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Oct. 31—In New Hampshire, in 1988, my husband, Elijah Boyd, formerly of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, and then and now a close associate of Lyndon LaRouche, confronted Senator Joe Biden at a fundraiser. Biden was then, as now, running for the office of President of the United States. “Lyndon LaRouche has launched a campaign to preserve classical voices and orchestral performances by advocating a return to the Verdi tuning of A=432, or C=256, and I want to know if you agree with this idea,” Boyd asked. Biden hemmed and hawed, going around the barn, so to speak, until he was sharply reminded, “the question, Senator, was on agreement on tuning.” The retort was, “I know LaRouche. I’ve studied him. The problem with LaRouche is, he believes the American People are more intelligent than they really are.”

Very shortly thereafter, Biden abandoned his 1988 campaign based on media investigations demonstrating that he had plagiarized a speech from British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock. The speech from Lord Kinnock, an avid Biden supporter, was the British Democratic Socialist response to the brutal Margaret Thatcher. It was a very British version of Franklin Roosevelt’s “Forgotten Man” Speech. So, if you will, it too was plagiarized, and coming from the Labour Party of that time, a deliberate fraud—a complete con—in its alleged “empathy” toward working- and middle-class men and women.

I suggest that this sums up the hollow man known as Joe Biden and represents most of what anyone needs to know—a deeply cynical and grasping thief and rabidly ambitious Anglophile who has spent an entire career doing everything a variety of elite sponsors told him to do, while marketing a fake persona called “the average Joe.” His services for the world’s usury industry began with his first election where he dedicated himself to MBNA, the nation’s largest credit card provider, which later merged into the Bank of America and then into Lloyd’s of London. His slavish devotion to Wall Street has been chronicled repeatedly, for anyone who cares to look, in endless pleas for political support based on his “reliability” for them. The Economist, the journal of the British Empire and the City of London, has endorsed him with a fervor unseen in years.

The evidence of Biden’s shocking racism is presently making the rounds in barber and beauty shops, on radio shows, in churches, and on podcasts, as those to whom he said, “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black,” digest Joe Biden’s actual character. Biden has said, in opposing busing, that he didn’t want his children in the “jungle,” where black folks live, has called Barack Obama the first “clean” black candidate, and said that young black men were “predators.” He infamously wrote and sponsored the crime bills which imprisoned an entire generation of young black folks as “crack” was deliberately flooded through the nation’s black communities. Mandatory long sentences attached to crack, but the elite’s preferred powdered cocaine got a relative slap on the wrist.

That’s not the full story of the racist hypocrite who has campaigned on the intelligence community setup known as “Charlottesville,” repeatedly contrasting his claimed superior wokeness to what he claims is Donald Trump’s failure to denounce white supremacy. This endlessly repeated fake news isolates one sentence in Donald Trump’s Charlottesville remarks, that there were good people on both sides, from the rest of his remarks which denounced white supremacy repeatedly.

Here, at the end of our tale, we’ll tell you all about how Barack Obama and Joe Biden deliberately empowered a full blown white supremacist neo-Nazi movement in Ukraine as part of a strategy for regime change in Russia which put the world on the edge of thermonuclear extinction. They put neo-Nazis into the government and turned them loose on the historically Russian eastern and southern areas of Ukraine for an ethnic cleansing genocide. Many of the leaders of white supremacist groups in the U.S. today, trained with these Ukrainian neo-Nazis.

For those who care about civil liberties and surveillance, Joe Biden wrote the first version of the Patriot Act and is proud of it. His record on foreign wars and regime change? Well, you guessed it, there was never one exercise in genocide that he didn’t like or wholeheartedly embrace. But, as they say on the late-night TV ads, “there is more.” It turns out there is much, much more.


Is Joe Biden the Actual Manchurian Candidate?

On October 14th, the New York Post published emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop indicating publicly for the first time that Joe Biden had direct involvement in the nefarious business dealings of his brother, Jim, and his own son, Hunter, with corrupt gangsters in Ukraine, China, and Kazakhstan. The Joe Biden protection league—a/k/a various British imperial interests, whole chunks of the U.S intelligence community, the Democratic Party and RINO (Republican in Name Only) Republicans, Silicon Valley, and the entirety of the main-stream media—immediately kicked into overdrive. The fourth largest newspaper in the United States was censored by Twitter and Facebook, which are the distribution networks for modern journalistic content.

Voters were not going to be allowed, under any circumstances, to digest this news of probable Biden family criminality before the election. They were not to be made “more intelligent” than they “actually are” in the cynical calculation of Joe Biden’s fascist coterie.

“More than 50” former intelligence officials, led by James Clapper, John Brennan, Leon Panetta, and Michael Hayden signed on to a crazed letter—circulated by every intelligence community media scribe previously involved in the totally debunked British-instigated Russiagate hoax—to the effect that the New York Post story bore all the earmarks of a “Russian intelligence operation.” Unsurprisingly, like Russiagate itself, you were supposed to believe it because they said it, just like they said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and that Donald Trump was in Putin’s pocket, and similar endless lies they have told the American people repeatedly. Now the dominant media line became the smear that Biden was being victimized by a Russian intelligence operation run by and through President Trump.

Exactly how is it that a laptop, left by Hinter Biden himself and never picked up at a Delaware computer repair store and turned over by the shop’s owner to the FBI, bore “the earmarks of a Russian intelligence operation?” Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe went on Fox to state that no intelligence supported those claims made by his predecessor and others, and the FBI reluctantly backed him in a statement to Senators Grassley and Johnson. But the media continued its hysterical propaganda, claiming that Ratcliffe was Trump’s henchman and that there was absolutely “nothing to see here folks, move on, move on.” Biden never answered questions directly, saying the entire affair was “a distraction.”

No one denied that the emails on the laptop were thoroughly genuine, and recent forensic analysis has proved that they are. Now, according to James Rosen at Sinclair Broadcasting, the Biden family is the subject of an FBI investigation for money laundering which has been ongoing for a long time. That particular bombshell, of course, has also been almost totally blacked out by our Orwellian Deep State.

The implications are obvious. What happens if Biden wins, but is immediately ensnared in a criminal investigation? There is no question that Biden family dealings with Ukraine, China, and other countries create the appearance of Biden as the actual Manchurian candidate, the same false and completely fake ID the British, their tools in our intelligence community, and the Democrats had tried to pin on Donald Trump. The documents and the statements of Hunter Biden’s former business partners paint a picture of a Biden family business focused on selling one product to foreign investors—the influence accruing to the Vice-President of the United States and this country’s potential President. Millions of dollars were forwarded by the Chinese, by the wife of the former mayor of Moscow, by corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs, and by oligarchs in Kyrgyzstan.

At the very least, Biden is compromised. He would flunk the standard background check given to prospective federal employees. As others have pointed out, there are several criminal statutes applicable to what has already been revealed about what could be definitively charged as a conspiracy. According to James Rosen’s reporting at Sinclair Broadcast Group, the FBI is settled for now on the crime of money laundering.

This means that Kamala Harris, the leftish mentally-vacant stalker for Silicon Valley’s brain eaters and billionaires, and for Barack and Michele Obama, will be in the Presidency sooner rather than later, either on the basis of Biden’s obvious senility or because of his criminal exposure. This is why Nancy Pelosi has mandated a new study on the 25th Amendment’s removal clause. In fact, this background is so well known among the Washington elite that the Trump campaign made a hilarious ad about it, “Don’t Get Tricked.” The plot has Kamala, wearing a Joe Biden mask, stealing all the treats from children on Halloween.


The Witnesses Step Forward

Based on the New York Post revelations and the investigation conducted by the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee by Senators Ron Johnson and Chuck Grassley, and, most important, on the media’s claims that anyone associating Joe Biden with Hunter’s and Jim’s nefarious deals was a Russian agent, Hunter Biden’s former business partner, Tony Bobulinski came forward.

On Tucker Carlson’s highly rated October 27 show on Fox, Bobulinski provided emails and personal eyewitness testimony demonstrating that Joe Biden has lied repeatedly about his involvement with Jim and Hunter Biden’s business deals. Bobulinski met twice with Joe Biden personally about the deals. According to the emails on his abandoned laptop, Hunter considered his father the “chairman” of the Biden family enterprise trafficking in the Vice-President’s office and name for major business deals with foreign countries.

When Bobulinski raised concerns about the impact of the Biden family’s dealings with China on Joe Biden’s potential presidential run, Jim Biden told him that they had “plausible deniability,” a term used by intelligence agencies to denote total protection and immunity from prosecution. In Mafia land, it means that you create a “designated fall guy.” In this case, it is Hunter, whose drug addictions and related behaviors make him the ideal candidate to take the fall, leaving the real crooks untouched.

Other emails on Hunter’s laptop show Hunter telling a family member that he has been obligated for 30 years to turn over half of what he earns on business deals to Joe Biden, and stating that Joe Biden painted a target on his back. Plausible deniability.

Bobulinski, a decorated Navy veteran, was personally involved in structuring potential deals with CEFC China Energy worth millions, if not billions of dollars for the Biden family. The company was long considered to be a front for the People’s Liberation Army, and imploded when Patrick Ho, a lobbyist for the company operating at the United Nations and otherwise in the United States, was arrested in November 2017, after he delivered cash bribes to representatives of Uganda while attempting to bribe other government officials in Chad.

According to emails on Hunter’s laptop, Ho had provided Hunter Biden with $1 million for legal referral services, and his first call from jail was to Jim Biden asking him to get Hunter in contact. Like many deals involving the Bidens, it appears from the emails that Hunter abandoned Ho and began representing Ye Jianming, the head of CEFC China Energy, instead. Ye, who was being investigated by the FBI, was arrested in March of 2018 by the Chinese government and charged with bribery. The company was subsequently largely dismantled by the Chinese government.

The FBI’s investigation of Patrick Ho involved a FISA warrant which appears to have gone back as far as 2014. FISA allows the FBI to monitor conversations not just of the named target but of all significant associates. Thus, it is highly likely that the FBI already had, pursuant to that warrant, numerous conversations involving the Biden family principals concerning their dealings with China, Ukraine, and other nations.

According to Bobulinski, a $5 million payment from CEFC China Energy, destined for the company he was setting up for the Bidens, was diverted to Hunter Biden personally. Bobulinski says a wire transfer produced in the Senate Homeland Security investigation demonstrates this. Following the explosive Carlson interview, Bobulinski was interviewed at length by the FBI.

Another former Hunter Biden associate, Devan Cooney, has also provided thousands of emails to Peter Schweizer, the author of the book Secret Empires, which first documented the Biden family corruption schemes. Cooney is presently serving a prison sentence for “defrauding a Native American tribal entity and various investment advisory clients of tens of millions of dollars,” in connection with a fraudulent bond investment scheme. Cooney was convicted alongside Devon Archer and John Galanis, other former partners of Hunter Biden, for the fraud scheme. Archer had been Hunter’s longtime closest business partner and visited Joe Biden personally at the White House. While Joe Biden insists that he personally has never taken a “dime” from foreign governments, both the University of Pennsylvania, which houses the Penn Biden Center for Global Engagement, and various charities associated with Biden have received millions from the Chinese and other governments, $22 million from Chinese sources alone. Joe Biden, in turn, has received almost $900,000 from the University of Pennsylvania since 2017, for doing practically nothing.


The Actual Crime in Ukraine—Is This Our Future?

Hunter Biden’s role in the corrupt Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, has been well known for a long time. It became an issue between the State Department and the Obama Administration in 2015, almost as soon as Hunter Biden and Devon Archer took their seats on the Board. Two State Department officials, George Kent and Amos Hochstein, raised concerns with the Obama Administration and, in the case of Hochstein, directly with Joe Biden. The State Department was calling for the prosecution of Burisma while the Vice-President’s son sat on the Board reaping at least a few cool millions, according to U.S. Treasury documents, to whitewash the company’s public image.

Burisma was notoriously corrupt, so much so that even the British froze millions of dollars of its funds housed in the City of London. Burisma’s ownership was unclear, as various entities obscured its true identity. Its nominal owner is Mykola Zlochevsky, a thug oligarch who the Obama State Department said bribed Ukrainian prosecutors to stop looking at Burisma while Biden and Archer sat on his Board. Others say the true owner is Ihor Kolomoisky, an equally odious Ukrainian oligarch whose PrivatBank managed to disappear $1.8 billion in USAID money Congress intended for the bankrupt Ukrainian state following the so-called “Revolution of Dignity” in 2014.

At the time Hunter was cavorting with this corrupt company, Joe Biden was leading the Obama Administration’s activities in Ukraine, acting, in effect, as a modern Viceroy over the newly declared NATO colony. Since the color revolution conducted by the State Department, British intelligence, and the CIA, was based on the alleged corruption of the democratically-elected regime of President Viktor Yanukovych, the Vice-President’s son bathing himself in that very corruption created—well, an image problem. So well-known were these facts in official Washington that Hillary Clinton arranged for a New York Times article about them in 2015, effectively warning Joe Biden not to campaign for President in 2016 lest they be fully aired and exposed.

Joe Biden complicated the coverup of these activities massively, when he bragged, at the Council on Foreign Relations in 2018, that he got the Ukrainian prosecutor targeting Burisma fired. He bragged that he threatened to entirely withhold a billion dollars in U.S. aid to Ukraine until Victor Shokin was fired. If this seems to you like what President Trump was accused of by the House impeachers, you are correct. Except that Trump never withheld any aid, and the whole impeachment proceeding was an effort to cover Joe Biden’s misconduct by attributing it to the President.

The corrupt oligarch whom Biden ultimately installed as Ukraine’s President, Petro Poroshenko, fired Shokin. Shokin was replaced by Yuri Lutsenko as Prosecutor General, despite the fact that Lutsenko was not a lawyer and had a criminal record for corruption. Lutsenko closed the Burisma investigation and Ukraine got its billion dollars. Until the recent emails from the laptop from hell, Joe Biden had peddled the story that while he was vaguely aware of Hunter’s Burisma activities, he really didn’t know much about the details. The “smoking gun” email which got the New York Post censored, shows Hunter Biden setting up a meeting with his father for Burisma’s public spokesman Vadyn Pozharsky, in 2015.

But these corrupt, criminal acts pale in significance to what Joe Biden and Barack Obama otherwise did in Ukraine. They participated in overthrowing a duly elected government in a color revolution for the British geopolitical aim of regime change in Russia itself, putting the world on a course toward thermonuclear hell. To facilitate their color revolution, they used overt neo-Nazi militias and neo-Nazi political operatives dedicated to white supremacist terror. They unleashed these killers on the population of the historically Russian Donbass and southern Ukraine, sparking an ethnic cleansing and civil war which continues to this day. EIR magazine and LaRouche PAC documented this, as did other freedom fighters, as it occurred.

Now, even mainstream outlets are documenting the blowback from the Obama/Biden Nazi adventure, as Ukraine descends into darkness and the Azov Battalion’s trained killers target the West, including the United States.

Both Antifa and U.S. white nationalists, such as California’s “Rise Above” movement, have trained with Azov. Bob Avakian, the spiritual founder of Antifa and its subgroups in the United States, and Richard Spencer, the leader of the white nationalist “alt right” here, have both endorsed Joe Biden.

All or most of the intelligence operatives who sprang into action against President Trump on November 9, 2016, were veterans of the genocidal Ukraine debacle. Christopher Steele, who wrote the infamous British intelligence filthy dossier against the President, was a premier British/State Department Ukraine operative. Alexandra Chalupa, who ran Digital Maidan with her sister during the Ukraine coup, became the key coordinating point in operations by Ukrainian intelligence directed against Donald Trump, particularly operations aimed at Paul Manafort.

Ukrainian hackers in the groups Shaltai Boltai and Cyberhunta worked with CrowdStrike’s Dmitri Alperovitch and did the hacking falsely attributed by Robert Mueller to Russia’s GRU. This was all coordinated with Joe Biden as Vice-President during the Trump campaign and transition, and particularly with Joe Biden’s aide, Eric Ciaramella, the fake “whistleblower” used by the House Intelligence Committee in the impeachment of the President.

Most important, the Ukraine coup was the playground for total, full-spectrum information warfare, using a combination of censorship, controlled media narratives, and complete social media control to significantly change the behavior of targeted groups in favor of the military goals of the coup. The key practitioner involved was Joel Harding, on contract to the Ukrainian government from the U.S. military and State Department.

This Ukrainian fascist experiment was what was brought by our intelligence community and the Obama/Biden Administration back to this country as a weapon to be used against Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign, the Trump presidency, and the “deplorable” poor, working- and middle-class constituencies supporting Donald Trump. In the words of the now-exposed British military intelligence operation known as the Integrity Initiative, Americans had to be trained to hate Russia and China, so much so that they would be willing to go to an existential nuclear war, if necessary, against them.

Whether you will act to repel and jail these fascists, or whether you will succumb to their continued destruction of the United States and the Constitution, constitutes the actual choice before you on November 3rd, election day.