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As Biden tries to ramp up a war in Ukraine which has already been lost, there are signs that that war is spinning out of control. With Ukraine itself in retreat almost everywhere, no longer able to make battlefield gains, it is resorting to desperate gambles such as suicide attacks into Russia.

And although the fake news states that Russia blames the United States for the Moscow terror attack of Mar 22, President Putin has deliberately not done this—at least, not yet. He says that Russia is still investigating who gave the orders to the Islamist killers. Ask yourself--should we act now to cool out this war, or wait for the unpredictable consequences which will follow if Russians blame their “9/11” on the United States?

At the same time, European leaders—unnerved by the complete failure of Biden’s promises that Russia would collapse economically and Putin would be overthrown—are dangerously flying off the handle. French President Macron, echoed by some of his generals, insists that French troops may be sent to Ukraine. Polish officials have joined in. Germany’s Chancellor Scholz refuses to send its long-range Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine, lest Russia attack Germany in response. But his generals were recorded discussing how they could use the Taurus against Russian targets!

Will President Trump be sworn in in the midst of a US-Russian war in Europe, which could immediately go nuclear? Will it happen even sooner? Best not to have to find out!

Congress must steadfastly refuse further funds to Ukraine and demand immediate ceasefire and negotiations instead—as Putin has offered since this war began.