The real Zelensky photoshoot

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People who still can think are coming to the realization that Washington has gone pervasively insane. The “there” which is “there” is lunatic. Tucker Carlson and Colonel Douglas Macgregor have touched on this fact repeatedly recently, as has Larry Johnson. The essential lunatic refrain of these madmen is: “reality is what I declare it to be.” This edict is applied to the biological sexes, the climate, medicine and pharmaceuticals, the economy, and matters of war and peace.

Writing over at Compact magazine, David Goldman finally recognizes that the U.S. is “sleepwalking into a war with China.”  He correctly notes that such a war will be based on the sheer ignorance and arrogance of the Anglo-American establishment concerning China’s actual strategic red lines and its determination to enforce them. He accurately compares the situation to the runup to World War I, a comparison increasingly in vogue. The British establishment’s Simon Jenkins made the same comparison in the Guardian on August 3rd.

Thus, the scenario which got us into the Ukraine war is being repeated. But, as opposed to its sheer madness and incompetence, its aim is the deliberate destruction of the United States. The British Imperial Empire has sought our destruction since 1776, subverting, capturing, or killing our leaders and involving us in both civil and foreign wars. Now, overwhelming doses of delusional elite incompetence and kleptocratic avarice, bubbling up from a deliberately collapsed and decadent culture, are their chosen tools for accomplishing their aim.

The lunatics, like the demented Joe Biden, his nominal advisors, Tony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, Ron Klain, and Susan Rice (referred to in Washington circles as the “Obama Administration B Team”) joined by Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, and the Uniparty war hawks in Congress, declare that we are now fighting a heroic world war of “democracies versus autocracies.”  This is the new war-fighting PR slogan peddled by Chatham House, Freedom House, and other assorted Anglo-American script writers. Pelosi just repeated that phrase, with respect to China, in her speech in Taipei. Stripped of its pretense, it is the battle cry for fighting an insane two-front hot war with Russia and China during an overall world and U.S. economic collapse, wars which will finally destroy the United States.

Throughout this madness, Donald Trump has been the only prominent U.S. political figure who has kept his sanity and consistently fought the lunatic elites. He has repeatedly denounced the Ukraine war and Pelosi’s Taiwan escalation as potentially leading to World War III.  He has repeatedly called for peace negotiations in Ukraine before “everyone dies.” In doing so, he reflects the sentiments of hundreds of thousands of grass roots activists now mobilized under the MAGA banner, who have learned not to fall for Washington’s schemes and declarations. They believe none of Washington’s 24-hour narrative constructions and augmented realities. They are now turning to positively building the nation’s future.

In the key August 2nd primaries in Michigan, Arizona, and Missouri, Trump-backed candidates triumphed over Washington’s Republican pro-war establishment candidates, despite the multi-millions spent by Washington’s Republicans and allied Democrats to produce the opposite results. Trump is also putting in place the ability of a new Trump Administration to actually govern, demanding that the swamp be drained by dismantling a civil executive service and technocratic bureaucracy which owes no loyalty to the chief executive, namely, the President of the United States. Robert Ingraham has written about this proposal and it is a “must read” on LaRouche PAC. Trump and “Schedule F”: What is Freaking Out the Oligarchy? - LaRouchePAC

Tuesday’s MAGA victories and Trump’s reorganization proposals have prompted a full-scale establishment freakout, epitomized by the Prince of Darkness himself, Dick Cheney,declaring Trump “a coward,” “the biggest threat to our Republic in our entire history,” and someone lacking “manhood.” The man who participated in the disastrous creation of Al-Qaeda to fight the Russians in Afghanistan, covered up the actual causes of 9/11, plunged the U.S. into endless and losing wars in the Middle East and Africa which killed thousands, and once used his shotgun to shoot his close friend and hunting partner in the face, made his wild pronouncements in an ad for his embattled daughter, Liz Cheney.  In it you can only see his head, in a cowboy hat, and his all too familiar snarl.  It appeared shortly after Tuesday’s elections. Not to be outdone, the renegade Justice Department continued to leak stories which leave no doubt of its intention to indict Trump, if his overwhelming momentum can’t be somehow checked.

You can take your pick for descriptions of Washington’s present political and military leadership. Plato’s The Sophist will give you a deeper understanding of the catastrophic consequences of being ruled, both intellectually and as a nation, by such posers. Nietzsche’s satanic and emotionally overcharged Dionysius provides an apt character sketch. The venal politics of Boss Tweed characterize the Democratic Party’s effort to cash in, through wars, on the constituencies represented by the CIA’s old World Anti-Communist League/captive nations diasporas--which include, prominently, Ukrainians and Taiwanese. These diasporas are solid voting blocs in battleground states which will figure large in the midterms.

Washington’s political kleptocracy is only outdone by the Beltway’s defense contractors. They have peddled billions of dollars of weapons to Ukraine and others, which are no match for present Russian or Chinese capabilities, particularly with respect to hypersonic weapons. But since our stocks of these useless toys are now depleted, they will now be reproduced to the tune of further billions flowing into this corrupt trough of the obsolescent, at taxpayer expense. Typically, these contractors now tell the Pentagon that the restocking will take years, because of supply chain and production shortages.

Nancy Pelosi herself is the queen of Washington’s Taiwan lobby, her office being contacted many more times than the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, according to the Center for International Policy’s Foreign Influence Transparency Initiative. Pelosi’s husband Paul has made millions speculating on computer chips, Taiwan’s most significant product.

Ukraine in Retrospect

With respect to Ukraine, doing the “right thing” under the lunatic “democracy versus autocracy” narrative, meant that the U.S. indulged the ancient British hatred of Russia, while studiously ignoring clearly-stated Russian intentions, Russian history, Russian culture, and the actual status of the Russian economy and military, when it came to announced red lines. It also meant airbrushing out of existence Ukraine’s notorious corruption and rampant criminal enterprises (which wash money, sex slaves, weapons, and dope) and its dependence on Banderite Nazis and imported mercenaries--including British and American trained terrorist veterans of the war in Syria--as essential parts of the Ukrainian military.

The burying of relevant truths is nothing new for the likes of Antony Blinken. In the process of being introduced as Biden’s Secretary of State, he told a heart-gripping tale about his stepfather, who, he claimed, was rescued from Europe’s Nazi concentration camps solely by a Black American GI driving a tank. His stepfather, Samuel Pisar, remembers it differently. He says the Russians played a leading role in his rescue and survival, and he spent his entire life trying to find a path to peace between the United States and Russia. What Tony Blinken Conveniently Left Out of His Family’s Story | The National Interest 

What about Jake Sullivan, the other Biden foreign policy maven? As Hillary Clinton’s fawning and chosen aide-de-camp, he is implicated heavily in the fake Russiagate myth. Among other things, he rode a golf cart around the 2016 Democratic Convention proclaiming links between servers in Trump Tower and Russia—the fake story invented wholesale by the Clinton Campaign and completely discredited by John Durham’s investigation. Apparently, he also lied to the House Intelligence Committee about his involvement in Russiagate.

In a July interview at the Aspen Security Forum by favored intelligence community scribe and Atlantic editor Jeffrey Goldberg, Sullivan waxed on about how the brave Ukrainians had held off the Russians from taking Kyiv (never a Russian objective), the wonders of American intelligence in discerning Russian plans (the Russians had publicly declared them), and the Biden Administration’s rebirth of NATO (a suicide pact for Europe as discussed below).  Although he did his best to soften it, he admitted that the end goal was the dismantling of the Russian state’s ability to conduct any similar operation in the future--meaning, in reality, ending Russia’s sovereign ability to defend itself.

Oblivious to the existential implications for Russia of what he just said, Sullivan waxed on about how this war, being the right war for the right reason, would erase the revulsion in the nation’s young occasioned by its most recent forever wars. Left out of his account was the simple fact that Sullivan participated in and orchestrated many of these wars, particularly those in Yemen, Syria, and Libya. Also left out of his preferred biography is the fact that Sullivan reprised his present role as the White House flunky for British imperial interests by working for John Sawers, the former head of MI6, at Sawers' firm, Macro Strategic Advisors. The British have pushed the Ukraine war endlessly, deep-sixing every effort to bring about negotiations and a peace.

As a result of American and British delusions, Ukraine is being destroyed. As the reality of its losses sinks in, President Volodymyr Zelensky, promoted as Democracy’s folk hero, is now purging everyone around him as suspected Russian agents. He shut down all opposition parties at the start of the war, and arrested their leaders. Others have been permanently disappeared as the result of published kill-lists of purported Russian agents. It is now clear that it is Zelensky’s military which has killed civilians in various civilian shield and false flag atrocities, a fact now grudgingly admitted by even such British intelligence tools as Amnesty International.

Meanwhile, Zelensky and his wife spend time posing for the cover of Vogue, their photographs turned into instant memes by enterprising Americans on social media. These memes feature a photoshopped version of the Vogue cover, with the couple surrounded by the billions in cash Congress has provided to them. Ukraine’s economy is almost completely collapsed, with its most viable features bombed out, destroyed, or blockaded. Thousands of Ukrainians have been sacrificed on the altar of the Anglo-American determination to fight Russia in Ukraine right down to the last Ukrainian. Democracy versus Autocracy indeed!

Additionally, it is now clear that Americans are fighting on the ground in Ukraine, a fact noted and denounced by Moscow. Nothing else can explain how advanced American weapons were rapidly deployed by an untrained and understaffed Ukrainian military which is losing hundreds of soldiers every day. As should be obvious, this deployment brings the world ever closer to the fateful nuclear escalation which Biden and the Pentagon purportedly sought to avoid.

Europe is on a suicide march in support of Anglo-American policy--a suicide march which Washington hails as its achievement of reinvigorating NATO. Monetary sanctions meant to destroy the Russian economy (an economy based on production rather than money) have boomeranged on a Europe dependent on Russia for fundamental energy and such necessities as fertilizer. The sanctions have complemented the deliberately destructive mandates of the Green New Deal/ Great Reset. As winter sets in, European industry will be grinding to a halt. Food production will be scarce. Heat and electricity will be rationed. The population, unless they choose to be lemmings, will be violently in the streets.

China on the Horizon

The destructive results are similar with respect to Pelosi’s grand summer adventure. Taiwan is now experiencing the full impact of a live-fire blockade by China of uncertain duration. Chinese missiles are being fired at the island, precisely falling just short of landing. Further crippling economic sanctions on both Taiwan and the U.S. will follow.

The U.S. does not have the industrial base or the present cultural stamina to fight a war with China. The war with Russia has demonstrated the world’s dependence on Russian energy, fertilizers, essential metals, and other essential materials. We depend on China for almost every commodity essential to economic survival, from antibiotics and pharmaceuticals to high-end electronics, to almost every machine-tool, forge, and similar manufactured good, to electric car components and solar panels. This cheap-labor outsourcing nightmare, was produced by Wall Street and the City of London, facilitated by Clinton, Bush, Obama, and now Biden in the presidency, and paid for by a bought-and-paid-for U.S. Congress. These are the same lunatics who now insist on provoking China, and fighting a two-front war with Russia and China from a position of maximum economic weakness. These are the same lunatics who insist on “wokeness” in the military and the CIA, reducing standards for both mental and physical fitness.

Their drive to destroy us would succeed, if not for the burgeoning and focused grass-roots resistance of the American population, now in full revolt against Washington’s madness. Following the primaries, LaRouche PAC is rededicating itself to educating and building this resistance, using the fountain of ideas and future-oriented policies bequeathed to us by Lyndon LaRouche. Our intent, like Donald Trump’s, is a complete cleanout of the present Washington elites, and their replacement with citizens schooled in this nation’s actual history and the profound ideas of classical science and culture, emulating the intellectual and creative conditions under which our founders created this great nation.