A World of Sovereign Nation-States," written in 2003, as he embarked on his last presidential campaign, Lyndon LaRouche developed the difference between the republican "manifold" vs. the imperial "manifold." He described the republican manifold as follows: "The underlying purpose of the American Revolution and its leading European supporters, was, from the beginning, to establish the U.S.A. as a republic which would contribute, in the manner of a seed-crystal, to inspiring the emergence of a community of principle among the independent sovereign republics of the world."


He contrasted it to the imperial manifold: "These imperial Tories represent the essential root and continuing political-philosophical base for both of my nation's pro-imperialist factions." Tonight, Bruce Director will explore how LaRouche advanced the concept of a manifold of action, using the methods of Gauss and Riemann. Today's crisis can only be navigated by having the capability to discover and understand all the interacting physical, historical, cultural and political principles at work and how to change them for the good.

Read "A World of Sovereign Nation-States" by Lyndon LaRouche.