The Cryostat Top Lid is lowered in position marking the end of main assembly operations for Japan's fusion reactor, JT-60SA. 2020. Photo:

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If we can prevent all the King’s men in Washington from blowing up the world, the future could be very bright indeed. Once again, another nation, this time Japan, reminds us about how far our puppet government’s policy has diverged from the methods of dirigism which once put us in the forefront of advanced technology, productivity, and an unmatched standard of living.

The French word dirigisme, or dirigism in English, refers to the act of directing, setting targets, and ensuring that targets are met. It is the opposite of sitting back and waiting for some “invisible hand of the market” to magically accomplish great things. American examples include the Erie Canal, the Transcontinental Railroad, the TVA, the Manhattan Project, the Apollo Project, and the Artemis Project for Moon/Mars colonization advanced by President Trump.

In the case of which we write, the new Japanese government, acknowledging the need to reverse a long period of relative stagnation in progress and innovation—compared to the once extremely rapid pace of technological progress in many parts of Japanese industry—and acknowledging the rapid advances in fusion research and commercialization projects around the world, has just stepped forward to outline a dirigistic national plan to put Japanese science and industry in the forefront of the development of fusion electrical power and space propulsion development. Japan’s plan is to become the first nation to develop commercial fusion and its related industrial, manufacturing, and space faring processes and applications.

As reported by the Fusion Industry Association and Asia Times, the new plan is called the “Fusion Energy Innovation Strategy.” As summarized by the Fusion Industry Association Japan aims to industrialize fusion energy in the next 10 years and to be the first in the world to do so. “To achieve this vision, it is necessary to promote further participation of Japan’s private sector and cooperation between industry, academia, and government, and to develop a national strategy that includes specific actions that will attract private investment,” the plan emphasizes.

The authors of Japan’s plan note that other nations are developing comprehensive fusion strategies including the U.S., the U.K. and China.  They note that Japan cannot afford to be left behind in this race and, instead, should aim to be first, utilizing its well-known talent for innovation and in-depth industrial and technological development.  While all such plans engender competition, it is the type of competition from which all who put in great effort emerge as winners, and it is the type of friendly competition which can finally snuff out the British Empire’s attempts at using the Four Horsemen of the Biden Apocalypse to crush humanity back into a New Dark Age. As opposed to Biden’s failing primitive power landscape of giant windmill and solar farms, Japan has also recently turned on all of its idled nuclear power plants.

Some extended quotes from the bold Japanese plan remind us that fusion, an unbounded energy source, can usher in a renaissance of sustained and previously unimagined economic development throughout the world.  It is exactly the type of future oriented economic plan which can reverse the destruction of our economy under Biden while advancing President Trump’s vision of a modern U.S. technological and scientific platform bringing prosperity to all.  It features exactly the type of public/private relationship in advanced technological development once featured in the American System of sovereign economic development.

 “Fusion energy will not only solve the energy problems of Japan, which is poor in ready-to-use energy resources, as well as its environmental problems, and become the foundation for supporting Society 5.0, which is hailed as the model for the future society Japan should aim for, but it will also enable the sustainable development of humankind on a global scale. It is science and technology that Japan can harness to greatly contribute to the international society.

“For example, if the uneven distribution of energy resources can be solved through the realization of fusion energy, wars fought in countries around the world over energy resources will be eliminated, thus truly contributing to peace and stability in the world. Moreover, by not only becoming a substitute for existing energy resources but also a source of power for space and deep-sea exploration since it can generate a huge amount of energy from a small amount of fuel, fusion energy is expected to open up unexplored frontiers for humankind. Beyond Japan’s national strategy, such a future awaits.

“It will be necessary to promote the further participation of Japan’s private-sector companies and for industry, academia, and government to collaborate in the efforts for realizing this vision for fusion energy. The government has formulated a national strategy for this vision, which will incorporate concrete action for pump-priming private investment....

Core areas of fusion energy systems.... In particular, these are areas in which resources should be focused since the technologies that Japan is strong in provide opportunities for acquiring overseas markets. Moreover, areas that like-minded countries are also strong in should be addressed while strategically cooperating with those countries. Furthermore, those areas that could hinder the realization of fusion energy in Japan if dominated by other countries should be approached from the perspective of supply chain access regardless of whether Japan has strengths or weaknesses in them....

“Even if private companies have the technological seeds, since further research and development will be needed until the seeds are suitable for social implementation, the Cabinet Office and MEXT [Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology] will support the R&D by private companies that will play a major role in developing the fusion industry. In particular, support to start-ups will be enhanced from fiscal 2023....

“Problems that still need to be solved for the realization of fusion energy remain, and since we must respond to changing markets, advances in research and so on, Japan will regularly update and revise its national Fusion Energy Innovation strategy.”