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Donald Trump has warned that Biden's policies will lead to World War III, and he's right! Yet, the Avatar President spent the past week fanning the embers of World War III. What drives this insanity?

Both Russia and China are targets for destruction, but the United States is the main target. Lyndon LaRouche wrote:

"Every major war on this planet since 1865 has been an offshoot of the principal goal of the British Empire, that Empire's desperate commitment to bringing about the ultimate destruction of the United States."

German Leader Bismarck understood this in the 1800's. That's why the British Crown had to get Bismarck fired in 1890, before they could proceed with their plan for World War I. That came after the earlier assassinations of three American Republican Presidents, Lincoln, Garfield, and McKinley.

Understanding the British Empire's hatred of the United States and any sovereign nation which might challenge its imperial (globalist) plan is critical to stopping the current drive for war.