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You know you're enemy is frightened when you can smell their diapers. The geriatric leaders of London's neo-liberal Empire have risked nuclear war for 75 years to control their globalist order. Now, as their system faces direct threats from a rising populace, like the Canadian truckers and national leaders like President Trump, they have unleashed their barking dogs of war, hoping to scare us into submission once again.

Senile Biden's mumbler, Jake Sullivan gave his best "the Russians are coming" rendition last Friday. But this British-orchestrated war drive is being driven by the collapse of their political and economic agendas:

  • The Fed held an emergency meeting in Feb. 14, as inflation becomes the #1 domestic concern, for which they have no solution. We do.
  • Special Counsel Durham's latest bombshell that President Trump was spied on while in the White House, is clear evidence of an attempted coup. Trump rightly says we used to hang people for this treason
  • Most importantly, the truckers convoys (which are about freedom, not vaccines) are still rolling! Trudeau is done, the uprising is growing worldwide!