From the infamous Hunter Biden Laptop.

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Tuesdays’ announcement from the regime is that Hunter Biden will not spend any time in jail for using the Big Guy to accumulate over $30 million and counting from the foreign governments of Ukraine, China, and a host of others for the Biden family in what in other times would be prosecuted as outright bribery. Hunter has a plea deal from the Bill Barr-Merrick Garland Justice Department which has been in the works in the form of suppressing any real criminal investigation since 2017. Don’t you remember? Trump got impeached for even broaching the topic of this corruption.

The same regime is bearing down, their propaganda machine spits out, on dropping yet another felony filled indictment on Donald Trump, this one concerning January 6th. Shut Up you plebes, who scream about a two-tiered system of justice. The President’s son is being charged and convicted, even if it is a calculated slap on the wrist. Forget the fact that we are out to kill Trump with a death sentence for misusing the classified information we feed to the media every day to inflame the population against him and the millions of unreformed who support him.

Hunter is being charged with misdemeanor failure to file taxes (after his new friend, Hollywood millionaire lawyer Kevin Morris, paid his overdue millions to the IRS) and a felony gun charge where the sentence will be completely mitigated to nothing. His conduct is excused because he was an out-of-control drug addict with respect to lying about his addiction on the gun background check. His addiction spares him accountability, you see, in our present “rules based” “legal system.”

Here is Tucker Carlson’s take on this.

The thing that pops into my mind and, I am quite certain that I am not somehow brilliantly unique, is that this has become or always was deliberate. They want us to get violent sooner rather than later, allowing them to knock us off and jail us before the huge and peaceful multitude who view them with increasing revulsion and disgust can get themselves fully realized and organized and send them to a well-earned political exile. Doubt the multitude they are so afraid of? Just look at the dropping sales of Bud Light, Target etc., the millions fleeing post-Tucker Fox, the huge protest at an empty Dodger Stadium last week, and Trump’s rise in the polls every time they strike against him. We won’t take their foul satanic bait. We will organize a new House, a new Senate, and new Presidency, all of it based on our understanding of the ideas in Trump’s Agenda 47 which, if implemented, can Make America Great Again.