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Donald Trump secured the Republican nomination for President with victories in Georgia, Mississippi, Washington, and Hawaii on Tuesday, March 12th. Mussolini Joe Biden did the same from the rubber-stamping Democratic Party. Trump’s victory represents the greatest comeback in American political history amidst a fundamental revelation about the stupidity of the Anglo-American elites. They have indicted him four times in an obvious challenge to the American people concerning whether this Republic continues to exist or not. Never Trump Republican donors spent billions backing his opponents while the DOJ and the intelligence community ran numerous operations aimed at cowering American citizens back into their formerly docile state.

All those campaigns have now crashed and burned or are in the process of doing so. The tried-and-true schemes, based on their profile of the American population, have massively backfired. The People have responded by backing Trump to the hilt and shattering the extant demographics of assumed political identity. Black people, Hispanics, Young People, Suburban Women, Women, union members, have embraced Trump because they recognize that he will fight for them against an elite that they now realize wants to destroy them. “Democracy,” Joe Biden screamed from the dais of the House in his State of the Union speech. What he means by that is the considered consensus of the banks, the Wall Street and Washington law firms, the intelligence community, the defense/industrial complex, the foundations, Silicon Valley, and their British equivalents which run the country now like the late Roman Empire, consumed by deviant sexual practices and at war with its own people.

Now the second phase of this campaign to save the country has begun and it will be hard. The election needs to be secured against the military intelligence operations which have prevailed since 2020. That means exposing and destroying this apparatus. Inflation is now going up again and the run of debt driven consumer spending supplemented by slave imported immigrant labor may not be enough to hold off an economic tsunami before the election.

Without reinstitution of the types of national banking employed by Hamilton, Lincoln, and Roosevelt, a reckoning concerning the debt in which the power of Wall Street and City of London is broken, and a radical shift into a productive economy, eliminating the rentier finance empire which controls the economy, we will not be able to meet Donald Trump’s dream of once again becoming a full set industrial and manufacturing economy relentlessly advancing scientifically and technologically. The labor force needed to implement Trump’s Agenda 47 does not exist. Most lack fundamental skills and have been bombarded with drugs, sexual deviancy, and a criminal subculture. All value has been placed on financial gambling, gig type services, and banal entertainments, rather than discovery, invention, fundamental science, production of physical goods and advanced energy, and human creativity and intellectual power, the elementary features of sane economics.

Two wars, in Ukraine and Israel have put the delusional fantasies of our elites on full display while piling up hundreds of thousands of corpses and, in the case of Ukraine, depopulating the entire country. Those who are not dead or wounded have fled or are seeking to do so. In Gaza, the dead are mostly composed of women and children as opposed to Hamas terrorists. Both wars threaten to expand over the next period and the House of Representatives is now caving to the insane demands to fund the Ukraine slaughter while providing ever more weapons to Israel. In the Israeli-Hamas war, hostage and ceasefire negotiations were scheduled to resume on Sunday, the 17th with the Israelis threatening to widen the war into Lebanon and commence their advance on Rafah if these talks fail. Rafah now holds an estimated 1.4 million starving Palestinians who were told to flee there once the bombardment started which has flattened and destroyed northern and central Gaza. Joe Biden said last week that an offensive on Rafah was a redline for him. But his aides quickly withdrew that comment.

Remember what our intelligence professionals said about Russia? Their military was rotting, the people of Russia were primed for revolt against Putin, our killer economic sanctions would destroy their economy, our wonder weapons supplied in quantity to “democratic” Ukrainians would result in quick and certain victory. None of this was or is vaguely true and represents one of the greatest intelligence failures in American history. Its incompetence is equaled by their “assessment” of the fighting mood of the American people and Donald Trump. Russia has flourished and their economy has expanded. Putin will triumph in the elections which occurred there this week. Our million dollar wonder weapons have been completely outmatched by cheap Iranian and Russian drones and highly sophisticated Russian hypersonic missiles which our vaunted and overpriced defense industry has yet to produce.

The Russian war economy is outproducing the U.S. and NATO by orders of magnitude. Much of extant NATO and U.S. military stocks have already been exhausted in this war. The Ukrainians have been slaughtered with their neo-Nazi best fighters prone to suicidal mass charges against well prepared and deep Russian defenses. There is now a big round of finger pointing about who lost the war ---inexperienced and deluded Ukrainians or the U.S. and British advisors who mapped and detailed the so-called spring offensive. Meanwhile, France’s Macron and other European leaders are campaigning to put NATO boots on the ground in Ukraine because “Russia cannot be allowed to win.” Facing an election, Macron and others realize that if the population learns the full extent of this disaster, their political lives will be over. Hence, they toy with nuclear war which will destroy all of humanity.

Netanyahu’s Israel had copied U.S. and British counterinsurgency doctrine with respect to Hamas. Prior to October 7th, Bibi funded Hamas, deluded that he could play them off against the rival Palestinian Authority in order to prevent the formation of a Palestinian state. Joe Biden allowed Bibi to shelve those parts of Trump’s Abraham Accords which created the basis for modernizing Gaza and the West Bank with vital infrastructure. Instead, Bibi and Biden sought a simple separate peace and economic deals with the Saudis with no tangible benefits to the Palestinians.

Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian component struck on October 7th, knowing that Joe Biden was a compromised fool and that a traumatized Israel would overreact, trapping innocent Palestinian women and children in a cauldron of war between two British intelligence created cults, Netanyahu’s Revisionist Zionists, and the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorist Hamas. Now starvation and disease are setting in, and world opinion has turned against Israel. Biden continues to supply weapons while virtue signaling in order to maintain his own electoral prospects in Michigan and Minnesota. Large and decisive Arab populations in those states are in revolt against the Democratic war mongers and voted by the tens of thousands for “none of the above” in the recent primaries.

In Congress, aid to Ukraine had been stalled In the House as the result of a mobilization across the nation against providing any more aid. Further aid to Israel is part of the same stalled foreign aid package. Americans have united around the idea that if borders need to be protected, they are our own. Thousands of unvetted immigrants cross the border every day in a modern slave trade controlled by the Mexican cartels, and poisonous killer drugs and child sex trafficking flow in their wake.

But Congress, in the thrall of the defense industrial complex, Wall Street, and City of London is now talking about lending funds to Ukraine and/or using frozen Russian assets to fund the Ukraine war. Texas Congressman Michael McCaul is the chief sponsor of this measure in the House which has been pushed by the EU, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, and the uniparty controlled U.S. Senate. This would be the first time in history that frozen central bank assets of a country have been seized by the United States which is supposed to function as a neutral party to preserve the dollar based financial system. It could very well upend the entire dollar-based system visiting untold economic destruction on the United States.

This vote and the delayed re-authorization of FISA will come up in the House in about two weeks on the present schedule. Both need to be defeated by the same popular mobilization which has resulted in the rejection of these enemy gambits to date.