Gov. Inslee toured Helion Energy, a clean tech company that uses fusion technology to produce energy. They're working toward commercialization. October 28, 2014 Credit: Governor Jay Inslee / flickr

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No matter how young or old you are, you should be very happy to be alive right now, as there have never been more exciting times than those we live in right now. NASA’s Artemis 1 flight was a complete success. The first orbital launch of the SpaceX Starship in preparation for its regular Moon service is just around the corner, as are the first orbital flight of the Sierra Space Dream Chaser, and first crewed flight of the Boeing Starliner to the International Space Station. There are now two continuously manned space stations in orbit, soon to be joined by more in the next few years which will begin the actual industrialization of space.

All across the country irrepressible natural American optimism and humor have left the British Empire and its Washington minions at places like the White House and FBI helplessly raging at their inability to stamp out and cancel the American soul.  The only thing they have succeeded in creating is a reactionary state of mind and rage against them.  Soon, even those emotions will be mastered as we move to the higher intellectual and emotional space which will ensure their final defeat.

And the speed of technological progress is picking up noticeably. Nowhere is that demonstrated more clearly than at the facilities of Helion Energy in the cities of Redmond and Everett in Washington state. I’ve written about their machines and approach before, but this week they partnered with Brian McManus of the Real Engineering YouTube channel to bring their work out to the general public’s attention and to recruit to their team—as they have to double in size.

Helion CEO David Kirtley gave a detailed tour of their 6th generation machine in Redmond and the ongoing work on their 7th generation machine in Everett. He also discussed how studies on fusion rocket and power systems for space development had led to their low overhead, highly efficient direct energy conversion approach. In other words, they have figured out how to avoid the thermal steam turbine generation system used by conventional fission reactors and are able to directly extract power from the pressure of the plasma’s charged particles in the reactor against the encircling magnetic fields. He also discusses the two methods by which they manufacture the rare part of their fuel—Helium-3.

LaRouche PAC is referring you to this video to help convey the accelerating pace at which progress is being made. Be sure to watch and circulate it as an early holiday gift to yourself and others. We just celebrated the accomplishment of more energy out of a target than delivered to it at the National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Next, Helion will be demonstrating the ability to generate useful amounts of net electricity out by 2024 in its next machine. That will be followed up by 50-Megawatt range small reactors for industrial use. As experience is developed in industrial applications, larger 500 Megawatt units will be deployed to the grid. The pace is rapidly accelerating. Be a part of it.

If you are a technical person, or a possible Helion recruit, it is worth paying the nominal fee to watch both entire interview/tours here: