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President Green Screen, the senile Avatar now occupying the White House, has now fully signaled one of his lunatic goals: the Biden Administration has rejoined the British government’s long and failing campaign to remove Vladimir Putin as Russia’s leader. That is what “is back”—in Obama 2.0 on steroids—not America, as Joe Biden claims.

Biden’s Russian lunacy, which occupied the first three days of this past week, was followed by a display of complete incompetence by Secretary of State Tony Blinken and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan in two days of meetings with representatives of China in Alaska which ended on Friday, March 19. The Chinese used America’s current insane and dystopian “woke” culture to eviscerate the moral superiority insipidly claimed on behalf of neo-liberalism by Biden’s two longest serving aides.

In his March 16 interview with a smirking George Stephanopoulos on ABC, Biden declared that Vladimir Putin had no soul, bragged that he had told Putin this previously, and then agreed with Stephanopoulos that Putin was a “killer.”

In the same interview, Biden threatened undefined further actions against Russia based on shockingly bogus claims, manufactured by the U.S. intelligence community and published on March 7, claiming Russia meddled in the 2020 election on behalf of Donald Trump by spreading falsehoods about the Biden family. In addition, the Avatar boasted, Russia is set to be punished for yet another fabricated Putin poisoning hoax, this one concerning the British/American poster boy dissident, Alexei Navalny.

With respect to Biden’s threatened new actions, strategic commentators world-wide are anticipating renewed genocide against the Russian-speaking areas of Ukraine by NATO, the European military arm of Britain and the United States. Renewed war crimes by our country are already underway in Obama’s war against Syria. President Trump’s Afghan withdrawal, where our troops guard the world’s opium crops, is now being reversed by Biden’s leadership collective.

As a result of the ABC interview and related provocations the Russian government recalled its Ambassador, and many who study U.S./Russian relations declared, with great alarm, that Joe Biden’s macho bluster and gross incompetence, amplified by the idiotic evidence-free claims of Russian election meddling in the 2020 election, had moved us one step closer to World War III. More likely, it will move Russia and China toward a formal military alliance, something the woke idiots in the Pentagon seem incapable of figuring out.

The answer to this and the contemporaneous onslaught of false and inflammatory narratives about January 6, white-on-Asian violence, Trump supporters generally, and the censorship campaign against Glenn Greenwald, Tulsi Gabbard, Matt Taibbi, Naomi Wolf, Tucker Carlson, and many, many others, is not to throw up your hands, protest meekly and impotently, or fall down the various Internet conspiracy rabbit holes which our government has prepared for you. It is to organize the United States out of the cement shoes our current imperial masters are casting for us under the flag of fascism with a democratic face. It is to have the guts, cultivated optimism, and morality to walk in the footsteps of our founders, who had no idea at the beginning how it would all turn out.

If we return to our founders’ intentions and our Constitution, if we re-create the American System of political economy and rebuild the country, if citizens continue to mobilize spontaneously as small “r” republicans, as is now occurring in states throughout the country, our would-be imperial masters are doomed because they are both stupid and incompetent. Identity politics and “wokeness” have made them quite mad and self-destructive. And, if the real America—the one which savors physical productivity, intellectual adventure, invention, and crashing through intellectual and apparent physical boundaries—actually comes roaring back, our elites’ lunacy can be safely quarantined and contained.

While this writer generally abhors Bill Maher and his brand of slick cynicism marketed as comedy, he did hit the nail on the head last week: “You know, who doesn’t care that there’s a stereotype of a Chinese man in a Dr. Seuss book? China. All 1.4 billion of them could give a crouching tiger flying fuck,” said Maher. “If anything, [the Chinese] are not a silly people…. In two generations, China has built 500 entire cities from scratch, moved the majority of their huge population from poverty to the middle class and mostly cornered the market in 5g and pharmaceuticals…. In China alone, they have 40,000 kilometers of high-speed rail. America has none. Our fastest train is the tram that goes around the zoo.”

This is what makes the Biden Administration’s bluster so ridiculous and why no one should be afraid of their lunatic posturing as the mouse which roars. They should be publicly critiqued and ruthlessly ridiculed while the actual economic renaissance which will lead us out of the current mess is advocated massively and begins to take shape in every state of the nation.

The Man the Wind Blows Down Threatens Putin

Initially, Putin responded to Biden’s wild “killer” and “soulless” insults by noting that people throwing such epithets around are generally holding a mirror to themselves. “Difficult, dramatic, and bloody events abound in the history of every nation and every state. But when we evaluate other people, or even other states and nations, we are always facing a mirror, we always see ourselves in the reflection, because we project our inner selves onto the other person,” Putin noted.

Next, Putin challenged Biden to a live debate for the whole world to watch—a challenge everyone knows would result in the whole world admitting what it already knows: America’s current White House occupant is senile. This is what happens when a self-promoting career braggart confronts someone, like Putin, trained and expert in judo.

Like most of Joe Biden’s stories, his claim to telling Putin to his face that he had no soul is likely just made up out of whole cloth, part of Biden’s serial fabrications about his manly confrontations and general accomplishments. It is embarrassingly similar to the confrontation with Corn Pop, the “bad black dude,” which circulated during the campaign.

Like the Corn Pop mythical dustup, Biden has told the Putin “soul” confrontation story many times before. He claims it occurred in 2011 when he went to Russia on behalf of Obama’s so-called “reset.” Then Vice-President Biden’s stenographer, Mike McCormick, in his book, “Joe Biden Unauthorized and the 2020 Crackup of the Democratic Party,” says that Putin completely humiliated Biden on that trip.

The humiliation occurred, according to McCormick, when Joe delivered one of his characteristic blustery long-winded riffs directed at the Russians and Putin simply shut off Biden’s microphone in front of the press and sent the press out of the room with Biden in mid-sentence. A befuddled and stunned Biden had absolutely no response. It seems highly improbable that Biden then snuck a quiet moment alone with Putin to discuss his soul or lack thereof, but that is how Biden tells the story.

Another Fabricated ‘Intelligence Community Assessment’

Here is what the phony March 7 Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) says, in a nutshell and quoted directly:

“Russian state media, trolls, and online proxies, including those directed by Russian intelligence, published disparaging content about President Biden, his family, and the Democratic Party, and heavily amplified related content circulating in US media including stories about his son. These influence actors frequently sought out US contributors to increase their reach into US audiences. In addition to election related content, these influence actors also promoted conspiratorial narratives about the COVID-19 pandemic, made allegations of social media censorship, and highlighted US divisions surrounding protests about racial injustice.”

There you have it. Our intelligence community, providing no evidence for these assertions whatsoever, says that Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings on behalf of his father with the Ukrainians and the Chinese are all a Russian fabrication. They claim the evidence for this is classified. Presumably, some Russian agent told the computer store operator who received Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” to actually look at the contents carefully. The politicization of COVID, the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots, and complaints about censorship are similarly Russian-driven fake news, our would-be Mandarins claim. They insist that we participate in their fabricated fantasy on pain of censorship and social ostracism.

Courageous actions by patriots in the Congress and elsewhere demonstrated that the 2017 Obama Administration ICA which claimed a Russian plot elected Donald Trump was complete bunk. But it took a four-year fight to fully develop this fact, an American presidency was totally sabotaged and undermined, lots of people’s lives were ruined in Robert Mueller’s unhinged investigation, and the media did its level best to completely censor what was found. Even now, despite President Trump’s orders, the classified information involved in the 2017 ICA itself remains classified at the behest of the CIA and our completely constitutionally unmoored Justice Department.

At no time in our history has the rancid, corrupt relationship between the intelligence community and a political party and its billionaire donors so metastasized or been so crassly on display. This is what is known historically as corporatism or Mussolini-style fascism. The apparent inability of our intelligence agencies to distinguish reality from the wilderness of mirrors and fake narratives they themselves have created will surely be noted by this nation’s enemies.

As we have previously published, Joe Biden’s sins in Ukraine chiefly involve placing neo-Nazis into power and provoking a civil war and genocide against the Russian-speaking population of that nation. Victoria Nuland, appointed anew by Biden as Under Secretary for Political Affairs at State, was Biden’s accomplice in that war crime.

Overall, Biden and Nuland acted at the behest of the British, who have been in a hybrid war with Russia since 2010. When the British military information warfare apparatus, the Integrity Initiative, was outed by Anonymous in 2018, their operatives were already here in the United States, targeting Trump, with the explicit goal of whipping U.S. public opinion into shape for a nuclear confrontation with Russia and China. Their own documents spelled this out. Through color revolutions and the Ukrainian civil war, the British/NATO plan is to move NATO’s boundaries right up to Russia’s border, crossing a previously denoted “red line” of the Russian government.

The networks involved in the Ukraine coup, including MI6’s Christopher Steele and the British spy network surrounding him; the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab; Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman; Joe Biden’s Ukraine aide, Eric Ciaramella; Fiona Hill, Igor Danchenko, and others in a nest of sedition at the Brookings Institution; the Chalupa sisters and their friends among Stefan Bandera’s devotees in the Ukrainian diaspora; and Hillary Clinton’s and Victoria Nuland’s State Department friends were all centrally involved in the coup against Donald Trump. The full-spectrum information warfare techniques perfected in the Ukraine coup by Joel Harding, on contract to the State Department, have been fully employed against the citizens of the United States since the day Donald Trump was inaugurated.

In discussing how to fight the type of situation confronting us now, Lyndon LaRouche made a most crucial point. “Patriotism, a simple defense of present institutions under attack, cannot supply the quality of political will required now. The quality of courage needed now means finding deep within oneself a cause which is worth more to you than mortal life itself. It is the lack of this quality which defines cowardice under the conditions in which we find ourselves now.” For many, a simple look at their children and the type of future planned for them by our Democratic fascists, supplies the needed fortitude. 

Our advantage is knowing from LaRouche and our forefathers something our enemy does not and will never know—how to rebuild and grow an economy. Our advantage is also that the emperor has no clothes and is, in fact, conspicuously naked as the result of the fight waged by Donald Trump. They have one simple weapon—their frantic attempt to demoralize and isolate you when, in fact, you are one of the more than 70 million people who voted for Trump. Many of your fellow voters are now organizing, coming out in the states to fight and neutralize Biden’s policies. Will you join them?