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It's hard not to conjure up the droning voice of Pink Floyd's adolescent attempt at rebellion, "We don't need no education, we don't need no thought control," when you look at the Democrats and their fellow travelers in Washington. They have become the new International Communist Party, where any kind of sarcasm, independent thinking, or sense of humor is considered a threat to state power.

But, the Jordan hearings which exploded this week, along with the J6 tapes by Tucker, are expanding the cracks in the wall of globalist mind control.

Insane in the brain
Insane in the membrane
Crazy insane, got no brain
Lyrics to "Insane in the Brain," Cyprus Hill

It seems to be the week for bad music and lyrics. The Empire's policy in Ukraine is taking a page from Cypress Hill's 1990's homage to pot-psychosis. Ukraine soldiers are reportedly using various methamphetamines to keep the battle going. But Washington's generals know we don't have the ability, either in production, logistics, or manpower, to fight a real war, so how does this end?

Back in the world which is grounded in reality, China brokered a deal, the first in decades, between Saudi Arabia and Iran to establish diplomatic ties. The Empire is losing its grip globally, and responds with only more desperation.

And now bank runs in the heart of the great engine of mind-dulling social media apps, intel profiling ops, bad online movies, and massive censorship. You mean the woke surveillance state isn't creating economic growth? No wonder Elon left.

As Donald Trump declared, we need a quantum leap out of this insanity, and the population needs access to these ideas urgently, so we can build a true 21st century. Bring a friend, and join us tonight.