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For over 200 years, British imperial interests have sought the destruction of Germany and Russia, and the incorporation of the U.S. into the British Empire. This policy was the cause WWI and the Bolshevik Revolution, then WWII and the Cold War, and it continues today. As Britain's Lord Ismay said about NATO, keep the Americans in, the Russians out, and the Germans down. Churchill said no less in his iron curtain speech.

Remember that the neo-cons, and practically all of D.C.'s foreign policy establishment are now all Trotskyists, pushing a policy of permanent war/permanent revolution which originally stemmed from British-agent Alexander Helphand, aka Parvus.

The war in Ukraine is not about democracy. Neither was Iraq, Libya, or Syria. Nor is it about oil or resources. It stems from the British-directed financial oligarchy's push for control through chaos, also known as Trotsky's permanent war/permanent revolution.

There is no plan, except more war and more revolution, until the United States and all nations are destroyed.

This war must be stopped, and now.

We need to expand our movement, and return to a culture of universal principles if we are going to turn this around.