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A whistleblower has showered some extraordinary documents on Michael Shellenberger and Matt Taibbi concerning the pre-2020 evolution of what they call the Censorship Industrial Complex directed at the citizens of the United States and most other parts of the advanced sector. The lead of their first posts concerning the whistleblower documents is that a British intelligence analyst was “in the room” at the Obama White House in 2017 and was ordered to construct a mind control apparatus which would ensure that 2016 (i.e. Trump and Brexit) would never happen again. The term “mind control” was not used in describing the White House meeting. Instead, the whistleblower described orders to create a “counter-disinformation project.” That project, the Cyber Threat Intelligence League (CTIL), developed methods for creating “cognitive security” as a branch of the national security of the United States.

Unlike the CIA’s MK-Ultra project utilizing drugs for purposes of mind control, the game plan here is full spectrum information warfare to control and direct human behavior through offensive “narrative control.” Stories targeting regime opponents, filled with psychologically lurid features are to be repeated over and over again to the population while any contrary accurate factual accounts are to be censored. Witness this week’s fake narrative about Trump’s alleged plan to take violent revenge against his opponents upon re-election because he views them as “vermin.” The continuous repetition of these fake legends has produced the actual psychological phenomenon known as Trump Derangement Syndrome. Inconvenient truths, such as the actual complete collapse of the world financial system in 2008 and the plan to bailout London, Brussels and Wall Street on the backs of the American population are to be ruthlessly suppressed. 

Shellenberger and Taibbi brought their initial findings to Congress on Thursday. Instead of alarm that 35% of the URL’s in America have been censored, the rabid Rep. Dan Goldman from Manhattan’s Upper East Side, insisted that since 65% were not.censored what Shellenberger portrayed was not a big deal. Otherwise, the Democrats repeated this week’s hate rant about Trump as their main substantive response, along with a conspiracy theory that the Hunter Biden laptop had been altered by Rudy Giuliani. Ironically, their response simply proved the effectiveness of the psychological warfare deployed on them. They have come to fervently believe their own fantastic propaganda.

My problem with the stunning reality Shellenberger and Taibbi have revealed so far is their lack of emphasis on the “British” authorship. In reality, as this author and others have documented, this mind control machine has been long in its birthing, starting with an edict from the modern British financial empire through Barack Obama in 2009, to prevent internet “conspiracy” theories from revealing the truth of the financial collapse to the population. Its childhood was the Arab Spring and the 2014 British-inspired Ukraine coup. Its adolescence was the entire Russiagate campaign against Donald Trump and others opposing the Anglo-Dutch financier oligarchy.

The British had built something very similar to CTIL in the Integrity Initiative, operating under a Scottish charity cover, called the Institute for Statecraft. It was funded by the British military and Foreign Office, and was operating fully in the United States as of 2016. It featured many of the same British players who were authors of the Russiagate coup against Trump. But it was exposed and blew up when it was hacked by the Anonymous hacking group in late 2018.

What Taibbi and Shellenberger have become deeply familiar with as the result of Elon Musk giving them access to the “Twitter Files,” is the adult form of this public/private Leviathan which oversaw the COVID vax campaign and shutdowns, rigged the riots and election of 2020, created the myth of January 6, 2021, and ran the propaganda for the Ukraine war against Russia. In the latter activity, it worked directly with the Ukrainian intelligence service, the SBU, to censor, ostracize, and attack Americans opposing the war. CTIL is another manifestation of this menticide machine. In this author’s view it simply replaced the blown Integrity Initiative.

As the result of this continuous British operation against the U.S. population, many otherwise honest American citizens now harbor the disturbing delusion that the President of the United States attempted to overthrow the government of the United States in a violent coup d’état. In addition, science and medicine as a whole have been lethally damaged and a huge mass of the citizenry, unable to rationally debate ideas or engage in the search for truth without fear of retribution, have become the equivalent of Jonathan Swift’s Yahoos. This is portion of the electorate who will still vote for Joe Biden.  They tolerate an overtly and openly senile President, run by others who meet regularly at Barack Obama’s Kalorama residence, while our cities become kill zones, our border is open to millions of unknown intentions, our children are killed by Fentanyl or physically mutilated, and the lead opponent to this regime faces 700 years in jail based on phony charges.

Since these methods operate contrary to the nature of the human mind and nature itself—they falsely assume that the human mind works like a machine absorbing and replicating “information,” the censorship industrial complex is a failing enterprise. Confronted with reality, the brainwashing wears thin. That’s why the American public is in revolt and jumping to Donald Trump, thirsting for someone unafraid to “tell it like it is” and fight for truth.

It is claimed by CTIL that they emerged as a “private group” of active intelligence agency and cyber professionals who got together in late 2018-2019 to moonlight their talents as a public service—initially defending hospitals against cyberattacks—but since providing pro bono services to protect other essential infrastructure including U.S. dams, power plants, and nuclear plants. As journalist Whitney Webb points out, this group represents an unexplored danger—foreign security control of U.S. infrastructure. Cover stories were created hailing CTIL’s charitable work in Bloomberg, the Washington Post, and other media.

The core players were British Defense researcher Sara-Jayne Terp who led the effort, Pablo Breuer, former U.S. Navy director of Special Operations, Donovan Group, and the innovation officer for Softwerx, a 501(c)3 funded by the U.S. Special Operations Command, Ohad Zaidenberg, a former Israeli intelligence official, Nate Warfield, a former Microsoft security manager, and Marc Rogers, the head of sec ops for DEF CON, a hackers’ convention. Its ranks were filled with working FBI, Homeland Security, CIA, and military agents, allegedly exercising their private time in this charitable venture.

In just one month, from mid-March to mid-April 2019, the supposed informal volunteer organization had grown to “1,400 vetted members in 76 countries spanning 45 different sectors which had helped to take down 2,883 cybercriminal assets on the internet . . .” CTIL aimed to build support for government censorship in government institutions and to incorporate military information warfare and psyops into the censorship regime they were building out for the internet. By masquerading as a private volunteer army they avoided First Amendment constraints.

In 2018, they had founded a company, CogSec.org (Cognitive Security and Education Forum) for building out their cognitive censorship initiative. In order to deflect criticism about the role of the Obama White House, they say they were responding to the 2017 testimony of Rand Waltzman to the Senate Armed Services Committee calling for a national commitment to “cognitive security,” bemoaning the democratization of the search for truth implicit in the internet, and warning of overt Russian attempts to brainwash the American population which had to be countered by anti-“brain hacking” measures. Waltzman is from the oligarchy’s premier military think tank, the Rand Corporation.

Under the auspices of CogSec, they developed a framework called the “Adversarial Misinformation and Influence Tactics and Techniques (AMITT). According to the whistleblower, they wrote AMITT by adapting a cybersecurity framework developed by MITRE, a major defense and intelligence contractor that has an annual budget of up to $2 billion in government funding. “The AMITT framework calls for discrediting individuals as a necessary prerequisite of demanding censorship against them. It calls for training influencers to spread messages and to dox. And it calls for trying to get banks to cut off financial services to individuals who organize rallies or events.”

The UK/US-driven CTIL aimed to incorporate this military warfare approach into the Five Eyes and into the U.S. government. By 2020, they had fully partnered with Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Information Security Agency (CISA). CISA has been the central coordinating agency in the censorship efforts revealed in the Twitter Files and Facebook files by Shellenberger, Taibbi, and the Missouri v. Biden lawsuit brought by the Attorney Generals of Missouri and Louisiana.

The modern Leviathan spawned by the British and Barack Obama saw its beginning incarnation in the U.S. through the British agent Samantha Power’s husband, Cass Sunstein. A behavioral psychologist masquerading as a Chicago School economist, Sunstein argues that regulation of social processes involves rigging the palette from which humans are allowed to “freely” choose a course of action. Not unlike the way in which various religious cults under Roman Emperors controlled their people. In a 2008 paper, Sunstein attacked “conspiracy theories” circulated on the internet as a threat to national security and proposed that private actors, covertly serving the government, should infiltrate chatrooms and direct their discourse. A close Obama friend, he was in charge of regulatory reform in the first Obama Administration and then served on the President’s Review Board on Intelligence and Communications Technologies and on the Pentagon’s Defense Innovation Board. Both were hotbeds of discussion concerning how to “democratically” control group thought. Sunstein now serves as an adviser to the Behavioral Insights Team in the United Kingdom.

In 2009, Obama proposed that NATO form a Strategic Communications Center to counter what was painted as a super potent Russian Active Measures campaign aimed at capturing the minds of Westerners. That initiative, otherwise conceived by the British, largely sat dormant until 2014. Meanwhile Silicon Valley, the British, the U.S. military, and regime change specialists collaborated on utilizing social media and psyops in the widespread regime change operations of the Arab Spring. Publicly proclaimed as aiming to overthrow “authoritarian” governments throughout the Middle East, the campaign instead functioned to revive the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood and birthed the terrorist ISIS, keeping the area unstable and subject to British control.

2014 saw the Maidan coup d’état in Ukraine, with the British taking the lead and American “brawn” stupidly applied as usual. A huge total and full spectrum information warfare campaign took place, technically choreographed by the military’s Joel Harding—then working at Hillary Clinton’s State Department in conjunction with various British military specialists. The aim was to see whether under the right “information regime” involving flooding the population with manufactured narratives (the false claim that Viktor Yanukovych’s government slaughtered innocents in Maidan Square) coupled with total censorship of dissident opinion could not only produce a color revolution in Western Ukraine but also drive a thorough revolt against Russia in Crimea. In other words, could cognitive warfare not only drive dissent in a population already seeded with opposition to Russia in Western Ukraine but also directly ignite revolt in the pro-Russian population in Crimea? While the color revolution happened, the proposed Crimean revolt was a total failure.

Doubling down, the British government formed the 77th Military Brigade in 2015 to tackle control of the internet and cognitive warfare. They worked throughout Europe. NATO’s Strategic Communications Centre also came out of the icebox. Fully formed in Latvia, it  sprang into action, first in the Ukraine operations and then moving forward. At the same time, in 2015, the Brits organized the Integrity Initiative, as a project of the Scottish charity, the Institute for Statecraft. Fully funded by the foreign office and the British military, it recruited mainstream journalists internationally to run propaganda and smear campaigns while working with social media companies to ensure amplification of state propaganda and censorship of regime opponents throughout the Five Eyes countries.

Notably, the Integrity Initiative received funding from Facebook and featured most of the players in the British-run Russiagate campaign against Donald Trump as this author documented in a series of posts. At the time the Integrity Initiative was exposed by the Anonymous hacking group in 2018, it was in full alliance with the Atlantic Council’s Digital Research Forensics Lab, NewsGuard, and the U.S. Department of State Global Engagement Center, all major players in the Twitter Files disclosures.

Meanwhile at NATO, through the Strategic Communications Centre and other operations, the new branch of “cognitive warfare” was being developed. In a groundbreaking exposé at The Grayzone, Ben Norton outlined its parameters. “Described as the ‘weaponization of brain sciences,’ the new method involves hacking the individual by exploiting the vulnerabilities of the human brain in order to implement sophisticated social engineering. It is described as the sixth operational level of warfare, the ‘human domain.’ ”

The footprints of this modern Panopticon in formation is what Taibbi and Shellenberger now have in their hands in the form of the CTIL documents. To the extent Congress and citizen investigators map and blow up the entire British scheme outlined here prior to the 2024 elections, those elections can, and will be, overwhelmingly won and this Republic will be saved. Moreover, a clear and present danger to human existence will have been eliminated and a new human Renaissance, based on free expression and the pursuit of truth can be put into motion.