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The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) COVID manifesto, “COVID-19: The Great Reset,” written urgently by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret in June 2020, explains much about the political weaponization of the virus in the United States, a weaponization which was used to remove a sitting U.S. President and now is being used, through the Biden Administration, to institutionalize what the Council of Foreign Relations’ (CFR) “Project 1980s” originally named “controlled disintegration of the world economy.”

Oligarchs are not generally very original. They have been pushing the same scheme under various brands ever since the CFR’s Project 1980s plan. Then and now they aim to destroy the United States, replacing it with the type of utopian globalist order set forth by Aldous Huxley in Brave New World.

The WEF’s pre-COVID brand—using the myth of anthropogenic climate change and a looming climate apocalypse to radically reengineer and downshift the world’s economy—was in big trouble before COVID. Donald Trump not only had pulled the United States out of the economy-destroying Paris Accords, but also had even shown up at the WEF’s annual conclave at Davos, Switzerland on January 21, 2020, the day his second impeachment trial started in the Senate. He called the alleged masters of the universe “prophets of doom” while promoting the nation-state, his America First agenda, clean fossil fuel energy independence, and, most importantly, technological and scientific optimism, the creators of fundamental economic progress.

Left: Ernst Stavro Blofeld the fictional evil genius with aspirations of world domination. Right: Klaus Schwab, someone who took Blofeld's character far too seriously. 

Klaus Schwab conceived the World Economic Forum in 1971, the same year the Nixon Administration, on orders of the British, destroyed the stable post-war Bretton Woods monetary system. That is when the religious cult of environmentalist limits to growth and neo-Malthusianism was born, along with deindustrialization of the United States and worship of primitive religions and primitive people. Schwab also invented the neo-corporativist slogan, “stakeholder capitalism” (as in Mussolini’s style of fascism), the economic premise of our current deranged “woke” culture. Schwab’s views come from Henry Kissinger’s Harvard seminars and membership in the fascist Bilderberg Society. Malleret is a longtime Davos aide-de-camp.

The WEF’s current Malthusian climate agenda is the brainchild of Prince Charles, reflecting long-held priorities of the Windsors and the modern British Empire: Reduce population, create a brave new world government under the banner of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, control it all through social credit systems, mass surveillance, and stupefying and pacifying the population with ample supplies of identity politics, pornography, dope, and guaranteed minimal incomes.

The WEF’s Board is stocked with the officers of the world’s largest and most powerful corporations—Nestle, Reliance, AXA, BlackRock, Roche Holdings, Alibaba, Sberbank, Siemens, the Carlyle Group, Royal DSM—together with the heads of globalist institutions such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF), European Central Bank (ECB), and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and select government and former government officials. Mark Carney, the former head of the Bank of England who sits on the Board, has played the starring role in designing so-called climate risk assessment regimes which will ban credit to any company or country not complying with deindustrialization mandates. Carney is the capo dei capi of the world’s central bankers, a stolid lot of miscreants if there ever was one.

COVID ripped the mask off their allegedly beneficent globalist system, exposing the fact that the economy they created was a bearer of death by incompetence as well as through their long-term deliberate depopulation policies. Supply chains for essential drugs, medical oxygen, respirators, and protective gear essential to fighting the virus were all located offshore, primarily in Asia, and were not geared to produce surpluses. Doctors, respiratory therapists, and skilled nurses were in very short supply in the United States, which is now dependent on immigrants to staff most of its financialized medical system. Hospitals, functioning on a just-in-time insurance model (if even that in rural and poor areas), had no redundant capacity. A virus which primarily targeted the elderly, sick, and poor was confronted by a system which already marginalized these targets as, in effect, useless eaters, pressured to sign end-of-life decrees to rationalize costs.

Needless to say, the Davos set deeply feared what the virus exposed about them. Revolts against them similar to the one Trump was leading were occurring throughout the advanced sector. The threat was that in the post-virus era, rationality might prevail, their obnoxiously false climate catastrophe myth would be tossed into history’s dustbin, and the necessary rapid economic recovery would be put into high gear. Schwab and Malleret admit as much. They don’t talk about the fact that Trump had already employed crash programs to develop vaccines and in his Moon-Mars mission—and that he was talking about making the United States the premier full-set industrial power again, capable of making anything and everything. You can be sure, however, that this did not go unnoticed.

To meet the threat, Schwab and Malleret said they were going to use the COVID and related shocks to launch a “different narrative, in which businesses and governments are emboldened by a new social conscience among large segments of the general population that life can be different, and is pushed by activists: the moment must be seized to take advantage of the unique window of opportunity to redesign a more sustainable economy for the greater good.”

To underline their meaning, here is what they say about the riots which engulfed the United States in 2020: 

“The widespread social protests which took place in June of 2020 reflect the urgent necessity to embark on the Great Reset. By connecting an epidemiological risk (COVID-19) with a societal risk (protests) they made it clear that in today’s world, it is the systemic connectivity between risks, issues, challenges, and also opportunities that matter and determine the future.” 

They go on to proclaim the virus’ origin itself as indisputably “zoonotic,” a product of humans improperly crossing nature’s boundaries. 

Thus, the failed myth of imminent climate catastrophe was replaced by massive funding of identity politics and stoking of racial discord in yet another re-brand of the oligarchs’ climate and deindustrialization agenda. Now the remake and downshift of the economy is represented as a fundamental repair of historic discrimination, wealth inequality, and material excess, along with a shield against future pandemics, all as a result of observing the appropriate boundaries between humans and nature as defined by “climate scientists.”

Parenthetically, Schwab and Malleret also note that COVID’s lockdowns and emergency decrees helped to condition the population for the measures which will be necessary when actual climate shock and other new and inevitable emergencies present themselves. 

Here is their new pitch: 

“The framework resembles a doughnut in which the inner ring represents the minimum we need to lead a good life (as enunciated by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals) and the outer ring the ecological ceiling defined by earth-system scientists (which highlights the boundaries not to be crossed by human activity to avoid environmentally negative impact on climate, soil, oceans, the ozone layer, freshwater, and biodiversity). In between the two rings is the sweet spot ... where human needs and those of the planet are being met.... If we collectively recognize that beyond a certain level of wealth defined GDP per capita, happiness depends on intangible factors such as accessible healthcare and a robust social fabric rather than on material consumption, then values as different as the respect for the environment, responsible eating, empathy, or generosity may gain ground and progressively come to characterize the new social norms” [emphasis added].

The Avatar President, Joe Biden, Salutes the Oligarchs

As many have noted, Biden’s campaign slogans, “The Great Reset,” “Build Back Better,” and the “Care Economy,” were plagiarized, lock, stock, and barrel from the WEF. His first days’ Executive Orders rejoined the Paris accords and the World Health Organization, replaced Trump’s 1776 Commission with one devoted to the 1619 project’s critical race theory, opened the southern border, ended immigration enforcement, and cancelled the Keystone pipeline while pausing other fossil fuel projects. His first discussion with world leaders had him unilaterally offering to reduce emissions in the United States by 50% in a decade, much to the amusement of representatives of Russia and China who have no intention of similarly destroying their economies. 

This fraud has nothing to do with an invasion of socialists or death by China as many are being suckered to believe. It has to do with the world’s imperial oligarchs, the people who invented the synthetic ideologies of socialism, communism, and fascism during the continued reign of the British Empire and its European and U.S. components, and their drive to implement a dystopian regime of zero economic and population growth while preserving their riches.

All of their ideas aim at burying anew the actual unique American System of political economy, founded on the command of Genesis 1: “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.”

Under the American System, founded by Alexander Hamilton and advanced by Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and Lyndon LaRouche, the massive drought now engulfing the western part of our country would be attacked by using nuclear power to massively desalinate water, employing new and available scientific methods to change the weather, and undertaking projects to redirect rivers and waters to areas of need. Repair of existing infrastructure would be a regular feature of a capital budget, passed by Congress, based on a generational plan for building the economy of the future.

In the American System, humans transform nature as we increase our knowledge of the laws of the universe based on discoveries in basic science and crash programs for space exploration and disease conquest. Whole new cities and new infrastructure platforms are built based on the new wealth flowing from our new discoveries and inventions. The population, valued for the creative potential of every human, is moralized by the joy of participating in these discoveries and great missions. This is accomplished as our Constitution commands, by protecting and nourishing human creativity for the purpose of doing the common good and expanding the freedom to do so, rather than censoring fundamental science and allegedly dissident ideas. 

Stacking the diktats of the Schwab/Malleret Great Reset manifesto against Biden’s “infrastructure/jobs plan” as outlined in the White House’s fact sheet, shows, with no room for doubt, just who is actually running the White House. 

Great Reset: Rather than make new products we should repair and repurpose older products (Davos considers the world’s existing buildings to be a major source of carbon and methane emissions and inefficient energy use). This is called the new, “circular economy.” As the Great Reset proceeds, the authors laud a “de-growth” economy, one that is “Democratically planned yet adaptive, sustainable, and equitable”—a “downscaling of the economy, leading to a future where we can all live better with less.” They laud the European Union’s plan to spend $1 trillion to “decouple” the economy from “resource use” while promoting the “circular economy.” 

Biden Plan: $50 billion to improve infrastructure “resilience”; $111 billion to “modernize” water systems and replace lead pipes; $5 billion to repurpose abandoned property; $213 billion to produce, preserve, and retrofit 2 million housing units; $40 billion to repurpose and modernize public housing; $12 billion to improve community college infrastructure; and $28 billion to modernize and build the resilience and sustainability of Veterans’ facilities and other federal buildings.

Thus, in the midst of the Western drought, imperiling many states, Biden proposes only to “increase the efficiency” of extant water systems and increase “recycling.” Rather than creating the type of jobs which ensure family formation and stable families, and the ability to buy a house while we build whole new cities, Biden’s plan locks families in extant racial ghettos, promising to improve the real estate and school buildings. In another section of his plan, he proposes to overcome “white privilege” by building public housing projects in the suburbs. 

Great Reset: The “Care Economy” emphasizes major investments in three areas: childcare and care for the elderly, education (retraining, vocational) plus college, and healthcare. 

Biden Plan: For “our care economy infrastructure,” $25 billion for childcare facilities, and $400 billion for child and elderly caregivers. In its sections regarding the $100 billion allocated for new training for former industrial and other displaced workers, “care giving” is named as one of three economic sectors in the new economy of the United States. The other two are “manufacturing” and “clean energy and climate.”

Medicaid and Medicare would be subsidized and expanded, and $100 billion goes to building and “upgrading” schools including making sure cafeterias go green in their food choices. Billions go to making education free from preschool through community college without any reference to standards or what is to be taught. While other Biden policies attack the police and allow violence and drugs to proliferate, any hope in the inner cities for access to an education in science or Classical culture is replaced by a curriculum which celebrates ghetto existence while indoctrinating everyone in the false “science” of climate.

Biden’s plan subsidizes the current financialized medical system, while making “home health care” a new industry and revenue stream in which minimally trained health aides and families replace capital-intensive medical professionals and skilled care facilities. 

Great Reset: Build the platform for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and climate change mitigation. This means spreading digital infrastructure everywhere and prioritizing climate science and climate change mitigation measures in all science. It also means launching the “nature positive” economy by setting aside 30% of the world’s lands and seas as nature preserves.

A full discussion of Schwab’s Fourth Industrial Revolution is beyond the scope of this post, but think the present surveillance state and defense industrial complex on steroids, with Silicon Valley becoming the predominant “industry,” the Pentagon deploying autonomous weapons, and millions displaced through forced automation to reduce labor costs. It is the ongoing automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices, using smart technology, integration of large-scale machine-to-machine communication with the internet of things (IoT), and improved communication and self-monitoring with smart machines that can analyze and diagnose issues without the need for human intervention.

This is supposedly an advance on the “third industrial revolution,” which Schwab says was accomplished by the internet. But, as opposed to other revolutions in human activity, the internet did not increase human productivity one whit. It has now been completely perverted for purposes of social control and is cited by many as a major cause of the widespread mental illness in our society. As opposed to being “new,” Schwab’s ideas about automation have been around since the 1950s. 

Biden: $100 billion for digital infrastructure and rural broadband, ensuring everyone is “connected”; $100 billion for resilient electric transmission systems and high-voltage transmission lines; $46 billion for new electric cars, charging ports, heat pumps for houses and buildings, and electric appliances; $86 billion to “decarbonize” public transit, transforming the entire auto industry, the appliance industry, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC); $10 billion for a Civilian Climate Corps for youth and unemployed to conserve public lands and waters, bolstering community resilience, and advancing environmental justice; and $16 billion to plug orphan and gas wells and abandoned mines.

Biden’s 30-30 land use plan will make 30% of the land, waters, and oceans of the United States into nature preserves, a scheme long favored by Prince Charles. Because reliance on solar and wind as primary energy sources will eat up huge areas of land and sea, it is unclear where humans fit into this zoning and land use scheme, if at all. Biden’s plan floods historically black colleges and universities with funds and research grants, but they are all about climate science, not about developing historical personalities such as Martin Luther King, Katherine Johnson, or Frederick Douglass who, grounded in science and the classics, became leaders of the entire nation. 

There are some traditional infrastructure repairs in this overall scheme to downgrade our entire society, but they are, as everyone recognizes, a very small component. There is also funding for the niche industries which Davos considers to be part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: semiconductor manufacturing and research, pandemic countermeasures, bio-preparedness and bio-security, and $52 billion in unspecified funds for domestic manufacturing. Another $50 billion is set aside to ensure manufacture of what are deemed “critical goods” by setting up an entirely new federal bureaucracy in the Department of Commerce to monitor this.

But nowhere in this plan, obviously, will you find anything resembling the return to a full-set modern industrial economy envisioned by Lyndon LaRouche and referenced by Donald Trump—an economy with a capacity to make anything and everything on an advanced productive basis. That is the American System. The WEF/Biden plan is dedicated to making sure that that return to a full-set economy never, ever takes place. Now is just the time to halt the oligarchical invasion that so threatens the survival of our Republic and return to the American System. Will you join us in targeting and defeating the real enemy?