Ukrainian President Zelensky Addresses Congress, March 16, 2022. CSPAN Framegrab

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On Wednesday, I had to stop watching Volodymyr Zelensky’s address to a brainwashed and war-crazed U.S. Congress. I stopped when Nancy Pelosi and Zelensky exchanged the Nazi salute, “Glory to the Heroes,” “Glory to Ukraine,” at the beginning. I had also thought that minstrel shows celebrating the happiness of slavery—and Zelensky and the Ukrainian people are slaves, pawns, and cannon fodder in a much larger strategic game—were a relic of a disgusting past we had left behind. The press Wednesday morning had already previewed Zelensky’s shopping list—dictated by the U.S. and British and the burgeoning arms industry. It has expanded from Soviet-era fighter planes from Poland, (to be replaced by Poland buying F-16s from us) to sophisticated U.S. killer-drones, capable of being fired remotely.

The press was also pushing a “humanitarian no-fly” zone which would, necessarily, involve NATO and could quickly escalate to a nuclear war. While the John McCain clone and overall pig, Lady Lindsey Graham, along with Zelensky claim they can avoid NATO involvement by providing advanced NATO weapons systems to be manned by Ukrainians for a humanitarian no-fly zone, Putin will make no such sophistical distinctions—particularly in a context where Lady Lindsey repeatedly calls for Putin’s assassination.

Tuesday’s  escalation of the rhetoric on Fox included commentary by its stable of paid, former, failed generals of the United States, claiming that we could win a nuclear war, and that we should do everything in our power to escalate—to take the offensive for Ukraine—rather than being “defensive.” Zelensky, per the ongoing psyop on the American people, predictably played on their profiled emotions—portraying himself as the selfless hero fighting a David-and-Goliath battle for survival, in an address which had been scripted for him by his colonial masters and their public relations gurus. He used Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and Martin Luther King as his major touch points.

This occurred as peace talks are ongoing between Ukraine and Russia—with both sides discussing a concept for a “neutral” Ukraine—something the U.S. and Britain are determined never to allow.

It should be clear to you by now, that if you were praying for a plan for peace from our brain-dead and compromised political leadership, your prayers will not be answered by them voluntarily, but only through your actions. Donald Trump said over the weekend in South Carolina that the neo-Cons and war-monger RINOS must be driven from the Republican Party and replaced by those operating on America First principles. He also said that the entirety of the U.S. foreign policy establishment is rotten and needs to be completely cleaned out. He is right.

That means voting them out in 2022 and 2024, while building a massive popular movement which makes it perfectly clear that the Washington element of the Republican Party is an enemy of the people they were elected to serve. If they persist in their madness, they should be canceled, shunned in their home states, and not funded or supported in any fashion. Those who continue to fund them should also be canceled. It also means targeting, exposing, and canceling all of their related think-tanks, foundations, and institutions—which are now acting to destroy our nation. Most particularly, it involves canceling the “special relationship” with the British financial empire in all its globalist myriad forms, starting with putting the Federal Reserve through an orderly bankruptcy, and reinstituting Glass/Steagall banking separation, while setting up the Third National Bank of the United States to seed-fund the great economic revival of our country.

The present war drive is the product of the physical economic collapse of the post 1971 “rules based international order,” the order which resulted in the deindustrialization of our country and its transformation into a decadent “consumer society,” slowly destroying the nation’s middle and working classes while churning out huge wealth to the elite 1-2 percent. The economic depression of 2008 resulted in further devastation for the vast majority of the American people, as the Federal Reserve bailed out the modern worldwide British financial empire  on the backs of the American people. In its wake, they built another bubble of unprecedented magnitude which is now imploding. Insanely, the Washington “consensus,” both Republicans and Democrats alike, have now used the dollar—whose existence as the world’s reserve currency is the sole factor which sustains our gigantic debt—as an instrument of war. Now, many sane and sovereign countries in the world, who realize the current penalty for crossing Washington or London is economic annihilation, are looking to trade in a different currency and abandon the dollar—starting with Saudi Arabia which announced such a move yesterday.

The present hyperinflation resulting from a frantic effort to bail out their collapsing debt bubble, is nothing compared to the devastation which will hit this country if other nations make a rational and self-preservative decision to abandon the dollar based on the present posture of U.S. sanctions policy. Americans are discovering that John McCain’s rhetoric about Russia being nothing but “a gas station masquerading as a country” is complete fiction: oil and gas, precious metals necessary for modern manufacturing and important products, fertilizers for food, large portions of the world’s wheat supply, engines for our rockets, and a vast scientific and engineering cadre reside in Russia. The sanctions on Russia’s products are directly escalating the hyperinflation here, and could very well set off a genocide through famine in the world’s developing economies.

With the COVID emergency as a test case in mobilizing popular fear and obedience, the globalists have moved now to a war emergency—using an unprecedented full-spectrum information warfare campaign, mobilizing both fear and corrosive hatred toward the Russian people in order to maintain their power and control. They are willing and ready to risk nuclear war if it looks like the modern British financial empire is losing control of populations—most specifically the American population which revolted against them by electing Donald Trump, and continues to revolt from their dystopian and nightmarish plans for our future. While pushing a totally censored society, cancel culture, prosecution of thought crimes, unchecked and rampaging crime and drug addiction, handouts to the working and middle classes who will not own anything if the Great Reset proceeds as planned, and the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution’s machinery dictating their thoughts and actions—the globalists still have the audacity to claim that you should be willing to give your life for their “free” “democratic” society because it is fighting autocrats and tyrants, and that is “the right thing” to do.

Knowing the real situation and the real enemy, to wit, the modern British financial empire, and the real battle, which is the fight for our economic survival in the midst of an oncoming world depression, we must be hell-bent on rebuilding our industrial and scientific capacities here, reviving cultural optimism thereby, while restoring fundamental rights—including the right of every child to an advanced and classical education, the right to life and the support of family formation and population growth, scientifically sound and affordable healthcare, and the free speech and open debate of ideas which allow critical thinking.

We must be hell-bent on settling the present Ukraine conflict on the very terms which were available and widely recognized back in December when Russia, having run out of patience, announced its red lines, and the U.S. and the British promptly crossed them. Stop using the people of Ukraine as cannon fodder in a proxy war with Russia. NATO membership for Ukraine and the accompanying placement of nuclear weapons or dual use biolabs on Russia’s border, is not something any rational state would tolerate were it in Russia’s shoes. The civil war in Ukraine, generated by the coup the U.S. and British ran in 2014, must be settled with independence for the Donbass as stated in the Minsk agreements which were negotiated by Germany, France, Russia, and Ukraine, and signed by Ukraine in 2015, but which the U.S. and the British have persistently sabotaged.

Further, any sane person, looking at the United States, would say that our troops belong on our own border, not in Europe. They should be closing it to the millions of unvetted and illegal foreigners presently flooding into the country. The Mexican and other drug cartels presently killing our young people through Fentanyl and other drugs at devastating rates, should be declared terrorist organizations and wiped out.

Checking Some Simple Facts

Volodymyr Zelensky was elected because he ran on an anti-war platform of settling the civil war in the Donbass and implementing the Minsk agreements, while working for an economic revival of his country absent the oligarchs running the country at the behest of the City of London, Wall Street, and Washington. The U.S. and the British opposed his candidacy, and instead backed Joe Biden’s satrap, Petro Poroshenko. (Both bragged about their intimate relationship and Biden repeatedly ordered Poroshenko around—including engineering the firing of prosecutors investigating his son).

Zelensky was immediately confronted by the Neo-Nazi shock troops installed by Washington and London in 2014 to run the war in the Donbass and to intimidate anyone challenging their plans to turn the country into a platform for hybrid war with Russia. They threatened him with assassination and a coup, and he caved, making peace with and supporting the neo-Nazis. His primary financial backer, the oligarch Ihor Kolomoysky, was a major funder of the neo-Nazi militias, and is now under investigation in the U.S. for having run the largest money laundering scheme in history—some of it involving millions in U.S. AID funds. Prior to the war, the Ukrainian people had handed Zelensky a major electoral defeat in local elections, and he was projected to lose the next presidential election.

The post-coup Ukrainian intelligence services, the related Ukraine Congressional Committee of America, and the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, (both heavily influenced by acolytes of the Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera) played a major role in the coup against Donald Trump’s presidency—creating and promoting the fake story about Trump’s links to Russia on behalf of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Obama/Biden White House. Trump’s impeachment trial was fundamentally a cover-up of these prior activities, and an effort to intimidate Trump from pursuing further his investigations of both the U.S./British effort to turn Ukraine into a platform for war against Russia, and the corrupt relationship Joe Biden had with Ukraine. Every person testifying against Trump at his impeachment trial was involved in the effort to turn Ukraine into a potential rubble-field on behalf of their long-term effort to take Vladimir Putin out as Russia’s president. We covered this extensively here.

Paul Sperry has just written a devastating article showing that the Obama/Biden/Ukraine efforts against Trump were coordinated from the White House itself, and that Christopher Steele, who authored the infamous and fake dirty dossier, was deployed extensively by the British and Victoria Nuland at the State Department in both anti-Russian operations in Ukraine and against Trump. 

That present war drive has been gathering steam ever since Putin’s ascension to power and his war with the oligarchs the U.S. and the British placed in the devastated and looted post 1990 former Soviet states as their agents and viceroys. It escalated dramatically with the 2014 coup we ran, with the British, in Ukraine to overthrow a duly elected president we deemed “too favorable to Russia,” coupled with the overarching drive to remove Putin from power in Russia itself. The Russians have made it clear since Putin’s 2007 Munich speech that they would not tolerate a hostile nation with modern weapons on their borders. This is not the demand of a madman. It is what any sane nation would demand for its own security. Nonetheless, the U.S. and the British have moved relentlessly for NATO membership of former Soviet states right on Russia’s border, and have staged color revolutions/coups in Ukraine and Georgia to secure this result.

Via the 2014 coup we put neo-Nazis temporarily in leadership roles in that government. They still control the Interior and Defense ministries of that country today, along with major cities, like Mariupol. The interim government installed immediately after the coup launched an ethnic cleansing of the historically Russian eastern Ukraine which has killed 14,000 Ukrainian civilians and separatist fighters to date, far more than the KIAs or civilian casualties in the present war to date. Just prior to the present war breaking out, Ukraine had amassed some 125,000 troops at the line of contact in the Donbass and had begun systematic shelling. That is according to the OCSE, and is not “Russian propaganda.” Joe Biden had also told Zelensky that Ukraine’s membership in NATO was totally up to him. This is translated by those familiar with the situation to mean a signal for war and genocide against the people of the Donbass, since NATO membership is not possible if a nation has an ongoing internal conflict. Zelensky’s wild talk at the Munich Security Conference about Ukraine acquiring nuclear weapons—weapons which they had previously and could quickly acquire—if the “West” did not act to defend Ukraine against Russia, is also cited by the Russians as a factor in determining their actions.

Joe Biden made a cool million and more by placing his drug-addicted son on the Board of one of Ukraine’s most corrupt oil and gas companies while serving as Ukraine’s viceroy. Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation have been funded for years by anti-Russian Ukrainian oligarchs. Led by Victor Pinchuk, they donated more than $15 million through 2015, closely followed by funders from Britain and Saudi Arabia. Again, these are the simple facts, not “Russian propaganda.”