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Will Mussolini Joe drive the US economy into an inflationary death spiral? The answer depends on what we do now—not only to oppose the Biden collective's Green New Deal (hidden under the banner of a "Jobs Plan"), but to rally Americans around an economic program that will create real wealth.

While certain of Biden's opponents on the right continue to miss the boat by railing against the "price tag" of his programs, the most important factor isn't how much you spend, but where you invest it and how much "free energy" you create. 

This class series is aimed at the concepts which can revive the U.S. economy, led by Brian Lantz and Benjamin Deniston.  We will present Lyndon LaRouche's understanding of how the right kind of large-scale infrastructure projects can lift the economy to higher levels of potential and what it will take to make America a manufacturing superpower again. 

A true defeat of Mussolini Joe and his corporatist, globalist backers requires Americans stepping forward with a positive plan for their future.  Join us on Saturdays in May at 7:00pm ET to build this movement. 

Class #1: What is an economic 'platform'? (page with additional excerpts and material)

Mussolini Joe Biden is threatening to unleash a hyperinflationary death spiral for the U.S. economy with his "jobs plan" and other initiatives. However, the solution to inflation is not to merely stop spending, we have to create actual, physical growth. The problem is, most Americans (let alone "trained" economists) don't understand the fundamentals of physical economy. Here is the first in a new LaRouchePAC class series, focusing on the fundamentals of physical economy, but from the most advanced sense. Pay close attention, the future of your nation depends on this.



Class #2: Monetary Policy Won't Stop Inflation, Physical Growth Will 

As inflation surges—in basic commodities, used cars, home prices, etc., the response coming from inside the Beltway is doomed to fail. Monetarist tools, whether it be government spending or adjusting money supply and interest rates, miss the twin elephants in the room: an out-of-control speculative bubble, reignited since the 2008 crash, and the collapse of real physical production, fueled by the pandemic shutdowns and green policies.

Only by drying out that bubble and creating a massive increase in physical production, driven by Lyndon LaRouche's concept of new economic platforms, can the U.S. economy be rescued. That solution will not come from Washington, DC or Wall Street. It must come from a mobilized movement of citizens, committed to educating themselves and their fellow citizens in this new language of economics.


Class #3: What is the Machine Tool Prinicple?

Where does profit come from? Did you "invest right" in your mutual fund or bitcoin or did you get lucky at the casino? Or, have you created something which advances society's ability to increase its potential relative population density?  That is what Lyndon LaRouche called "the machine tool principle."

“...The point is, that for any national economy taken as a unified whole, scientific and classical-artistic progress, combined, are the only source of sustainable profit, nothing else. The machine-tool sector illus­trates the role of science in this." Lyndon LaRouche, December 7, 1996


Class #4: Why Do We Have to Go To Mars?

President Trump and statesman & economist Lyndon LaRouche have placed a challenge before all of us. Just as President Kennedy mobilized the Apollo Moonshot, “to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills.”

Propelled by President Trump and NASA’s Artemis Moon-Mars program, mankind is now engaged in building out a near-orbit system of research and manufacturing stations and outposts in space, with a multitude of American companies already directly engaged.