Rep. Andy Clyde (R-GA) appears on Steve Bannon's Warroom, December 12, 2023.

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Appearing on Steve Bannon’s War Room this morning, December 12th, fresh from this morning’s Republican caucus meeting, Representative Andy Clyde (R. Georgia) updated the battle around the NDAA and the surveillance state. As we have noted, Speaker Johnson has fallen for intelligence community threats that if FISA surveillance is killed or significantly reformed, a terrorist incident will be blamed on House Republicans. Clyde stated that this is indeed the case with Johnson.

Speaker Johnson has, therefore, attached a clean FISA extension into the NDAA which openly invites continued illegal surveillance of Donald Trump and MAGA through the March primaries into April and, because of peculiarities in how this legislation works, in all probability into 2025. The Senate is scheduled to pass the House/Senate conference agreed bill today, at which point it will go to the House for a vote, as early as Wednesday. We are asking you to call Congress now and tell them, No to the NDAA. Organize your friends to do the same.

The current FISA regime resulted in the completely illegal surveillance of the Trump presidential campaign in 2016. It has now resulted in massive illegal surveillance and illicit queries involving MAGA (individuals mobilized to protest the stolen election on January 6, 2021). Kash Patel summarized these practices which are otherwise documented by the FISA Court itself at pages 26-34 of its April 21, 2022 Memorandum, Opinion, and Order. The FBI violated the law against warrantless searches of Americans 279,000 times and now comes back for more.

Representative Clyde noted that no terrorist act to date has been stopped by FISA surveillance while the Biden Administration’s open border policy has created the basis for a terrorist attack. He noted that in this circumstance national security would be helped if FISA went entirely dark and the border was closed with appropriate follow-up on who Biden has let into the country. Most analysts believe that it is now simply a question of timing, not “if” a terrorist attack will occur, but “when.”

In the wake of the apparently deliberate intelligence failure surrounding the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, the NSA’s Bill Binney created a surveillance regime which adhered to the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution but required actual intelligent humans running the program. Addicted to vacuum mass surveillance policies, artificial intelligence modalities, corrupt financial flows, and diversity and equity hiring from otherwise incompetent university engineering and “science” programs, the NSA rejected Binney’s program. Yet, Binney’s program provably found the 9/11 hijackers in the NSA database, where the NSA’s preferred methods did not. Current modes of automated data mining overwhelm analysts with useless information and create total intelligence blindness. A summary of Binney’s program is found in the film, A Good American and is otherwise known and retrievable from the NSA.

The NDAA as approved in conference kept many other insane measures which had previously been stripped out by the House. These include continued emphasis on climate change as a key national security threat and continued emphasis on diversity and equity hires over merit for the nation’s defense. The situation is further complicated by the fact that Biden’s supplemental request for funding for the Ukraine and Israel wars appears headed for defeat in the Senate. President Zelensky, in his normal sweats rather than a business suit, showed up this morning to pimp for that package to the Congress. He was shepherded to the National Defense University by the Biden Administration on Monday to secure support from a U.S. military for a war which is already lost. Biden is now seeking to put the blame on Republicans for the charnel Ukrainian slaughterhouse he created under the fake slogan of “protecting democracy.”

Representative Clyde has an amendment to the Commerce, Justice, and Science appropriations bill which would bar any prosecution of Donald Trump (and any other presidential candidate) through the 2024 election, removing the regime’s key weapon in selecting the next American president. This demand is at the center of the LaRouche PAC petition campaign to end the prosecutions of Donald Trump. You can sign that petition here. That bill will now not be up for a vote until January.