Will Donald Trump be returned to office with the power to crush the globalist system? (LPAC photo)

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The fight playing out over the leadership of the Michigan Republican Party has implications far beyond who will chair the state party. 

The question is: Will Donald Trump not only return to the presidency in January 2025, but will he be able to fully reassert the principles and creative spirit of the American Revolution? Will he be able to reestablish policies and institutions which do more than mitigate the damage of globalists’ policies, and instead go all the way in destroying the power of the imperial elite? (Think, for example, of ending the rapacious central banking system, the instrument of their financial control.)

The answer to those questions will be determined by the courage, passion, and quality of the movement which puts him back into office.

What Just Happened in Michigan?

At 6:43 pm (et) on January 26, 2024, having spent part of the day in court, and then hearing the outrageous verdict in the E. Jean Carroll case, Donald Trump’s Truth Social feed carried the following: “I look forward to working with Ambassador Pete Hoekstra as Chairman of The Republican Party of Michigan…. Pete will make The Republican Party of Michigan GREAT AGAIN, and has my Complete and Total Endorsement to be its Chairman…” 

That statement came out in the midst of a battle between Kristina Karamo, who was elected chair of the Michigan Republican Party (MIGOP) in 2023 at a convention attended by more than 2000 delegates, and Pete Hoekstra, who was declared the new chair by a splinter faction on January 20, 2024, one week after 40 out of 107 state delegates convened a meeting which voted to remove Kristina Karamo. (For background, see earlier post, MIGOP Internal Fight—Chaos and a Circular Firing Squad)

Despite the fact that the conflict has not yet been heard by either a court, or by any official Republican National Committee body, one of the RNC’s lawyers put out an advisory on January 25, the day before Trump’s post, tilting in the direction of Hoekstra.

The grassroots delegates, representing the thousands of activists dedicated to Trump, who wrested MIGOP out of the hands of the RINOs and the donor class, and put Karamo into office, are shocked and angry. The RINO and donor class had proved their incompetence in the rigged 2020 election. The grassroots sees this as nullifying the will of the delegates and the state committee. Many of them point to Hoekstra’s service to the Deep State as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, his support of the 2007-2008 bailout which financially raped most citizens, his very reliable relationship with the CIA, his passionate support for the Patriot Act and the “weapons of mass destruction” Iraq war hoax, and more actions certifying him as a genuine Deep Stater. He stands for everything the voters and Trump himself adamantly oppose. The comments under Trump’s Truth post are overwhelmingly opposed to Hoekstra. Here are a few examples:

  • Michigan grassroots and super-Trumpers can’t agree on this one. Hoekstra is a foreign lobbyist, deep state, privatize social security Paul Ryan antiTrumper who loved nafta, domestic surveillance, forever wars, and bailouts to wall street. Somebody gave bad advice.
  • With all due respect, that's a hard NO.
  • Who of your handlers got you to post this total BS? Thought you were getting rid of RINOS? 

That gets to the question of whether this is merely a re-election campaign or whether it will create a force to free us from the globalists. 

However the decision to endorse Hoekstra came about, and however much attention Trump paid to the actual issues in play, the decision falls in the “re-election” money and organization category. The crowd around Hoekstra has been hammering away at the failure of the Karamo-led MIGOP to raise money and run a traditional “Republican Inc.” party. That undoubtedly resonates with Trump, or the campaign apparatus around him, faced with the need to WIN in 2024; especially under the unprecedented legal, propaganda, and financial attacks thrown against him. But will it create the movement Trump needs to carry out the mission?

Can They Contain Trump 47?

In recent weeks, important establishment figures have begun to pivot to the possible unstoppability of a second Trump Presidency. Britain’s Boris Johnson and Chase CEO Jaime Dimon have recently come to Trump’s defense. (And, how about Michigan’s own Deep State DeVos-run Senate candidate Mike Rogers, an anti-Trumper, who, after threatening to run against Trump in 2023, has now embraced and endorsed him on January 9, 2024.)

If they can’t stop Trump’s reelection (and they will continue to try to stop it by any means necessary), they must try to contain him. Jaime Dimon as Treasury Secretary for example? Maybe Pete Hoekstra will finally get the CIA Director post that he didn’t get in 2017. 

What must be the response of the grassroots, especially here in Michigan, to this? We must become a force dedicated to achieving a second Trump Presidency which will do what Trump himself called for when speaking to striking auto workers in Michigan in September 2023: “Join the ultimate strike against the globalist class.” In that speech, Trump called for a return to “economic nationalism” and threw down a direct challenge to the “globalist financial class” and their policies of free trade and green destruction. 

In that speech, and in the array of his Agenda47 policies, Donald Trump is threatening to do what Abraham Lincoln did: to reassert the principles of the American System over the British Imperial System (known today as “globalism”). Despite Lincoln’s assassination just a few months into his second term, Lincoln re-established institutions, such as national banking, which far outlived his Presidency. The British were only able to impose their central banking system on the U.S. in 1913, after assassinating two other Republican Presidents, Garfield and McKinley. (See It is the British Who Murder Our Presidents)

Lincoln’s policies revived the principles of the American System. Those policies freed us, again, from British imperial economics and were a second American Revolution. It is now upon us to create a movement, which, through the next Trump Administration, will carry out a third American revolution. 

The Hoekstra team has no intention of facilitating such a transformation. If they are officially installed, with the apparent blessing of Donald Trump, they will, at best, attempt to win Michigan for Trump, using the old methods. Good luck with that. Whether the Karamo MIGOP is even allowed to survive, let alone become a vehicle for such a dramatic policy change, is an open question. 

Where does that leave tens of thousands of delegates and MAGA activists? On principle, the attempted coup against the will of the delegates must be fought. But, it must be fought from the standpoint of the “ultimate strike against the globalist class.” 

That has been LaRouchePAC’s mission since its inception. To our fellow delegates and activists, we say, join us. We are committed to equipping you with the policies and tools needed to do more than win an election. It is time to reclaim our Republic and drive the modern-day British Empire from our shores and our institutions, once and for all. 

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