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The Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) has unleashed the FBI to target parents protesting Critical Race Theory and other radical curricula being introduced into their children’s  classrooms. According to the media, Attorney General Merrick Garland’s move followed a letter from the National School board Association which claimed that the parents’ now widespread national movement amounted to “domestic terrorism.” Senator Josh Hawley confronted Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco about this in a memorable exchange on October 5, which you can watch here.



While Senator Hawley and others expressed horror about the shocking and unconstitutional overreach of the DOJ response, it is entirely consistent with the ideology of the Biden Administration and the corporate globalist imperial entity which placed them in power. The same Administration is seeking the power to monitor all bank accounts with deposits of $10,000 or more a year as part of a gargantuan new IRS tax enforcement effort. It also calls the January 6 two-hour riot on Capitol Hill a wholesale world historic revolutionary uprising justifying long-term pretrial incarceration for defendants accused of misdemeanors. It is wildly enamored of totalitarian executive diktats and mandates of all varieties.

Ever since Martin Luther King Jr. began to organize a class-wide alliance to improve the incomes of working families by promoting their hiring in productive jobs, skilled trades, and advanced scientific endeavors, this oligarchy, composed of the world’s financial houses, royals, multi-national corporations, and foundations, has fought to reintroduce segregation based on race. It couched this in slogans such as “Black Power” and, more recently, “Black Lives Matter.”

These synthetic movements attack the nuclear family, patriarchy, and the religious institutions which are steeped, like Dr. King, in the cultural traditions of the European Renaissance. To the extent they are Marxist, they reflect the Frankfurt School of Herbert Marcuse and Georg Lukacs who argued that a globalist state could not exist unless the tenets of the Renaissance and the Christian religion were eliminated.

The current debate between those in the know is whether the type of fascism these oligarchs favor now is corporativism, in which the state holds the balance of power while serving the interests of the corporate class, or a corporatocracy where private corporations completely coopt the powers of the state to advance themselves. In either formation, the parents have touched the heart of the beast—the oligarchs’ intent to brainwash a future generation into the ideological conformity necessary for maintaining their rule.

Black Lives Matter; Terry McAuliffe, now running behind in the Virginia governor’s race; and the Democratic Party of Athens in executing Socrates all said the same thing—the elites, using the state, must teach the children to obey, rather than to think. Socratic exploration for scientific truth is the sworn enemy of their satanic outlook. Delegating this authority to parents risks failure in this most essential endeavor. Critical Race Theory, the 1619 project, and similar efforts to wipe out American history and replace it with concocted and destructive myths are essential to destroying the American idea itself, the unique experiment in governance enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution: government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

In 1975, America’s elites, in the Trilateral Commission paper “The Crisis of Democracy,” argued that representative democracy as practiced in the United States meant that “too many people,” particularly among the working population of all races, were expecting too much improvement in their living standards, something which was unaffordable. Now, their most recent guru, the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab, argues that the widespread aspiration for higher living standards, in and of itself, damages planet earth.

In 1975, a group of Trilaterals, led by Democratic scions Robert McNamara, Robert V. Roosa, and Leonard Woodcock, under the banner of the Initiatives Planning Committee for National Economic Planning, went even further than the Trilateral Report. They openly endorsed corporatism, which they called “fascism with a human face.”

They failed to impose their plans then because of the residual American adherence to a productive economy and an identity honoring unique scientific breakthroughs, such as the Apollo crash program to get to the Moon, and technological progress. Now, they have hollowed out our economy and our identity, a progression only interrupted by Donald Trump and his idea of rebuilding the nation once again into a modern full-set economy while undertaking a national mission to colonize the Moon and Mars. It turns out that the launch of the unprecedented DOJ campaign against protesting parents was coordinated between the White House Domestic Policy Council led by Susan Rice, the National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers, and the National Schoolboard Association. The Schoolboard Association has devolved into a teachers’ union subsidiary. At its 2019 conference, the Schoolboard Association featured Angela Davis, the Herbert Marcuse protégé and advocate of purgative political violence, as a keynote speaker. Davis bought the guns for the infamous Soledad Brothers courtroom shootout in 1970 which killed four people.

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco now runs the new legal jihad at the DOJ against American dissent with Garland serving as her milquetoast flak. She was appointed for that specific purpose. She is a protégé of Robert Mueller, having served as his chief of staff at the FBI after a tour of duty on the notorious Enron taskforce which was repeatedly condemned by the courts for prosecutorial misconduct. The informed know that Mueller covered up the Saudi role in 9/11, and prosecuted numerous innocents including Lyndon LaRouche, before his persecution of Donald Trump. Yet, Monaco describes this modern Torquemada as “the truest compass I have ever known.”

After leading the DOJ National Security Division from 2011 to 2013, Barak Obama appointed Monaco to his National Security Council as the assistant for counterterrorism and homeland security under Rice, Obama’s National Security Advisor.

As Susan Rice recounts it in her recent account of her public career, Rice, Monaco, and Avril Haines formed a powerful national security threesome under Obama. Obama called them “his furies,” after the Greek deities of vengeance. According to Rice’s account, the three protested that the furies were “monstrous, foul-smelling hags, goddesses of vengeance and retribution and preyed on men.” Obama, however, recast the furies as defenders of “the moral and legal order” who delivered “justice to evil doers by driving them mad.” On performance to date, the women had the better of this argument over Obama’s continuous self-serving fantasies.

Susan Rice, if not a formal British agent, has been a resolute adherent to British imperial policies throughout her entire life. A Rhodes scholar whose thesis hailed British imperial policy in Africa, Rice played a significant role on Bill Clinton’s National Security Council and as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs in the 1993-1994 Rwandan genocide which killed more than 800,000 people directly and killed even more among the millions who were displaced. Rice famously said, “All we have to do is look the other way.”

Proving that the fruit does not fall far from the tree, Rice’s mentor, the obnoxious Madeline Albright, once opined that the deaths of half a million Iraqi children were “worth it,” on behalf of the British orchestrated campaign to overthrow Saddam Hussein.

While Rice’s role in the African genocide is widely recognized, she makes the emphatic point in her recent book that she does not lose sleep at night about it.

Otherwise, Rice played crucial roles in setting the Middle East on fire, turning that area into a killing and rubble field, through Obama’s regime change operations in Libya and Syria. In the political media she is most famous for her September 16, 2012, television appearances reciting a fake account of the Benghazi, Libya terrorist attacks which killed U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, State Department Information Officer Sean Smith, and CIA officers Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods. The furor over Rice’s fake Benghazi talking points obscured the fact that the Obama Administration was running guns and arms through Benghazi to arm Al-Qaeda and similar terrorists in its campaign to overthrow President Assad in Syria.

Rice was originally mooted to be either Biden’s Vice President or his Secretary of State, but her widely recognized role in the genocide of black and brown peoples in Africa stood in the way of Senate confirmation. So, as is typical of this Administration, she was appointed to run the Domestic Policy Council, which is now dedicated to Biden’s agenda for black, brown, and sexually ambiguous people in the United States and elsewhere. The policy portfolio includes deputy status for posts dedicated to racial justice and equity, immigration, healthcare, veterans, and economic mobility—excluding such imperatives as returning the United States to a functioning full-set industrial economy.

Avril Haines is the most idiosyncratic member of the three. She has a degree in theoretical physics from the University of Chicago, where she worked her way through school repairing and rebuilding car engines. She took up judo and flying, marrying her flight instructor. The two of them then founded a bookstore in the Fells Point area of Baltimore which specialized in “erotic,” i.e., pornographic, literature. Haines herself often gave “erotic” readings at the store. Washington insiders note that it was this stint which explains an otherwise inexplicable series of promotions.

In 1998 Haines started down the traditional D.C. career path, getting a law degree from Georgetown and beginning her march through the institutions. After a series of State Department legal posts and service on Joe Biden’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Obama appointed her to be the national security lawyer within the White House Counsel’s office led by Bob Bauer. Bauer was Obama’s campaign counsel then on leave from the Perkins Coie law firm.

At the White House, Haines struck up a strong relationship with John Brennan, then Obama’s advisor on terrorism. When Brennan went over to the CIA as Director, Obama appointed Haines to be his Deputy Director despite her complete lack of experience in the intelligence community. There she proved her reliability by refusing any discipline for those involved in the CIA’s torture program and covering up for the CIA’s hacking of the Senate Intelligence Committee during the Senate’s investigation of CIA torture. She also played a major role in legitimizing Obama’s drone assassination program.

At her confirmation hearing, Monaco was asked whether she would support John Durham’s independent counsel investigation of the Russiagate jihad against Donald Trump and whether she had any conflicts. Monaco demurred that she was not involved in Crossfire Hurricane or the Mueller investigation of Donald Trump. Rice and Monaco both participated in rabid attacks on Trump in the media following Hillary’s defeat.

During the Obama Administration, all of Obama’s “furies” participated in the fake narrative smearing Trump and Russia inclusive of the phony intelligence community assessment claiming that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to elect Trump. All of this proved to be deliberate fake propaganda aimed at destroying the Trump presidency along with the possibility of peaceful coexistence with Russia. Rice famously composed an exculpatory note about Obama’s role in Russiagate on her last day in the White House.

John Durham’s recent indictment of Perkins Coie cyber lawyer Michael Sussmann and subpoenas to Sussmann’s collaborator Rodney Joffe opens a different field of investigation.

Monaco’s portfolio at Justice and on Obama’s National Security Council was cybersecurity. Joffe has been as a key player in cybersecurity issues for the Obama and Biden White Houses. 

This is the first of several pieces we intend to write on this subject. This Saturday, October 16, Brian Lantz will add a deeper perspective to our arsenal by examining the economic roots of the attacks on America’s families.