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In a truly great moment in history, such as the American Revolution or the revolutionary moment we are living through now, it has always been the leadership of courageous visionaries, devoted to and willing to sacrifice all in service of mankind and its posterity, which has led to a positive outcome. Or, lacking that leadership, a tragic one.

Since ancient times, the archetype which has come to exemplify this quality in Western civilization is the mythological figure of Prometheus, the titan who famously stole fire, the fire of creative thought and its power over nature, from Zeus and gave it to mankind. For this, he was chained to a rock and tortured for millennia.

This theme was very much at the core of Lyndon LaRouche's philosophy of science, economics and statecraft, and its understanding is crucial for our times.

Join Tony Papert and Dan Leach as we explore the history and the implications for our present crisis of the Prometheus Principle.