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Our Saturday class series, "LaRouche's Curriculum for Citizens," concludes this Saturday with a presentation on the importance of a classical music curriculum for children. But, first, we felt we must address a simple truth—classical music is foreign to the overwhelming majority of Americans. Why do so many Americans today reject Classical music and yet this was the basis of the flourishing of our great Republic? Why did the Anglo-Dutch fascist oligarchy go to such wild extremes to strip Americans of that fountain of creative and independent thinking that made us the envy of the world?

Could this be the secret to Making America Even Greater Again?

Join Mindy Pechenuk in a dialogue to ensure that we can bring down this artificially created pandemic of pessimism and despair. Let us work together to bring about an American Renaissance with beauty, joy, and truth. Below are excerpts Mindy uses to illustrate her message.  

See also, Lyndon LaRouche's "Sing the Music"

Video #1 – 7:25-9:58 then 16:58-19:07

Video #2 – 0:44-1:33

Video #3 – 0:23-END

Video #4 – 13:24-18:09