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East Palestine, and much of our nation, face massive environmental terrorism from destroyed infrastructure and a "let them die" policy from coastal elites. To make the policy clear, Biden just arrived in Kiev, probably with bags of cash, while King Charles and the UK have promised long range weapons to insure another forever war, or worse.

Trump will be in Ohio on Wednesday, and this may well be the pivot of a revival of the American System against the toxic waste of British green insanity.

It's clear to anyone who has their mask half off, that Trump remains the only major leader in the West committed to the people and real peace. In his ongoing war to destroy the Bush legacy and return America to her true principles, he has been blasting DeSantis, JEB, Koch, Wall Street's Club for NO Growth, and standing up to Soros, and all their propaganda outlets, including Fox, the Wall Street Urinal, and New York Post.

This is going to be fun. But to win, we will need a clear sense of higher strategy. Join us tonight.