Maui, Hawaii (Aug. 13, 2023) - FEMA Urban Search and Rescue teams, Washington Task Force 1 and Nevada Task Force 1, continue their efforts amid the Hawaii wildfires.

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The internet is awash with all sorts of theories as to what happened in Maui, typical of a public which has been lied to, insulted, and caged so often now that they are taut with reaction, anticipating the next fake “emergency” which will further curb their freedoms.

The Obama/Biden hologram currently occupying the American White House appeared in Maui Monday, purporting to mourn and reassure the working- and middle-class victims of this fire. Biden interrupted yet another vacation among the rich and famous to do this, this time at the Lake Tahoe estate of Democratic megadonor Tom Steyer. He had preceded his trip to Maui with an offer of $700 per Maui victim as he continues to dedicate billions of taxpayer funds to the deliberate slaughter of humans in Ukraine.

Being the consummate narcissist, incapable of empathy for anyone other than himself, Biden assumed the role of victim of fire. In a Moon scape in which more than 1000, including many children, and an entire city were incinerated -- reduced to ashes --he lied that he almost lost his wife, his cat, and, most importantly, his beloved 1967 Corvette in his own house fire. This is a lie he has repeated many times. It is not even remotely true. The fire at his house was a kitchen fire brought under control, according to first responders, within minutes. He coupled that piece of narcissistic victim bs by later recounting the death of his first wife and infant daughter in a car crash 51 years ago to his Maui audience. He joked about the fact that cadaver dogs wore booties to respect the crime scene and find the human remains underneath their feet, dumbly laughing about the ground being “hot.”

The Maui fire was caused by arsonists—not the ones who go around crazy with accelerants, but by human beings driven by and worshipping false gods and ideologies. Here are the highlights at present. We will update this story, as necessary.

From a physical standpoint, the Maui fire was caused by local conditions. It was not climate change nor was it the result of Hurricane Dora passing hundreds of miles away as pronounced by media idiots. Meteorologist Cliff Mass of the University of Washington notes that over a decade ago the Hawaii Wildlife Management Organization warned that the area around Lahaina, the city which burned to the ground, was extremely prone to fire due to frequent downslope winds, steep terrain, and dry grasses. Nothing was done to mitigate this risk or model its probabilities. What Mass calls a completely “predictable” high amplitude atmospheric wave, caused by the interaction of intense winds and the mountains of northwest Maui produced 60-90 wind gusts which hit a very localized area, driving the fire downslope toward and in Lahaina. In Lahaina, the blaze was racing ahead in the form of a firestorm at some 60 miles per hour.

From an ignition standpoint, the likely source is Hawaii Electric’s high voltage transmission lines and the highly flammable invasive grasses which surround them. Hawaii Electric, whose largest shareholders include the vulture investment funds Blackrock and Vanguard, is completely dedicated to the state’s Green Agenda and Biden’s Green New Deal. They have mandated a switch to total renewables by 2045. ESG is their religion. Both maintenance of the grid and the surrounding environment have been left behind as capital pours into the renewables boondoggle. In 2019, Hawaii Electric had concluded that its transmission lines emitting sparks constituted a profoundly serious fire threat and even produced a mitigation plan. But it was shelved with all priority given to cashing in on Biden’s Green New Deal. To top it off, once the fires started, the power was not turned off, sparking further fires. The same power company green agendas have produced a plethora of wildfires in the Western states and Canada, particularly in California.

Once the fire started, the response was a chaotic disaster. The island’s emergency sirens, set up to warn residents in precisely an emergency such as this, never sounded. Herman Andaya, the emergency management chief, trained as a politico and a lawyer without previous emergency management experience, inexplicably defended his decision not to use the sirens and then resigned “for health reasons” after the fire.

Escape roads were blocked by police and electric trucks. The police chief, John Pelletier, was previously the incident commander for the Las Vegas Police Department at the deadly Mandalay Bay mass shooting, the largest mass shooting in U.S. history. That delayed response has been highly criticized. Now, he was on the ground for the largest wildfire mass casualty event in U.S. history. Cell phone service was non-existent as cell phone towers were incinerated based on the same failure to prune flammable materials. The water supply to fight the fire was controlled by a fanatical environmentalist, M. Kaleo Manual, who believes that water is a god to be worshipped rather than being utilized for human needs and that questions of water use should be subject to lengthy deliberation with equity being the primary focus. He refused to release water to fight the fire for five hours. He, too, has now resigned.

Given the lack of preparedness and response drills, the chaotic response, which included shelter in place orders when the command, if given early enough, should have been “run for your life” with clear escape routes in place, was, like the event itself, entirely predictable.

Not allowing this to happen again means ending the Green New Deal disease and delusion and its attendant lack of scientific cultivation and control of our environment. It means putting scientists, engineers, and experienced first responders in charge of disaster preparedness and response and encouraging solutions based on evidence and science, not hedge fund balance sheets. It means long term planning and building of modern infrastructure sufficient to sustain growing populations for generations to come, not continuous emergency crisis management. Most of all it means putting people and labor power first in economic precedence and requiring agape and empathy and a thirst for truth, justice, and competence as the most significant character traits in those who would be leaders.

Pat Ruckert provided invaluable research and insights for this report.