Joe Biden "speaks" at Valley Forge on January 5, 2024. CBS Framegrab

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Much has been written about Joe Biden’s speech near Valley Forge on January 5, 2024. You know the one where he compared himself to George Washington, and Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler, all the while yelling angrily reading through his script as the senile do so often and as Hitler also was prone to do at his various scripted Nuremburg rallies?

It is pretty easy to write the obvious as journalists throughout the United States and the world have done. Biden is trying to jail Trump, his opponent in the 2024 election, while coordinating a drive to kick Trump off the ballot in several states using a moribund inapplicable section of the 14th Amendment from the Civil War. He has canceled the traditional Democratic Party primary in New Hampshire and Iowa’s caucuses, denied Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Secret Service protection, and will seek coronation as the Democratic nominee in South Carolina behind the cash lubricated ballot harvesting apparatus of Rep. James Clyburn.

At his January 5 rave, he proudly detailed how he is rounding up and jailing Trump supporters who protested his theft of the 2020 election and were charged with misdemeanors for their actions on the grounds of the Capitol on January 6, 2021, during the 4-hour security state-controlled riot that day. “Since that day, more than 1,200 people have been charged with assault on the Capitol. Nearly 900 of them have been convicted or pled guilty. Collectively to date, they have been sentenced to more than 840 years in prison,” he proudly intoned. Ever the man for unhinged hyperbole, the idiot President proclaimed, “We almost lost the country that day. All of it.”  The obvious:  Just who is imitating Hitler here? It obviously is not Donald Trump.

Further, there are some accurate historical parallels. These are chilling. Hitler came to full power through the Reichstag Fire which burned down the German parliament. It was orchestrated by the state but falsely blamed on the Communists. To protect the state and the people, civil liberties were summarily and systematically abolished.

As the meds wore off on January 5th, Jill Biden had to grab Biden’s hand and escort him safely off the stage. He turned back, with the exit music playing, to declare incoherently, “I understand power.” Upon his return to Delaware, reporters covering the event remarked that the President appeared “totally confused.”  The event was rescheduled from January 6th because the weather forecast was that it would be “too cold” on the 6th. Of course, the real George Washington did not have this option.

This journey into the realm of fantastical Gotterdammerung is the declared strategy of the Biden Campaign and it will be repeated over and over again. Soon you might expect to hear Wagner’s Ring Cycle as the backdrop music. They have nothing to run on, having involved the United States in two wars, the one in Ukraine, using many overt Nazis as proxies, already a complete strategic failure and embarrassment to this country, the one in Israel bordering on deliberate ethnic cleansing and genocide. They have destroyed the economy by pledging allegiance to the Green economic insanity, cheap labor, and drugging policies of the modern British financial empire. These repeated campaign events (in reality, brainwashing festivals for the Trump deranged) are to be used in the desperate quest to produce a willing duped assassin, among other feats outside the boundaries of any law, all of it openly justified as appropriate acts in a war against “the danger” posed by Trump and his supporters.

There is something beyond the obvious, however, which must be said here. It was the British and their American toadies, like George Bush’s grandad, Prescott Bush, who put Hitler into power in Germany. Same thing with Mussolini in Italy. You can read about that here and here.

In the United States, the Morgans, the Harrimans, and lesser Wall Street titans, and the publishing empire of Henry Luce, including the Time and Life magazines, were major propagandists for the world fascism of Hitler and Mussolini, all under the flag of the British Empire. The Dulles Brothers, who did so much harm to our national interests at the State Department and the CIA, supported Hitler until 1934. Hitler and Mussolini were supposed to attack Russia. Instead, Hitler attacked London. At that point, the terms of World War II were set. It is the same fascist Anglo-American blob which, using the general ignorance of history which plagues most Americans, which now targets Donald Trump and seeks the final destruction of the United States.