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Biden's likely political death-knell tolls the end of fifty years of disaster in Washington DC. It's unlikely Biden survives to the election, but Joe also despises the Obama snobs, so he will certainly go out swinging.

But the personal tragedy of Joe "Old Lear" Biden is not the center of our current tale. The tragedy is not Joe, but the inability of our ruling class to see the writing on the wall, writing that was written long before the current dark age of drugs, homelessness, sexual perversity, violence, and cheap money, filled our decaying streets.

This proverbial writing was in many ways inscribed by Lyndon LaRouche himself. Prophetic in his warnings as early as the 1950s, LaRouche foresaw not merely the corruption of science, art, religion and hence politics, but he also saw the pathway out. Yet this pathway out was not a formula to keep things constant and content—what is often the fool's errand—but was a scientific forecast. In essence, we either dedicated ourselves to a new and higher sense of human identity and culture, or we would merely go down swinging.

Such a new sense of human identity is the very essence of our civilization. And, what seems more and more apparent today, it is those institutions capable of such renewal that will survive, while those that fail—and many will—will have to be replaced by new ones.

However, if such institutions as our Republic fail today, as is threatened by the insanity of our ruling class, then mankind on this planet will regress not merely decades, but more like centuries.

Let us remember then the profound mission of Lyndon LaRouche, who passed away five years ago today, but who lives, as if watching from on high, far into the future. His hope for mankind now depends on us, and the ability to build institutions worthy of the name of mankind.

Such is the American project today.