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Following her recently published article, "Treason in High Places: Build Back Better Will Destroy NASA", Kesha issues the following update, taking the gloves off on the Biden administration's fascist agenda, further identifying the outright sabotage being ran against NASA's Human Lunar Landing Mission, and Artemis program outlined under President Trump, and the Biden administration's push to turn the agency into an extension of the global surveillance state, and carry out the agenda of the COP26, radical environmentalist, build back better, green new deal dictates. She also exposes the fraud of the recently released 73 page NASA OIG report, which targets the timeline of the Artemis lunar landing missions, as technically unfeasible. Kesha presents the solutions to this threat in the context of the need for a renewed national mission to push the frontiers of science and exploration, and a economic development plan, as was earlier outlined in the programs of Lyndon LaRouche in his Mars Colonization program.

Treason in High Places: "Build Back Better" Bill Will Destroy NASA