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Whether it is the conscious intent of a satanic elite or the lawful outcome of insane ideologies, our nation faces economic disintegration and the threat of World War III.

As Donald Trump's Presidential campaign pushes all opposition to the side, the response of the globalists and their Democratic lackeys is to intensify their attacks on him and to accelerate the assault on our economy and culture.

Nowhere is that clearer than in Michigan, where the industrial base and workforce which once gave us the Arsenal of Democracy, is under ferocious attack.

Join Kesha Rogers and Ron Kokinda, Republican candidate for Michigan State Representative, as they look at the Michigan example and discuss our counteroffensive.

President Trump is calling for building a missile defense shield for the United States. Lyndon LaRouche led the fight which culminated in Ronald Reagan's 1983 Strategic Defense Initiative speech. Sabotaged for decades, a new SDI can revive our economy and defend the planet.