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Lyndon LaRouche demonstrated that the way to free our nation from the web of lies which today engulfts us is, not with facts or "information," but with classical metaphor. He emphasized that truth and progress, whether it be in science, politics, economics, and art, can only be discovered and communicated through such metaphor, the only medium by which an entirely new idea or concept can be communicated. 

In this five week series, the principle of metaphor is explored in the domains of poetry, science, art, and philosophy. Bruce Director is the host of the series. 

Class #1: Fight Lies with Classical Poetry, Not Facts!

The onslaught of lies about virtually everything, emanating from the media, politicians and the establishment’s so-called experts, has become so pervasive that it often appears overwhelming.  In frustration, American patriots have turned to “alternative” sources to “get the facts” only to be further frustrated that presenting these facts has no effect on diffusing or countering these lies, or even providing a pathway to finding out the truth. 

In this, the first of a five part series on LaRouche's principle of metaphor. Dan Leach, a poet and long-time organizer with LaRouche, illuminates the principle of metaphor through the great poetry of Keats and Shelley.

 Class #2: Don't Be a Slave to Statistics and Mathematics

LaRouche presented the provocative challenge that progress in science is based on the principles of poetry not mathematics. LaRouche emphasized that this fundamental point is essential to economics as well.

Yet just the opposite mentality dominates our politics and economics today. As the physical economy collapses, economists and politicians of all stripes obsess over statistical parameters and believe that manipulations of these parameters have some magical power over the economy. It hasn’t and it won’t.

Bruce Director shows how the scientific-poetical methods of LaRouche will.

Class #3: Be American Again, Think Like a Genius, Act Like a Warrior (with a little help from Beethoven)

My-Hoa Steger takes you through a guided investigation into creative genius, as demonstrated by Bach and Beethoven. It is through the discovery of the power of musical metaphor, that we find the ability to transform, create and advance the greater good. This is how Americans can become indominable, tomorrow and beyond.

Class #4: The Republic As Metaphor—If You Grasp It, You Can Keep It

What do neo-conservatives, the Von Hayekians, and George Soros all have in common? They despise and slander the great philosopher Plato.

No work of Plato's is more misrepresented by them than his masterwork, The Republic, which is portrayed by imperial apologists as the precurser to communism and fascism.

In the first of a two-part series, Susan Kokinda looks at Plato's method, especially as it unfolds in The Republic, as one of the greatest examples of metaphor that exists in Western civilization.

Class #5: Free Yourself from the Narrative, Know the Universe

In last week's discussion, we looked at why the method and composition of Plato's dialogue, The Republic, infuriates apologists of the empire (such as George Soros), provoking them to accuse Plato of totalitarianism. More than anything, they fear the power of the human mind to discover universal principles, rather than to merely have an opinion which can be controlled.

In this conclusion to the metaphor series, Susan Kokinda explores the paradoxes and metaphors in Plato's dialogues, which demonstrate the method by which we can knowably act on the universe.

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