Académie Bach Aix, January 25, 2014. Photo: Bertrand Perisson / Académie Bach Aix / Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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On the occasion of Easter in 2002, Lyndon LaRouche issued a statement entitled “Easter, A Time for Reflection” (Easter, A Time For Reflection, by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. ( He opened the piece this way:

“Now, in a time of great menace to all present and future humanity, Christianity celebrates a Holy Week. On the occasion of that Easter Sunday, how should we view the presently perilous circumstances of the world? How should all peoples, of whatever religious profession, from around the world, view the leading developments of these days? Let them receive the news, that this Sunday celebration is a message to all those people who must be hoping for a sublime intervention against the murderous evil of those universal fascists, who are, at this moment, menacing humanity as a whole?

I am not as a priest, but, rather, a person assigned to simply serve as a hand of Providence. Such are the boundaries of my profession, and so I serve you in this matter immediately at hand, on this day.

My message to you is this; to achieve a sublime result, you must let yourself be inspired by a sublime thought, and combine that thought, as Jeanne d'Arc did, with the will to risk whatever that sublime intention demands of you.

On this occasion, you should focus your attention upon the great work of Johann Sebastian Bach, in his Passion of St. John, and, most notably, the Passion of St. Matthew. These musical services for Easter-time were intended for the participation of the congregation and musicians, to enable them better to relive the sublime experience of Christ's own passion. This treatment by Bach is outstanding for the power with which it conveys the clearest and most loving message any Christian could be capable of delivering to any people, of any profession, in these terrible times, in any part of the world today.”

In today’s Easter season when the world faces an even greater crisis, and which this year occurs at the same time as Passover and Ramadan, LaRouche’s reflections and Bach’s music are both a balm and an inspiration from which one can summon the spiritual commitment required to overcome today’s crisis. To that end, LaRouche PAC encourages people of all faiths to read LaRouche’s reflection and devote the three hours or so to an uninterrupted communion with Bach’s Passion of St. Matthew BWV 244.

We suggest two versions of the performance. One by the greatest conductor of the 20th century, Wilhelm Furtwängler, performed in 1954 in Vienna. An audio only version is available on YouTube at BACH: Matthäus-Passion BWV 244 / Furtwängler · Wiener Philharmoniker - YouTube

For a contemporary video version we recommend this performance: Bach - St. Matthew Passion - Iván Fischer | Concertgebouworkest - YouTube

The full text of the Passion, which you will want to follow as you listen to the music is available here:

Matthaus-Passion BWV 244 - English Translation [Parallel Format] (