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While the fully-vaccinated and many-times boosted Avatar President of the United States contracted COVID for the second time last week, Donald Trump charged inside the beltway and delivered a speech to the RINO-infested America First Policy Institute, about which one observer said, “He went into that snake pit and converted at least half the snakes.”

As for the other "president," the burning question is which is worse—his senility or the incompetence and rage of his entire regime, whether it takes the form of the threat of expanding war in Europe, the bobble-head diplomacy of Pelosi in Asia which could instigate conflict there, or the manifest hatred of the American people (and people generally) as they intentionally shut down the economy.

The threats are very real. At any other point in history, we might be in another major war and we would be the criminal aggressor. That means every action we take today is critical to put this regime out of its misery, and secure a future for our nation and mankind.

Underlying the current globalist meltdown is a little known question of economic metrics, that is, how do we measure real success. Failure, as it is today, is like a bad fart in an elevator, everyone gets it, but we have been duped for a century on what is the real measure of economy. 

It's time we get ready to replace this regime, throw out these oligarchs, and restore a true measure of success. This is what gives meaning to the lives of all people, the true success of civilization.