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The only sustainable path for planet Earth is anti-entropy.

Sustainability is the new buzz-word used to impart a patina of goodness on whatever woke policy its utterer wishes to promote. But there is nothing sustainable about windmills, solar panels, banning fossil fuels, banning gas stoves, the green new deal or whatever Malthusian policy to which this adjective is attached. The only thing sustainable by these policies is the continued decline in living standards, life expectancy, population decline and human progress.

Yet this term is widely accepted throughout society, from the corporate leaders meeting next week in Davos to the ignorant school teachers dishing it out to unsuspecting students.

Last week, in the third part of our series on LaRouche’s science of physical economy, we discussed how the universe is anti-entropic, and how this characteristic reflects the principle on which all economic progress is based. Tonight we will continue this discussion, showing how this principle must be incorporated into U.S. economic policy in order to create truly sustainable economic progress.