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The enemy of the American Republic is today, as it was in 1776, the modern-day British Empire. Unfortunately, for many Americans the nature of this conflict remains obscure or even hidden. Many people mistakenly believe that the British Empire no longer exists. Others view "communism" as the primary threat to our liberty. Perhaps worse still, very few individuals realize how the economic and cultural axioms of oligarchical rule have become accepted and embedded within our society, within the thinking of many of our people. Lyndon LaRouche often spoke of what he called the "Oligarchical Principle." It is that Oligarchical Principle, and the its manifestations in economic policy, science policy and education policy, which must be defeated today. This is the only way to return the United States to its mission as a "Temple of Hope and a Beacon of Liberty." 

February 13—Class 1: Human Discovery and the Commonwealth Principle

  • How the human species has developed, advanced and increased its power over nature.
  • Why we talk about "Physical Economics."
  • The Commonwealth Principle.

February 20—Class 2: Imperial Banking versus the Sovereign Nation State

  • The development of the imperial banking model in Venice, Amsterdam and London.
  • Financial speculation
  • Rule by oligarchy versus the sovereign nation state

February 27—Class 3: Empiricism versus Creativity

  • How the oligarchy denies human creativity
  • The Thought Police: Paolo Sarpi, Bernard Mandeville, Adam Smith, Jeremy Bentham
  • "Pleasure" versus "Happiness"

March 6—Class 4: The Modern British Empire against America

  • Slavery, Narcotics and Central Banking
  • The American Revolution
  • Hamilton's System of Public Credit

March 13—Class 5: Defeat British Empire's Chokehold on U.S. Economy, Finish American Revolution

Bob Ingraham wraps up his ground-breaking history series on the British Empire, by bringing the fight into the 20th and 21st centuries, with a focus on the final destruction of U.S. economic sovereignty after August 15, 1971. But, as he stressed in last week's class, while many other nations have succumbed to imperial banking, the United States is in a unique position, because, for us, such a policy is unconstitutional.