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The federal indictment of President Trump is nothing less than a Declaration of ​War against the American People. For over 50 years, a satanic cabal consisting of global corporations, banking cartels, the sponsors of international drug gangs and terrorist outfits, as well as billionaires, their foundations and NGOs, have, in essence, taken over our government in Washington, D.C.

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This cabal, if allowed to continue, seeks to destroy the United States as a Constitutional Republic, ​and once they are successful—and they nearly are—they will tear us into ​​confederacies and pit us against each other in war. Then, piece by piece, they will continue to dismantle every major nation in similar fashion, until the world’s population is under their control to be forcibly reduced, ushering in a new global dark age.​ The era of global development of the last 150 years, marked by the creation of sovereign nations and led by the United States, will be replaced with cult-like entities modeled on the satanic conspiracy between the priests of Babylon and the Roman emperors.​

In 2001 this cabal, using the neocons in the Bush Jr. administration, launched a coup against our Constitution, and initiated an era of perpetual war/perpetual revolution. Under the perversions of Obama and his coven of witches, the perpetual war policy was continued, and then combined with the largest transfer of wealth in human history with the bailouts, ​while a culture of drug addiction and narcissistic cult-worship was proliferated.​ With Covid, they implemented martial law by pseudo-health bureaucrats, and further destroyed our nation while bailing out their globalist corporate friends–all so they could steal an election. 

And yet, here we are, a growing political movement the likes of which has never been seen before. 

In the past, this satanic cabal has been known as the British Empire, modeled in part on Rome’s military conquest, but it is most accurately described as the global Anglo-Dutch liberal system of oligarchy. Seen from their view, they have no choice but to irrevocably declare war against us, the American people. We have resisted too much. The American reflex towards self-government has been too strong. President Trump and the MAGA movement have not backed down, nor will we.

In response, within the last two years alone, they have unleashed the dogs of war in Ukraine, threatening nuclear and world war. They have opened the borders to cheap labor, drugs, and mobs of gangs, creating a fifth column of potential violence and chaos inside our nation. They are shutting down our energy supply, fueling inflation, and limiting food production. They are pushing pedophilia and  sexual mutilation in public schools. And while hundreds of thousands of Americans die every year from drugs, tens of millions more watch passively as their own courage, faith, and creativity are destroyed through drug use. If this isn't warfare—albeit a post-modern system of mass killing to destroy the nation—then what is?

The federal indictment of President Trump is merely the inevitable, formal and irrevocable declaration of a war that has been ongoing against us for decades–because they will not, and in many ways cannot, pull back or negotiate. Our threat to retake power has become too great, while their exposure as a violent cult and criminal syndicate has become too obvious.

This election of President Trump in 2024, this political fight now in the streets and in the homes of our nation and its people, has become what is known as a decisive battle, one which will determine the state of the world for centuries to come. Our only viable response, if we are to win, is a commensurate full and total declaration of war against them, and our shared commitment to a full and total annihilation of their system. 

This includes an indictment against the entire Obama team who unleashed the FBI against President Trump, including Hillary Clinton, as well as the criminal family of Joe Biden. But this is just for starters.

We are asking you to join us, and declare war on the entire Anglo-Dutch system of oligarchy. With victory, we will eliminate their funding and end the Federal Reserve and central banking system—the core of the system of Wall Street and London which has looted our industries, families, and culture for decades—and in ending this system, protect the American people from systemic financial ruin.

We will target all entities involved in the illegal drug trade, including all traffickers, mass media entities, banks, corporations, and any promoters of drug legalization, and prosecute them as abetting the enemy in time of war. The same can be said of those pushing or facilitating the sexualization of children, terrorism, and human trafficking.

Under this course of action, our intelligence and military resources, in concert with all other willing nations, will be directed towards identifying and destroying all entities complicit in these activities. Those working in our federal agencies who are complicit with or protecting these entities, will be tried for treason. Our Constitution will be our guiding light, and our intention will be to free our nation and its people to thrive, while protecting the sovereignty and dignity of our nation, and all nations. 

Yet this is just the necessary retribution for the crimes of the last century. We must build our nation and civilization again, better than ever before, because no war is won until the peace has been built. 

President Trump has initiated a visionary perspective to make America great again. We, together, with all Americans, as President Trump declared in his Agenda-47, will begin to rebuild our nation. 

We will build new cities throughout our lands with new hives of industry, and hundreds of new nuclear and baseload power plants, all financed by a new national banking system. We will launch a new industrial revolution with nuclear fusion energy, and establish American leadership in technology, industry, and space exploration. We will establish a new system of international trade and development, one based on national interests, and promote the talents of our people, and of all people. In short, we will create a vibrant culture of sovereign nations, where young people will grow up to be courageous and capable of great contributions to future generations. We will build a future where all can sing to the glories of Creation!

Our enemy knows that this is what we are capable of accomplishing. Our immortal Lincoln, quoting from the Gospel of Matthew, said a house divided against itself will not stand. At that time we endured a system of slavery, backed by the British Empire and created by the Anglo-Dutch over centuries, which could not, by the hand of God, coexist within a nation of a free and sovereign people. We were victorious then, and unleashed the greatest advancement of human progress in the whole course of human existence. Such is the challenge today—for our nation and all nations.

It is now time to declare war, and to join President Trump for total victory. Anything less, and civilization may not survive.