Elon Musk. Photo Credit: James Duncan Davidson / CC BY-NC 3.0

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Elon Musk once said this about the United States:

I think the United States is more open to new ideas than any country in the world. And I think it becomes somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy in that because the United States is open to new ideas it attracted people from around the world who had new ideas. And so,... now it’s full of people who like new ideas and who aren’t bound by the history. A lot of countries that have been around for a long time are really trapped in their own history....”

We could go back to the founding of Plymouth Plantation and work our way up to the present with individual after individual, and example after example, to demonstrate that this is true. Unique individual after unique individual, thinking far outside existing systems and ideas, created the inventions and discoveries which shaped our future.

But since the murder of President Kennedy the financial oligarchs have moved to suffocate American creativity, imagination, and industry by chaining it to a variety of closed ideological cults and deep pessimism. That creativity and commitment to apply it for the benefit of humanity, the motivation of real human beings, has always been the greatest threat to their fixed, static, and narcissistic modern British Financial Empire.

For much of this recent period this clampdown was a gradual process. There were big inflection points—such as the Kennedy assassination and 9/11. But day by day, year by year, little drops of poison were inserted into the social and cultural matrix:

free trade,


shareholder value,

central banking,

artificial division of society into genetic based categories of victimized antagonistic groups,

censorship and suppression of science and reason in favor of enforced groupthink,

constant attacks upon the idea of America,

nearly continuous warfare against artificially hatched “enemies,” posing no real security threat,

replacement of honest discussion and debate with the “Woke” anti-American dogma,


deep cuts to research and capital investment in industry and infrastructure,

graduate degrees in financial engineering rather than physical engineering,


But the way in which the Obama administration went far beyond any previous administration to openly move to destroy American energy production by declaring CO2 to be a pollutant, to shut down space shuttle operations without having a ready replacement, to set up “death panels” to administer cuts of services in “Obamacare,” to run endless drone assassinations and wars, to bailout international finance on the backs of most Americans—all with an arrogance and narcissistic destructiveness fit for an Emperor Nero or his lackey—began to lift the haze from people’s eyes. The intellectual girdles which had restrained their minds began to fly apart.

When Americans began to see Donald Trump stand up for the people as a whole, politics in America began its Great Awakening. In his first term, President Trump, under constant barrage, began dismantling some of the weapons used to keep us down. He set goals in frontier areas like colonization of the Moon and Mars and fission and fusion power development, unleashing the creative potential and hope for the future embodied in real national missions.

Now, with what he learned about the evil swamp called Washington, he has been putting together his Agenda 47 for his new administration. Working with Canada to bring water down from Alaska and Canada, building 10 completely new Freedom Cities in the West, building hundreds of new nuclear, coal, and natural gas power plants. These are all plans which President Trump is working to help you visualize so that you can help him realize them. But there are even more revolutionary ideas which are harder to visualize because they go far beyond anyone’s direct experience that will have perhaps an even greater impact upon our future.

For example, in the last year you’ve heard quite a bit about Large Language Models, Chat GPT, and Artificial Intelligence. So far, all of these operate in the realm of text, imagery, and video. That is impacting many areas of “postindustrial” economy. But what about in the real world of productive machinery and activity?

New industries and capabilities will burst forth alongside the national projects President Trump has identified in Agenda 47. Take the auto industry for example. Lyndon LaRouche used to call it the “make anything” industry. It has been under tremendous pressure for decades due to many factors. The Green agenda pushed by Obama and Biden will doom it to extinction. Global auto capacity is said to exceed demand by 40%, and under the present regime that fact is utilized to lower workers’ wages worldwide.

What can the American auto industry look like under Agenda 47? Again, let’s return to LaRouche’s notion that the machinery and skill sets embodied in making cars can be retooled as the “make anything” industry. As we begin to mass produce modular nuclear power plants, build new cities, start mining the Moon, etc., engineering will again become a high-demand capability. You can count upon the new endeavors to enlist the auto companies, aerospace companies, the shipyards, and all of their suppliers in the design and manufacture of critical components. With protection against foreign dumping, long-term, low-interest credit issued by a new National Bank, and growing demand for all types of industrial production, the “make anything” industry will begin to grow again and branch out into new areas and markets—just as Henry Ford branched out to build the revolutionary Fordson tractor which changed farming forever, and later the Ford Trimotor—not to mention emergency wartime ship and plane production, etc. Or, the way in which General Motors designed the Apollo Lunar Roving Vehicle.

The Fordson tractor was introduced in 1916. Here is a 1917 Fordson Model F tractor. CC NewHollandAg


The Ford Trimotor was introduced in 1926. CC Alex F

So what types of new products and endeavors can we expect from the auto industry? Already, advanced driver assistance systems have drastically cut auto crashes. For example, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in its latest report finds that such systems have cut front-to-rear crashes by 50%, and front-to-rear crashes with injuries by 56%. There are many vehicles which operate autonomously in special circumstances and specially mapped areas, such as in mines or on college campuses, but the race is on to build autonomous automobiles which can demonstrate safety 10 times better than the safety of a human driver.

A breakthrough in this area was made this year by Tesla when it succeeded in building a self-driving system operating completely via an internal end-to-end neural net. That means that the system is not coded by programmers, the system has learned how to interpret the world and appropriately respond simply by watching people interact with the world. Then they put a very similar end-to-end neural net system into their Optimus robot which is under development to take on delicate tasks in their factories and later to work in your house!

Tesla’s Optimus robot on display. CC Benjamin Ceci

I built my first robot in 3rd grade. It could hardly do anything. Still today, 50 years later, robots are very limited in what they can do. But the day may not be far off when you can buy a very capable robot for less than the cost of an automobile and be able to tell it what to do with very minimal instruction/demonstration. That will be truly revolutionary.

Below the level of final products, many advances are being made in the areas of giant metal casting machines and 3D printing to cut the cost and increase the speed of manufacturing. And automakers are moving away from reliance on multitudes of chips (often more than a hundred individual electronic controllers scattered throughout a vehicle) to architectures which more closely resemble a unitary computer on wheels.

Then there are the flying cars! President Trump has spoken of them, and people have dreamed of them for more than a century. Now they are possible.

This change will not be made permanent if we allow the oligarchs who have attempted to murder American imagination, creativity, and optimism any quarter. Just look at the recent attack on Elon Musk. Walter Isaacson, not content at belittling Benjamin Franklin, now is hailed for writing a very condescending biography of Elon Musk. He does so amidst a full scale financial and media attack against Musk and all of his endeavors. Isaacson and his fellow professional retainers for the oligarchy cannot stand Americans—whether Ben Franklin, Donald Trump, Elon Musk, or you! They are a different and frightened species with a caveman outlook seeking to protect their present power by any means necessary even if it means the end of the republic. This species difference is what drives the present battle and why we must win it overwhelmingly if humans themselves are to survive and thrive.