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As Biden goes full Brandon and Europe leaps off a cliff with solar powered wings, winter shall not be far behind. But most importantly, the patriots are rising!

Trump's Pennsylvania rally reminded patriots around the world that only one thing matters in the face of the imploding globalist system, and that is our resilient devotion. Our enemy is blind, deaf, and dumb, and has no concept of what inspires us: our love of nation and mankind, our commitment to recruit, speak out, and create solutions, and our courage to fight for something after death, for the future of our civilization, and for the principles of self-government.

The European Union, the Uniparty of Washington, and their host, i.e. the British Crown and City of London, have reached their Don Giovanni moment. As Mozart captured in the penultimate scene of his homonymous opera written for a similarly degenerate European oligarchy, the addiction to rape, pillage, and plunder of one's own people can only end in the tormenting fires of Hell. But Mozart presented the most important challenge in the Opera's ultimate scene; that is, will we the citizens now take up the quality of leadership necessary to secure our civilization?

Leaders, citizens, and intellectuals throughout the west will greatly benefit by looking to the revolutionary spirit of Mozart and Beethoven to resolve the great crisis before us.