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Donald Trump arrives in Detroit on Wednesday to speak to striking auto workers who have rejected Joe Biden’s forced march into electric vehicles, knowing that it is a “race to the bottom.” They, like so many others, are not fooled about the state of the economy or what Bidenomics means.

This gives us the potential for turning the Republican Party into the party of workers and producers, and it is freaking out the oligarchy. They see sections of Congress revolting against the Uniparty and the weaponization of the Justice Department. They see the acquittal of Texas Attorney General Paxton by the Texas State Senate, which is the political equivalent of running the Bush family out of Texas on a rail.

The economic program of this new movement is grounded in making the U.S. a manufacturing superpower. That means we have to produce. President Trump has declared that he will reduce the cost of everything by building “hundreds and hundreds and hundreds” of natural gas, coal, and nuclear power plants. That is just the start of building out a full-set economy. Brian Lantz will discuss this, and more.