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In 399, Plato's mentor, Socrates, was executed by the Democratic Party of Athens, a tool of an imperial oligarchy. Plato spent the rest of his life developing the ideas to defeat them, and to putting those ideas into action. Plato created his Academy and organized an international alliance of forces which, during his lifetime, militarily and politically challenged the Persian Empire. Later, Alexander the Great, taught by a member of Plato's Academy, defeated the Persians, only to be poisoned by Aristotle's allies. The battle between the forces of the Academy and Aristotle's faction was anything but "academic."

Lyndon LaRouche once warned that more than 200 years ago, our Platonic/republican faction within civilization lost the sight of the principles for which it was fighting. But the empire did not, and has continued to deploy the legacy of Aristotle (in it's many forms) to maintain their control. It's time we revived the weapons that Plato gave us.