President Trump speaks after his arrest.

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June 13th saw Donald Trump’s farcical arraignment in the U.S. District Court in Miami on the bogus indictment authored by the traitorous fascist current occupiers of official Washington. In the evening, the President gave a speech to his supporters gathered at his Bedminster Club in New Jersey which thundered, with great clarity and serenity, the nature of this case’s impact on our declining and crisis-torn Republic. That is how he met his 77th birthday and there is every indication that the American people met this moment by saluting him and determining to fight with him to shape their future.

The speech is 30 minutes long and well-worth your time to listen to, like President Roosevelt’s weekly radio addresses during World War II.  Like Roosevelt’s addresses, it is a call to mobilize and fight for the survival of the Republic. Fox anchor Brian Kilmeade couldn’t help himself, in the stark reality of the moment, and kept honestly referring to Trump as “the President” rather than “the disgraced former President,” the required propaganda handle of the day.

On flag day, the colors of the United States of America were upstaged at the White House by the Gay Pride flag flown in violation of the law requiring the flag of the Republic to take precedence over all others in its display. In celebration of the current culture, trans representatives bared their surgically manufactured breasts, (cosmetically large boobs for newly manufactured women and absent ones for newly manufactured men), and danced on the White House lawn on Sunday while the senile avatar placed in the Presidency hailed them as “the bravest people I have ever known.”

Also yesterday, the state banned Tucker Carlson took to Twitter for his third post-firing appearance. His previous appearances have garnered over 100 million views, outpacing anyone on the state approved list for speaking to The People. In sequence with Trump’s speech, it transported the viewer into the realm of truth.

Tucker said Trump doomed himself on February 13, 2016, in the South Carolina Republican Party debate when he said the nation was knowingly lied to in order to precipitate the war and occupation of Iraq and the destabilization of the Middle East. (Thousands of innocents had been killed in the process of avenging non-existent weapons of mass destruction and the forever wars which followed under both George W. Bush and Barack Obama). Tucker played the tape showing the shocked and smirking look on Jeb Bush’s face when Trump announced what was deemed a blood libel against the Deep State.

After that, all of Washington set out to destroy Trump, first as a candidate and then as President. In Shakespearian fashion they surrounded him as President with suck-ups and flatters like Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley, Lindsey Graham who worked feverishly every day to undermine him from within. Despite their efforts, Tucker notes, Trump kept his promise to the People. He started no new wars. He remains the only leading presidential candidate opposing the present losing and genocidal war in Ukraine, a war which is destroying the economies of Europe and reshaping all international realities as the majority of the world’s population has come to view this country as an unhinged, evil, and failing Leviathan.

In attacking the foreign policy and intelligence establishment, Trump violated Washington’s fundamental rule:  We run things, Presidents serve us. Russiagate didn’t just bulldoze the Constitution in pursuit of convincing the voters that they had committed treason in voting for Donald Trump. It set the stage for the current charnel house of killing in Ukraine by convincing well over half of the American population that Donald Trump was the pawn of Putin, a man so evil, they propagandized, that he made Satan blush. A man so evil that empowering Nazis to kill him and glorifying a man, Zelensky, whose previous comedy routine consisted of playing the piano with his penis, while killing thousands and risking nuclear war is, according to official Washington, the height of civic virtue.

When Trump heard Joe Biden had been bribed by Ukrainian oligarchs and asked for an investigation, official Washington declared him and anyone talking about such a perfidy completely crazy. Nancy Pelosi had Trump impeached for saying this unspeakable thing. Now we find out that there are actual tapes of this bribe which official Washington has been hiding for years. The same fat sophist, Bill Barr, who is making the rounds to declare, with gravitas, that Trump mishandled secret and classified documents, the gravest of all sins, sat on the report of Joe Biden’s actual compromise for years.

Washington lives and breathes on classifying information and hiding it from the People. That way, they can commit their crimes in the shadows and extort those they illegally surveil and compromise. They can market a version of reality to the People as an unimpeachable secular religion by censoring, controlling, and shaping all information available to the People. They seek to destroy anyone who reveals their secrets, like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, who were and are also targets of the unconstitutional Espionage Act, authored by the British agent and reviver of the Ku Klux Klan, Woodrow Wilson. 

The Achilles heel of the case against Trump is an obvious one, like Poe’s purloined letter. When the People elected Trump, they forced an interloper on this regime. They leaked ream upon ream of classified information to their preferred propagandists to destroy his popularity. Their serial sedition failed as the People recognized the lies because Trump stood up to them and called them out rather than cowering and running away. Now they are simply continuing that sedition in a different forum. The indictment accuses Trump of using classified information to rebut a lie told about him by the regime, a propaganda trope shaped by their leaks of classified information to their favored propagandists during their theft of the 2020 election. That trope was that Trump was seeking a war with Iran, had ordered it, along with a war on China, in a desperate effort to secure a second term under conditions of national emergency. Trump, of course, did none of this. He says he sent General Milley packing as he repeatedly advocated a war with Iran.

There are a multiplicity of means to stop this. Senator J.D. Vance has put a hold on all DOJ nominations until this injustice stops. Congresswomen Marjorie Taylor Green is proposing to defund the Special Counsel in the House.  These measures need to grow in force with the population demanding this and similar measures from their elected representatives exposing and dismantling now the corrupt intelligence and law enforcement which have created this legal atrocity. The enemy needs to be specifically named and understood. Those who refuse to step out of their corrupted state must be primaried in 2024 by strong and competent opponents. Their financiers must be targeted, researched, and exposed.

Our descent into the present maelstrom began, as I will outline in my next piece, with Franklin Roosevelt’s death, the ascension of Harry Truman and the snookering of the United States into taking up the role of the British Empire. The satanic Praetorian Guard of the oligarchical financial empire was already in formation following the assassination of McKinley and during the Wilson Administration. Roosevelt, like Trump, interrupted that as did the continuing resistance of the American people. The CIA killed John F. Kennedy because he sought to implement Roosevelt’s anti-colonial post World War II peace plan. Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King were killed because they attacked the same apparatus and sought to reintroduce and institutionalize the promise of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Donald Trump crossed and crosses the same red line concocted by this conspiracy of satanic liberals and fascists. Because of Trump’s courage and the movement he has built, we now have the chance to finally defeat them once and for all and rescue our Republic.