Pacific Boys Choir

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The Battle for California AD 18—LaRouche PAC Bulletin No. 1

A few days ago, a discovery was made in Oakland. Amid all the crime, violence, drugs and homelessness, tucked away at 215 Ridgeway Ave, is the Pacific Boychoir Academy. This is a shining example of what education should be for every child.

My husband Gerald and I went to their open house, were received with openness, and found both teachers and students passionately dedicated to the development of young minds. The Academy is for boys from 3rd grade to 8th grade. Each student receives hands-on instruction in Spanish, Latin, science, art, math, and English, and they put on a Shakespeare play every year from memory.

The highlight is the full music program which they provide these young boys at the most crucial stage of their development. The late Lyndon LaRouche believed that the best way to develop young minds is by engaging them in the choral principle. I have been a most enthusiastic supporter of this principle. Only through music can a young person experience, both in the mind and in the soul, the unique creative process given only to mankind by the Creator. Through choral singing a child discovers his real relationship to others. He contributes, through his own voice to a dialogue among the voices, from which emerges a beautiful idea, which is the unseen whole.

We saw this in the rehearsal we attended that evening where the young boys were joined by high school basses and tenors. There was remarkable comradery and joy across the ages which was reflected in their singing.

The Pacific Boychoir Academy has toured internationally as well around the United States. Traveling to other countries, immersing themselves in foreign cultures, brings a richness and depth to young people which only highlights the banality and stupidity of the sterile and false dictates of CRT.

Parents: Check out the Pacific Boychoir Academy and its program. It is not a program for musicians only. It is a program to develop the precious minds of our youth through immersion in beautiful classical ideas and classical music in a collaborative effort in which all contribute. It creates productive citizens who will be able to contribute good to society no matter what profession they decide upon.  This is the quality of education I will bring to my district and others throughout California. If we educate our youth—boys and girls—in this way, we will overwhelm the pessimism which breeds crime and drugs.

I am a LaRouche PAC Endorsed Candidate, for California AD 18. Please check out and support my campaign!