U.S. Taxpayer paid Trans Ukraine Spokesperson threatens to assassinate journalists who oppose the war. https://twitter.com/SarahAshtonLV/status/1702013564465156204

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Volodymyr Zelensky arrived in the U.S. Monday to witness Joe Biden’s abject subservience to the global elite at the world’s diplomatic brothel, otherwise known as the United Nations. The remarkable parts of Biden’s Tuesday speech (and there were few in this mix of bloviating platitudes) were heavy on devotion to the myth of imminent climate catastrophe and the necessity of continuing to support Ukraine.

Biden put all his limited energy into a fundraiser on Monday night on Broadway. He told the assembled there that Donald Trump and MAGA were enemies of the American Republic and out to destroy it, reprising his infamous Nuremburg rally redux performed at Independence Hall in Philadelphia on September 1, 2022. This desperate ploy, billed as Biden’s new campaign gambit, occurs as CIA spokesman and Washington Post columnist David Ignatius penned a piece telling Joe to get out of the race he is losing to Donald Trump and Democrats increasingly question his viability as a candidate.

Zelensky tracked this Gotterdammerung theme in his own UN speech, claiming that Russia was out to destroy the sacred “rules based” international order and only Ukraine stood in the way. Since many of the nations in attendance have been victims of that “order” whoever orchestrated this speech obviously failed to read the room.

Zelensky now travels to D.C. for meetings with Biden. They need to seal the deal on another $28 billion the uniparty wants to award Ukraine despite massive opposition from the American population and from Trump. Simultaneously, Defense Secretary Austin is meeting with his European counterparts to figure out which outmoded junk from technologically obsolete U.S. and NATO armaments can be pawned off to the rapidly shrinking available Ukrainian armed forces, vast numbers of which have been killed or wounded in the recent failed Ukie counteroffensive.

This new $28 billion (bringing the total to $135 billion) is to be forked over at the same time as Zelensky has fired his defense chief and the entire staff of six deputy defense chiefs for “corruption.”  Many believe this is a facing saving device to cover the real reason. While the much-vaunted ground war has been lost, Ukraine continues to throw humans at impenetrable Russian defense lines in a cauldron of human sacrifice. Cleaning house and designating fall guys is necessary to keep this charade going.

As winter kills any further activity by the Ukrainian Army, the U.S. is providing the long-range missiles it previously refused to provide because it could lead to nuclear war. Now, also, Ukrainians can target these missiles anywhere they want including Crimea and Russia.  According to the most recent statements of Secretary of State Blinken, all previous restrictions against attacking Russia have been lifted. The actual reconnaissance and intelligence for the targeting is being provided by NATO, led by the Brits and the U.S., something the Russians are hardly fooled about. The “idea” now is a “long war,” meaning the aforementioned air war coupled with terrorist actions in Russia and elsewhere. At the same time, the Ukrainian forces and Ukraine itself will allegedly be rebuilt.

Ever eager to seize their share of the war profiteering in which billions allocated by Congress for Ukraine are circulated back to U.S. defense contractors, Blackrock, JP Morgan, and McKinsey have been lined up to lead ongoing Ukrainian reconstruction efforts. Biden appointed billionaire heiress and Barack Obama matron Penny Pritzker to supervise the plan. In New York City, the Clinton Foundation announced that Ukrainian reconstruction would also be its central focus. Senator Mitch McConnell has actually argued that war profiteering is great for the U.S. economy and the essence of why we should keep funneling money into this lost cause. If you think these payoffs might have something to do with Biden’s lagging fundraising in the billionaire class, you would be on to something. Glenn Greenwald does a terrific job covering this aspect of the corruption, particularly the role of Penny Pritzker. https://rumble.com/v3hzazm-system-update-show1-148.html

Of course, all the above is mostly a utopian mad fantasy. The American population opposes this wholeheartedly and chunks of Congress are now reacting to their outrage. It is a central reason why Donald Trump continues to beat Biden and trounce his Republican neo-con opponents in all polling. Needless to say, there is no way that Russia is going to tolerate this “strategy.” Europe, led by Germany is rapidly devolving into depression as the result of both the ideological madness and deindustrialization caused by the Green New Deal and the lack of viable energy sources after the U.S. blew up Nord Stream and otherwise cutoff Russian gas.

Colonel Doug McGregor says we have reached a new and most dangerous stage of the war. Admitting the loss is not a political option for Biden. Further the hubris of our elites’ dictates that facing reality will result in psychological disintegration. Absent a shift in this mindset and the realization that Russia cannot be “bled” for years to come—the present goal of U.S. strategy --McGregor believes that Putin ultimately will have to release the full weight of the Russian military on Ukraine and end the war with Ukraine’s military decimation.

To underscore the absurd desperately murderous nature of the moment, just watch this rave by the spokesperson for the Ukrainian Territorial Armed Forces, the American, Sarah Ashton-Cirillo (formerly Michael John Cirillo) paid for by your tax dollars:

This sort of “out of the box” deployment is characteristic of our current Washington Mandarins. After all, prior to Zelensky’s elevation to khaki clad sainthood, his main act as a comic consisted of playing the piano with his penis.

Our State Department, the Biden Administration, and their British sponsors remain silent in the face of Ukrainian threats of assassination against dissident journalists in the United States who oppose the Ukraine war. Myrotvorets, the Ukrainian intelligence service’s terrorist spinoff has published these kill lists for many months and Myrotvorets celebrates journalists’ deaths by noting on their lists that they have been “liquidated.”  The latest addition to the list is Jack Posobiec of Human Events. He has diligently reported on child sex and organ trafficking in Ukraine and general corruption there. The Center for Countering Disinformation in Ukraine publishes similar dossiers on American journalists opposed to the War, citing them as “criminals” for reporting their thoughts and analysis. Both are funded by U.S. taxpayer money. Ukrainian intelligence services routinely present targets for U.S. social media censorship to the FBI which backs these demands to Silicon Valley.

In his interview with the British intelligence rag, The Economist on September 11th, Zelensky issued his own terrorist threat. Millions of Ukrainians have dispersed throughout Europe because of the war, he said. If European or other support for the war flags, very bad things could happen because the Ukrainian diaspora had been “put in a corner.”

As President Trump emphasizes, this war, this killing, must stop now. Call your Republican Representative and tell them to stop all the spending for the war. Winning a first battle in the House opens the floodgates where the “consensus” presently restraining anyone sane in the Democratic party can be broken.  202-224-3121 is the general number.  Ask to be directed to your Republican representative.