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On Monday, the elites’ battleplan became most clear. Push the phony DC insurrection case to the top of the docket, rush it to trial in D.C. where conviction is probable, and then use it to remove Trump from the ballot using a bogus construction of the 14th Amendment. If that does not work, cancel the 2024 election, using some manufactured emergency.

Charlie Kirk and MAGA effectively intercepted this Monday, blowing up the plan in its first iteration in New Hampshire. That victory now must be supplemented by defunding all these prosecutions and ending the Republican Party primaries, turning the entire apparatus of the Party behind Donald Trump and the drive for an overwhelming vote to save this Republic in the November 2024 election. Here are the details.

On Monday, U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan, an Obama favorite and ruthless advocate of the fairy tale that January 6th constituted an effort by Trump to overthrow the government of the United States, set a March 4th trial date on Trump’s J6 indictment, one day before Super Tuesday.

As she believes Donald Trump to be a terrorist, Judge Chutkan’s standard in determining the probable length of trial were the trials of 9/11 Al Qaeda member Zacharias Moussaoui and the Boston Marathon bomber.

Chutkan set the date, she said, in consultation with Judge Juan Merchan in Manhattan. Merchan is presiding in Soros DA Alvin Bragg’s planned show trial of Trump for “falsifying business records” to hide Stormy Daniels’ claims that she had a one-night stand with Trump in 2006. That trial had been scheduled for March 25th. The clear implication is that Merchan will reschedule Trump’s Manhattan trial to jam him a little later in the election season if the “sure thing” in rabid judge and rabid jury polluted Washington, D.C. somehow fails to deliver.

Otherwise, Trump’s trial on the Mar-a-Lago documents case—what I call the Mad National Librarian overdue documents matter—is presently scheduled in the Southern Florida U.S. District Court for May 20th. Mugshot Fanni Willis will now try to move her huge Georgia RICO publicity stunt into the queue in such a way as to do maximum damage to Donald Trump’s ability to campaign.

The elites are panicked by the fact that their every move to make “convicted felon” Donald Trump’s first name is massively backfiring and only increasing Trump’s support, including, in the wake of the mug shot heard across the world, in the formerly taken for granted Black population. Thus, the elites’ plan is now centered on using the third section of the 14th Amendment to disqualify Trump from state ballots for leading an alleged “insurrection” against the United States. That is the essence of the charge in Special Counsel Jack Smith’s D.C. indictment which will probably be superseded with a charge of seditious conspiracy to facilitate this tactic.

The bogus third section of the 14th Amendment theory was first promoted in the second Trump impeachment trial and thoroughly refuted there. That section of the 14th Amendment was specifically written to prevent leaders of the Confederacy from holding office and was subsequently defanged by Congress itself. To give it life again, you must believe that the four-hour intelligence community orchestrated riot on January 6, 2021, was equivalent in reality to the Civil War. In other words, you must be clinically insane. You also must disregard the simple fact that once the tenuous situation following President Lincoln’s assassination passed, Congress granted a general amnesty for the Confederates. Even the actual seditionist, David Frum, writing in the Atlantic on August 29th calls the plan a fantasy, describing it as a prescription for Civil War and generalized anarchy, and disavows the desperados pushing it. But, then again, those on the Democratic side are deranged.

The two “constitutional scholars” trotted out to push the 14th Amendment gambit are Barack Obama’s Harvard law professor, Laurence Tribe and J. Michael Luttig, the supposed conservative judicial icon and Mike Pence constitutional advisor concerning the Electoral Count Act. Tribe has been clinically insane ever since Trump was duly elected in 2016. He has chosen the role of Crown Jurist of the present Democratic fascist insurrection, just like Carl Schmitt chose that role for personal glory under Hitler.

J. Michael Luttig is someone this author has studied. Luttig and his fellow Bush and “lost cause” conservatives on the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals created the judicial death penalty slaughterhouse in Virginia in conjunction with Antonin Scalia at the Supreme Court. That history proved to this author that the death penalty has no deterrent effect, leads irrevocably to executing innocent people, is irreconcilable with Christian doctrine concerning the divine nature of men and women, and can involve a satanic lust for revenge based killing as exhibited in Luttig’s case. In other words, J. Michael Luttig is an exemplar of Bushism and the “lost cause” Republican party which existed prior to Donald Trump. I will be writing a separate piece about this, this week.

If this plan does not work, the elites have begun articulating the idea of cancelling the election itself. The New York Times on August 23red featured an article advocating the elimination of elections altogether. That was echoed in the flagship magazine for the actual insurrection, The Atlantic, which argued in an August 21st piece that “Americans Vote Too Much.”

On Monday, Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk got wind of a plan to test the 14th Amendment plan to knock Trump off the ballot in New Hampshire. He used his Charlie Kirk Show to demand that his audience call the New Hampshire Secretary of State and the New Hampshire Attorney General repeatedly and their switchboards were mobbed with calls all day Monday. The New Hampshire Republican Party also mobilized top down despite the overt Bushie Never Trump national role of Governor Chris Sununu. The result was a complete denial that there was anything to see here and denial of any plan to take Trump off the ballot. The corporate media called it “an ambush” and declared that Kirk had been involved in spreading hysterical “disinformation.”  That is what the lions now risen, as in Shelley’s poem the Masque of Anarchy can do if mobilized.  That is what we must do at every moment now – diagnose their moves and use the fact that we have overwhelming support in the population to defeat them.

Our Marching Orders

For the week—continue the drive to defund Special Counsel Jack Smith and all the other prosecutions by signing and spreading LaRouche’s PAC’s petition to do just that. In addition to Rep. Matt Gaetz, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, and others, Congressman Andrew Clyde of Georgia has prominently joined the growing movement to end this national nightmare by defunding Jack Smith and the Manhattan and Georgia prosecutors. The petition also echoes Trump’s friend and enemy of the Deep State, Kash Patel in demanding that impeaching Merrick Garland to halt Trump’s prosecution takes precedence above anything else in Congress. This movement is growing so fast that the denizens of The Hill are panicking about its growing momentum.

It is also now time to unite behind Trump’s candidacy. All the GOP primary candidates who refuse to support Trump are simply conceding the destruction of the United States in another four years of insane “leading from behind” by Barack Obama. They must be told to drop out now, support Trump, and get on board with saving the Republic.