Our Pledge to the United States. Sign it now.

(1). The Manhattan District Attorney, the New York Attorney General, and the Southern District of New York federal district seek now to jail Donald Trump. A full police state apparatus is being put into place to censor, demonize, and, if necessary, jail his supporters. Those who trespassed and, in the minority of cases, rioted on January 6, 2021 languish in jail ahead of trial while the rioters and looters of the summer of 2020 go free, their criminal charges erased by complicit state and federal officials.

(2). Symptoms of our moral collapse as a nation abound. A drug and slave trade flourishes on the southern border. Critical race theory and gender fluidity form our schools’ curriculum. Generations venerate the false myth of catastrophic climate change, proposing to dismantle the economy and return to feudal forms of existence. Dozens of young black men in our inner cities are killed every weekend as the result of unrelenting gang warfare; drugs, depression, and suicide decimate whole swaths of our population. A senile president occupies the White House, publicly performing by squinting at scripts provided to him by staff more loyal to the oligarchs at the World Economic Forum than to the United States.

(3). Washington’s Republicans know that the Republican base and many independents remain absolutely loyal to Donald Trump. While they claim to have re-discovered Abraham Lincoln and to have emerged as the party of working people, they continue to oppose the very policies of nation-building and ending forever wars that twice propelled Donald Trump to victory. President Trump’s efforts to rebuild our infrastructure in 2017 were stymied, not only by the insane green policies of the Democrats and the never-ending coup, but the rabid Wall Street–directed budget-cutting policies of the Republicans, which continue in the 2021 Republican Congressional budget alternative that proposes to balance the budget by increasing the Social Security age, cutting Medicaid and Medicare, and imposing other austerity programs.

(4). We now face a probable hyperinflationary blowout, fostered by the world’s central bankers and the oligarchs of the World Economic Forum, who are playing Washington’s political parties off against one another. Whether it is Biden’s Green New Deal or the austerity proposals of the balanced budget freaks, those policies guarantee that the post-industrial, globalist, speculative financial system will continue to function after it blows up, just like in 2008, but much worse.

(5). Donald Trump proposed to completely rebuild and reindustrialize the United States, based on the long-forgotten American System of political economy. The American System, referenced repeatedly in Trump’s 2016 campaign, and brought back to public knowledge by Lyndon LaRouche, deploys national credit via national banking to create a full-set economy and to foster large-scale projects on condition that they ensure leaps in physical economic productivity and economic growth for the nation as a whole: projects like the TVA, the Apollo program, President Trump’s Artemis Moon-Mars program, and President Trump’s recent Operation Warp Speed. Through policies such as Glass-Steagall and the post-war Bretton Woods monetary system, speculators are penalized and physical production is fostered.

(6). To carry 2022, it is not sufficient to be against the evils of the elite (the current strategy of the establishment Republican Party). The only road to victory in 2022 is a full revival of the American System, as was done by Abraham Lincoln in creating the Republican Party.

(7). Donald Trump must be free to lead this movement. His enemies in our justice, military, and intelligence services must be exposed and jailed.

We, the undersigned, pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to this task.