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A Police Dossier: It is the British Who Murder Our Presidents

2024 has begun, and by the end of this year the world will have changed in immeasurable ways. This political fight in the United States today, led by President Trump and joined by patriotic forces from within the good people of our country, is a decisive battle—one in which the outcome is not gradual and inconclusive, but instead is definitive, and most importantly, irreversible.

Yet, contrary to many onlookers, this is not only decisive for the United States, but rather, this is a Global Showdown with worldwide and civilizational consequences - a political, cultural and strategic conflict that has been left unresolved since 1783 and the Treaty of Paris.

To put this in the terms of 1776 as viewed by America's founding fathers: Will the world be dominated by a liberal malthusian Empire which loots the populations through deceit and lies, or will that power of human reason enable self-government to endure and flourish in all nations of the Earth?