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Biden boosters are trumpeting the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ March jobs report, which claims 303,000 new jobs were created that month, as a testament to the success of the Biden economy. Mush brained academics like Paul Krugman say Americans only complain about that economy because they’re biased or ignorant. Are they right? If you assume the BLS numbers are accurate, what did that report really show?

The first thing it showed was that all net new employment occurred among foreign-born workers; native-born American workers actually lost jobs. Employed foreign-born workers increased from 29.8 to 31.1 million from March, 2023 to March, 2024, while the number of employed native-born workers fell from 130.9 million to 130.2 million over the same period. [See Table A-7] Given the millions flooding in over Biden’s open border, it is obvious that most of these foreign-born workers are illegals, but his Department of Labor refuses to make those numbers public.

This is nothing new. Employment of foreign-born workers has far outpaced that of the native born for many years. But particularly under Biden, since the pandemic, employment of foreign-born workers has skyrocketed, while that of native-born workers has stagnated or fallen. See economist EJ Antoni’s graph. 


And what are the new jobs? Low-paid services primarily, and secondly construction. These are the fields which will hire unskilled illegals without papers, or with counterfeit papers, in order to further drag down the wages of everyone working there—still further below a living wage. More specifically, the great majority of the new jobs were either in healthcare (72,000), government (71,000), leisure and hospitality (49,000), or construction (39,000).

Rather than showing any success, the March jobs report marked our continuing transition into a deindustrialized, cheap-labor Third World economy, in which a handful of super-rich lord it over the millions of the ultra-poor. This is just what the millions flooding across our border thought they escaped. Our chance to set this straight will come on November 5. We may never have another.