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As all the creatures from the zoo enter the GOP primary, hoping that Donald Trump will be destroyed or at least sufficiently weakened by the lawfare tactics of thugs like Jack Smith, the indefatigable Trump keeps rolling like thunder in midsummer cornfields, committed to ending the destruction of America and renewing our covenant.

This past week, Trump announced his plans for America's 250th Birthday, the Quarter Millennial Celebration, which will include a year long nationwide celebration in every state and county. (This will be interesting for the left coast, which hasn't celebrated the 4th of July, excepting fireworks, for decades.)

Trump's proposals also includes national competitions for young people. But the most significant is a Great American Fair harkening back to the great 1876 celebration.

Lyndon LaRouche was a big fan of the 1876 Centennial Exposition, which was an inflection point in world history as it announced the industrial era and heralided the success of the American Experiment to the entire world!

It's time for a new scientific and industrial era, an era which celebrates mankind's greatness. This is the spirit of '76, and the question before us in '24.