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The full ground-breaking George Washington class series by Robert Ingraham


August 14, 2022 — Pt. 1: George Washington as Military Leader Today

We are at war. Monday’s unprecedented raid at Mar-a-Lago, and now the traitors’ threat to falsely indict President Trump for espionage, place us in a pitched battle to save this Republic. And we cannot wait until 2024 to win it. There may be no USA in 2024 unless we can first beat back the traitors of the “deep state.” Now we have less than 90 days to elect a “Nuclear MAGA” Congress which will use its powers to do that, and to preserve the nation and its economy while that is still possible. As we rally our troops today, join me this evening in learning to see our crisis through the eyes of our greatest battlefield general.


August 21, 2022 — Pt. 2: George Washington as Military Leader, Strategic Genius

A crisis, such as we find ourselves in today, is a moment of both great opportunity and great danger. Leadership at such a moment required courage. Yet, it also requires sacrifice, judgement, intelligence, and most importantly a dedication to higher principles which make all the sacrifices and risks a mandatory undertaking. In this concluding part of the class "Washington as a Military Leader" we examine both the battles and the morality of Washington's military service.


September 25, 2022 — Pt. 3: Washington Creates the Nation

The American Revolution did not end in 1783. That Revolution lasted from 1775 to 1796 and ended with George Washington's Farewell Address. Throughout those 21 years, it was George Washington who led the fight for the creation of the American Republic. For the next two weeks, we shall examine Washington's leadership in the adopt of the United States Constitution, a fight he began during the War itself, and which concluded with the ratification of the Constitution in 1788. Washington was never just fighting against the British. He fought for the creation of a sovereign Republic, committed to human progress and grounded in the principles of the Declaration of Independence. Washington created the American Republic. Lincoln rescued it and advanced it to a higher level. Today, in a time of great danger, it is our task to rescue it once again, to reestablish it, and like Lincoln, to advance it to meet the challenges of the 21st century.


October 02, 2022 — Pt. 4: Washington and Franklin: How Our Constitution Was Created

Forget all the falsified nonsense of James Madison as the "Father of the Constitution." The founding of our Republic flowed from a decades-long partnership between George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. They shared a joint commitment to creating a Republic based on National Sovereignty, Scientific Discovery and Human Progress, and it was Washington, Franklin and their allies who crafted the Constitution adopted in Philadelphia in 1787. The story of the Constitutional Convention is of profound importance for all of us today. If we are to save our Republic, return to policies of science, industry and economic development, and defeat the War Party in our Nation's Capital, it falls on us to restore our Republic to its founding Principles, to the actual intention of the U.S. Constitution.


October 10, 2022 — Pt. 5: Washington's Republic: Science, Progress and Human Freedom

In 1787, George Washington and his close allies created a sovereign Republic and ground it in a commitment to science, manufacturing and technological progress. In this concluding part of the current series on Washington, we shall focus on three things: Washington's sponsorship of inventors and revolutionary technologies; the fight at the Constitutional Convention against Slavery; and the establishment of a National Government with broad powers to act on behalf of the General Welfare. Ours is not a nation that is a plaything for "free market" oligarchs, but a Republic, constitutionally pledged to build a better, more productive future "for ourselves and our posterity." We must rediscover these principles and accept the mandate to save and rebuild our nation today.


November 07, 2022 — Pt. 6: Washington and Hamilton Forge a Nation

With the inauguration of George Washington in April of 1789, the American Revolution entered its third phase. The military victory was final, and the Constitution had been secured. Now Washington and Hamilton embarked on the task of creating a Republic based on economic sovereignty and committed to the rapid economic, industrial and scientific advancement of the nation; a Republic dedicated to the upward progress for all of the people. This is the subject of this week's class.


November 13, 2022 — Pt. 7: The Real Conflict: Washington and Hamilton vs. Jefferson

Many historians claim that the policy fight between 1789 and 1796 was between Hamilton and Jefferson, but that is a lie. The battle was one of Hamilton and Washington versus Jefferson and Madison. Hamilton and Washington were inseparable partners in creating and building the nation. The trust between them was impregnable. Together they created the greatest political revolution, as well as the greatest and most successful economic revolution, in history. Find out why this is of crucial importance for all of us today.


November 20, 2022 — Pt. 8: The British Empire's "French Revolution"

We live today in a revolutionary period. But we must ask ourselves, what are the guiding principles of our revolution? Tonight, we shall look at the French Revolution, a phenomenon that is often described as a "failed" American Revolution, a noble effort that went wrong. In reality, what occurred in France flowed from principles absolutely hostile to the intention of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and the effects of the French Revolution were used by the London financial oligarchy to target and destroy what Washington and Hamilton were building in America. Tune in to find out more.


December 01, 2022 — Pt. 9: The Plot Against Washington

Within weeks of George Washington's inauguration on April 30, 1789, a conspiracy was hatched to destroy the newly created Republic, to kill it before it could even take root. Led by Thomas Jefferson (freshly arrived from Paris where he helped organize the French Revolution) and Jefferson's lap-dog James Madison, this treasonous enterprise aimed to overturn the Constitution ratified by the states only one year earlier. They came close to succeeding and were stopped only through the efforts and courage of Washington himself.


December 04, 2022 — Pt. 10: Washington's Republic

George Washington not only won the War for Independence. By the end of 1796 he had established a Constitutional Republic, and secured that Republic—and its mission—for future generations. A sovereign nation, the likes of which had never before been witnessed, committed to freedom and upward human progress. That mission is one we must all adopt today.