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Admittedly, for many parents, all they can do now is fight to get their children back into school, where they belong—bad as those schools are—after the children have been so damaged by being locked out for months. But we have to face the uncomfortable reality that our schools have been failing our children for years.

The schools, public and private, are committing a form of menticide on America’s children, whether it be through Critical Race Theory or a curriculum so dumbed down and based on drill-and-grill that all human creative potential is extinguished. There is a great hue and cry about public versus private, but no one is focused on what must be taught to fulfil our human nature as creative human beings participating in divine creation.

As a primer to the class series, check out the following articles, 

March 20, 2021—Class #1: Rescuing American Education: The History Curriculum and the New Teaching Method

Of course we have to trash the race- and sex indoctrination sessions. Of course students must once more learn to write and calculate. But the needs of today's students go far beyond this. Rather than submitting youth to mere babysitting under the label of "liberal arts," from public school through four years of college, as we do today, we can and must prepare them for the intellectual rigors of citizenship, and simultaneously for the challenges of employment in the new technologies implied by President Trump's Artemis Mission to the Moon and Mars. This class, the first of three, featured in-depth discussion of the new, proposed Socratic teaching methods, and a History curriculum superior to any used in the past in the United States or elsewhere.

March 27, 2021—Class #2: Are Our Children Really Learning Science in School, or Are They Being Brainwashed?

We’re being told to “follow the science” on Covid, but the orders from Tony Fauci and other authorities change one hundred eighty degrees from one day to the next. What is science? Do our citizens know what it is? Our schools teach them that science is nothing but a sackful of mathematical formulas, plus the new “Green” religion of “Climate Change.” Is that true?

Lies about COVID “science” were obviously a potent factor in throwing President Trump out of office through a rigged election. More generally, government is only free to act for the “general welfare,” as our Constitution prescribes, if citizens are educated to understand the basic premises of national policy, as in science. In this our schools are failing miserably. We propose to correct it. The first question is not whether schools are public, charter, private, parochial, or “home schooling.” Rather, the first question is what is taught and how.

April 3, 2021—Class #3: The Ideas Between the Words

Tony Papert delivers the third class in our series on classical education. What role does metaphor play in communicating an idea? What about contradiction? Ambiguity? Verse? Is there a method for learning the concepts and ideas upon which future human civilization depends?

April 10, 2021—Class #4: Transforming Our Horrible Schools

As the elites push ever more insane curricula on our children, with Critical Race Theory and "gender change" near the top of the list, many Americans are becoming mobilized to address the crisis in education. But the fight against this evil must be driven by a greater understanding of what must replace it. As Tony Papert has stressed in previous classes, going back to the "good old days" of the 1950's or 1960's is not adequate.

We must demand a classical education for our children. But, what does that mean? What is a classic? Is 'The Lord of the Rings' a classic? How do we know, and why does it make all the difference in the world?"

April 17, 2021—Class #5: STEM Won't Save a Child's Mind or a Nation in Collapse: History's Fundamental Discoveries Will

It is widely recognized that America’s future depends on an increasing emphasis on scientific and technological development. While this requires a broad-based emphasis on science education at all levels, we must go deeper than the popular notion of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Science education must focus on developing the power of the mind to dig deeper into the causal principles of physics, life and mind. In his writings on education, Lyndon LaRouche set forth a program for this by guiding the students, from the youngest age, in the reconstruction of the seminal conceptual breakthroughs in science from ancient Greeks, to the Renaissance and then to the frontier discoveries and unsolved scientific problems of today. Put down the roots and the STEM will grow! 

April 22, 2021—Class #6:How They Murdered Music for Americans; Why Now is the Moment to Bring It Back

Our Saturday class series, "LaRouche's Curriculum for Citizens," concludes this Saturday with a presentation on the importance of a classical music curriculum for children. But, first, we felt we must address a simple truth—classical music is foreign to the overwhelming majority of Americans. Why do so many Americans today reject Classical music and yet this was the basis of the flourishing of our great Republic? Why did the Anglo-Dutch fascist oligarchy go to such wild extremes to strip Americans of that fountain of creative and independent thinking that made us the envy of the world?

Could this be the secret to Making America Even Greater Again?

Join Mindy Pechenuk in a dialogue to ensure that we can bring down this artificially created pandemic of pessimism and despair. Let us work together to bring about an American Renaissance with beauty, joy, and truth. Below are excerpts Mindy uses to illustrate her message.  

See also, Lyndon LaRouche's "Sing the Music"

April 24, 2021—Class #7: How Bach Can Make America Great Again

Join My-Hoa Steger as we dive into an investigation of the mind of J.S. Bach, specifically through one of his fugues from his breakthrough Well-Tempered Klavier, to give you a glimpse into one of the greatest and most passionate geniuses that ever lived. We can make America great by coming to know the minds of the geniuses that came before us. Whether it be J.S. Bach, Johannes Kepler, Abraham Lincoln, or Lyndon LaRouche—humanity is happier and more powerful for the gift of these minds.