Babylon Bee Publishes Only Politically Correct Account of Garland’s Presser. Photo credits, Babylon Bee and Mike Mozart/Flickr. (CC BY 2.0)

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We have repeatedly emphasized since 2017, that the “system”—the modern global British financial Empire centered in the world’s central banks, their political retainers in both parties, and their loyalists in Washington’s administrative state—was bent on eliminating Donald Trump by any means necessary. The British House of Lords even said as much publicly in 2018, insinuating that they could control Donald Trump for one term, but not for two. Before getting into the weeds about the unprecedented Monday, August 8th raid on Mar-a-Lago, it is important to focus on the political context, because that is what will be determinative here.

In summary, the Biden Administration’s desperate plan to rescue at least the Senate in the midterms by smearing, delegitimizing, and/or indicting Donald Trump and the candidates he has endorsed, has run into a buzz saw of backlash from the population at large, and even the Republican elites who were supposed to be their allies. The soft and flabby Washington Republicans, and the independents who were supposed to abandon Trump in this circumstance, have rallied to his side, based on the visible damage which the raid, and open criminal investigation, portend for this Republic.

This was unanticipated. It was not part of the plan. Further, as opposed to a violent reaction en masse by Trump supporters, which they had hoped to provoke in order to justify even more police state measures and a new “national emergency,” most realize what the game is here. President Trump is calling for calm now, noting that the country “is on fire” in anger, and that the temperature needs to be lowered. After all, it’s all really about the midterms, and we have a solution for that.

Their plan is to suppress the Republican and independent vote, excite Trump derangement syndrome to drive the Democratic base, and engage in such criminality as they can get away with, to manipulate the results. The Democrats’ Midterm get-out-the-vote effort is being run straight from the U.S. government itself under Biden’s executive orders, and the private and compromised ERIC organization. Twitter has once again put into place its election censorship regime, just as in 2020. Undoubtedly what will be suppressed this time is any discussion of the systemic illegalities now being undertaken by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI on behalf of the stupendously incompetent and evil regime presently running this country.

The plan and its goals are obvious, and will go down in flames if voters channel their anger into organizing and protecting the Midterm vote in the next 90 days. Taking back the House and Senate by backing Trump-endorsed candidates, and holding those candidates to account, is the first step in taking power back on behalf of The People.

Organize. Stay calm and determined. We should take our tactics from Martin Luther King now, rather than John Brown. Talk to everyone you can about registering and voting; organize them to talk to others. If you haven’t already, find out how you can join the thousands of new Republican poll watchers and election officials to protect the vote. This is how we save our country in the next 90 days, not by responding like impotent underlings to every provocation our enemies throw on the internet. And there will be plenty of such provocations and government-contrived plots, like today’s nonsense about “dirty bombs” being threatened against the FBI headquarters in Washington. As President Trump said in his message of August 13th, the truth is on his side, and, as so, he will emerge victorious.

The Backlash

The storm of protest which struck Washington’s Mandarins as soon as the news hit about their unprecedented raid on an American President ready to announce a new run for office against the sitting President, surprised them. “We have become a Banana Republic,” was one majority refrain. This is what happens when you believe your own propaganda. They believe that everyone who is rational and college-educated, will agree with them that sacrificing our unique and venerable Constitution to protect the country from Donald Trump, and the well over half the population who agree with him, is a heroic endeavor. You see, this is not a partisan issue playing out. It is a class thing. The RINOs in Washington are simple social climbers, who long ago learned the games of the Club, and how to hate their constituents. In their utopian fantasy, they don’t even realize that they are puppets in a larger game—the long-sought final destruction and complete subjugation of this country by the modern British financial Empire.

George Will, no fan of Donald Trump, casts some light on the matter by comparing Merrick Garland to Victor Hugo’s Inspector Javert in Les Misérables. Knotted in legalisms, Javert, when confronted with actual reality, kills himself. Will states correctly, that the DOJ action has threatened the nation’s security in a way never seen before, while Garland chanted mindlessly at his Friday, August 12th press conference that, “No one is above the law.” Many have compared that press conference to a hostage video, as it has been clear for months that Garland is not running things at the DOJ. He has been under full-scale attack by Democratic donors, who call him a wimp, and demand that Donald Trump be instantly charged with some capital crime, and put away for it.

Over at the American Conservative, Rod Dreher, again, formerly no fan of Donald Trump (he has recently gushed about DeSantis) writes that he now must support Trump. The repeated perfidies of Trump’s opponents have crossed the line into something which is beyond the term “evil.” Like many, Dreher no longer cares whether what the DOJ claims concerning classified documents is true or not. Trump & Our Late Roman Moment - The American Conservative Other Trump-haters, like David Brooks at the New York Times, and Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland, think that the DOJ’s extraordinary action handed the 2024 election to Donald Trump.

The backlash is not really the result of one action. It is cumulative. As President Trump says, people have simply had it with the scams. For this generation it began with the bank bailouts of 2008, and the looting of the population to prop up Wall Street and the world’s central banks and megabanks after they had lost on their numerous bad gambling bets—while the physical economy was looted and crumbled. The corrosive impact of the six year attack on Donald Trump, including the full spectrum intelligence community attack which was Russiagate; the soft coup culminating in a stolen election; the social and economic destruction resulting from the COVID lockdowns and public health malfeasance; the rolling genocide of the young by Fentanyl poisoning; the open borders facilitating a modern slave trade by the drug cartels; the Green policy which will deconstruct our economy right back to the Middle Ages; the brainwashing of children to change their “pronouns” while attending Drag Queen Story Hour—all of this created the outcry rising in the country now.

In Shelley’s “Masque of Anarchy,” Anarchy, in a killing spree against the protesting populace, pronounces, “I am King, and God, and Law,” just like Washington’s current Mandarins. And the redeeming vision of Hope first appears as a manic maid. Increasingly self-conscious and self-confident, Hope triumphs as a lion arisen from its slumber, by fully understanding the simple fact that “We are many, they are few.” Percy Bysshe Shelley, "The Mask of Anarchy"

The Legal Front

It is profoundly ironic that a rotten, and rotting, government which relies on classification to hide its illegalities, atrocities, and other rotten secrets, thinks it can indict a former president for allegedly keeping documents concerning some of these secrets, when that president had the unique authority to declassify anything. He did not have to follow the tedious procedures, laid out in executive orders for lower-level officials, to declassify documents. The President and the Vice President are exempted from them. Trump has stated that any formerly classified documents in his possession were declassified.

Further, when prosecuting officials, even at lower levels of the government, who have had access to the secrets of our Deep State, prosecutors are confronted with the problem of “graymail.” What does the defendant know, and what could he reveal in a trial? Therefore, is it worth the risk to our secrets? Have our Mandarins at the DOJ even thought about this, when it comes to a President of the United States?

From the now-unsealed search warrant, we learn that the raid was based on a criminal grand jury investigation ongoing in the corrupt District of Columbia U.S. District Court and its associated corrupt U.S. Attorney’s office. The Grand Jury is investigating Donald Trump for violations of 18 USC 793 (the Espionage Act), 18 USC 2071 (dealing with concealment, removal, or mutilation of government records) and 18 U.S.C. 1519 (the Sarbanes-Oxley obstruction of justice statute, a recent darling of federal prosecutors, because of its lowered burden of proof).

Like all the lawfare tools invented by the DOJ to use against Trump, this is an unprecedented, and unconstitutional, criminalization of a Government Records Act dispute, egregious in its brazen aggression. Hillary Clinton did much worse than is even alleged against Trump, obstructing justice in the process. But James Comey said she should not be prosecuted, and Donald Trump agreed because the nation needed to heal. The same can be said of the concurrent January 6th investigation, which suddenly makes illegal and “seditious” the recruitment of alternative electors for the type of challenge to the electoral college vote which occurs every four years, criminalizes investigations of vote fraud, and treats what might have been prosecuted, in previous times, as simple assault on a police officer, into a felony akin to treason.

Like all previous Trump investigations, both investigations involve multiple entrapment plans and schemes delivered in an escalating sequence over an extended period. That is because the same people are running this investigation as had helped run Russiagate:  Lisa Monaco at Justice, Jake Sullivan and Susan Rice at the White House, Avril Haines at the CIA, and numerous FBI agents implicated in that plot and the subsequent Mueller witch hunt. Rice, Haines, and Monaco were deemed Barack Obama’s “furies” for revenge when they worked for him. The investigation’s dominant feature is not found in court filings, but in inflammatory prosecutorial and other intelligence community leaks, and concocted narratives sent to selected media, meant to completely demonize Trump and fry the brains of those who believe them.

But this time, line FBI agents are revolting. According to Congressman Jim Jordan, fourteen FBI whistleblowers are now cooperating with Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee. While their initial target was the cover-up and squashing of the Hunter Biden investigation, the scope of their revolt is obviously expanding.

The Government Records Act requires that all records created during the presidency, other than personal items, be turned over to the National Archives. Every administration since the Records Act was passed has had disputes with the Archives as to what constitute government vs. personal records. The General Services Administration would have packed Trump’s White House records which ended up at the Archives. Other White House staff and the GSA would have been involved in packing his personal records. Obviously, Trump did not pack them himself. The GSA would have an inventory of what they packed, and where it went. Of note here, the GSA previously handed all the Trump presidential transition records over to Robert Mueller without a subpoena.

According to published accounts, the Archives, then directed by Obama appointee David Ferriero, notified the Trump team that records were missing, and in January of 2022 picked up 15 boxes of records at Mar-a-Lago which were transported by a “contractor” to its Maryland facility. According to the Archives, these boxes contained classified documents. They notified the Justice Department, and at some point this year the Grand Jury in the District of Columbia was convened.

According to published accounts, the Grand Jury issued a subpoena for additional documents, and in June, a DOJ team, led by Jay Bratt, chief of DOJ Counterintelligence and Export Control in the National Security Division, arrived at Mar-a-Lago with FBI agents, conducted an inspection and retrieved more documents. Trump stopped by the lawyers’ meeting and told his counsel to give the DOJ team anything they asked for. The last communication from the DOJ team, which Trump’s lawyers believed had left Mar-a-Lago on good terms, was a request to put a better lock on the storage facility where the documents were stored.

Again, according to published accounts, one of Trump’s lawyers signed a document in June certifying that there were no more classified documents at Mar-a-Lago. That may be the predicate for the ludicrous obstruction charge, since the DOJ now claims that classified documents were found. The DOJ spent the intervening period between June and August 8, interviewing, and in all probability, threatening White House and Mar-a-Lago staff about the documents, in order to turn them into informants who could lie, in order to justify further legal actions, or perform such other actions as their controllers demanded. They also subpoenaed security camera recordings from Mar-a-Lago. The National Security Division of Main Justice is exempt from any internal control at DOJ, including Inspector General investigations.

The magistrate who signed off on the search warrant, Bruce Reinhart, is a real doozy. He recused himself from Trump’s recent lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, presumably because he felt he was biased. He has social media tweets attacking Trump. Yet, he somehow managed to overcome all of this, to fairly assess a warrant which authorized an unconstitutional general search, a “go fish” hunting license.

Reinhart participated in the investigation of Jeffrey Epstein as an Assistant US Attorney, but then switched sides to defend people associated with Epstein. Under the overly broad warrant, the Feds were authorized to seize anything created during the entire Trump Administration. If they found a classified document in a box, they could seize the entire box and surrounding boxes. They rummaged through Melania’s closet. Among the items seized were attorney-client materials. Trump’s legal team asked for their return, or for the appointment of a special master to review them. The DOJ has refused that request, relying instead on its own “taint team.”

The broad scope of the warrant, and the preposterous implications of criminalizing this records dispute, have led some to conclude that the raid was simply a desperate back-door attempt to collect evidence for the flagging January 6th investigation of Trump. Former prosecutor Andy McCarthy says that you can come to no other conclusion. Right after the FBI left Mar-a-Lago on Monday, on Tuesday, they seized the phone of a sitting Congressman, Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, in connection with the January 6th investigation—without a Constitutional second thought.