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There are lots of battlefronts in the fight for the country. None could be more important at this moment than the battle around the National Defense Authorization Act next week. Despite the American people electing a Congress with marching orders to paralyze our renegade intelligence and defense community, the House is about to give that enemy a weapon of mass destruction. They are proposing to continue the present regime of illegal surveillance of American citizens until April of 2024, that is until after the primaries which will determine the next presidency. For this and other reasons the NDAA must be resoundingly voted down and sent back to committee for reform. 

Despite the fact that House Republicans have bills ready to go to reform the nation’s surveillance capacities under FISA, forcing the FBI and others to get a regular search warrant in a regular U.S. District Court when spying on Americans in any circumstance, House Speaker Mike Johnson, under enormous threat from the intelligence community, is sneaking the present surveillance regime into the National Defense Authorization Act.  He has scheduled a vote on this NDAA next week. The measure continues the present regime unchanged, until April. That is, until after the March primaries when our elites believe they must have successfully destroyed Donald Trump and MAGA lest the U.S. presidency become American again.

In a bombshell post on Truth Social today, December 8, 2023, Kash Patel documents that according to the FISA Court, the FBI used FISA authorities to illegally surveil a dozen U.S. citizens it targeted as involved in January 6, over 19,000 donors to a U.S. Congressional candidate, and did over 23,000 illegal searches of groups it deemed involved in January 6.  

There are two surveillance authorities which the Deep State depends upon for its existence: EO 12333 exercised by the “interagency” through the President allowing all sorts of classified and otherwise illegal techniques to be deployed against individuals and groups classified as terrorists or foreign spies. That is why MAGA is being persistently attacked now with the false characterization that they are “terrorists” and was a primary reason for the entire Russiagate fake narrative. EO 12333 explicitly authorizes officials to lie about these operations.

FISA authorities, give the same tactics an aura of legitimacy by allowing the DOJ to apply secretly for a warrant to a Secret Court targeting foreign agents or terrorists. It is never supposed to be used against American citizens engaged in domestic politics. Once obtained, agents are authorized to surveil anyone within “two hops” of a target, i.e., the universe of immediate contacts of the target and then their immediate contacts. This is how a fake FISA warrant against Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page in 2016-2017 allowed the FBI to put the entire Trump Campaign under surveillance. Fabricate a warrant against the right target and you turn that target into a walking microphone. The FISA Court punished no one really for the Page/Trump operation. FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith, who deliberately fabricated the warrant against Page, is back practicing law in Washington, D.C.

This is not just about FISA. If the Congress once again caves to an intelligence community which long ago sold out to the privateer Wall Street, City of London, Brussels imperial cartel, it will have self-immolated the 2024 vote as well as showing itself unwilling to stop the nation destroying prosecutions presently being waged against Donald Trump.

Now is the time to insist on back bones and courage. Now is the time to act. Use the form below to contact your House Rep, or light up the congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121 by calling your Representative and insisting on a "No! vote on the NDAA." Organize peaceful protests at local Congressional offices. Do so now. Report back to us at [email protected] with any responses you receive.